Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sugasm #40!

Yes, We've hit it again, that makes it three times and running....Oh, how I lust for the sex gods and goddesses @ Sugasm!


This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Want in Sugasm #41? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

Mr. Sugasm himself
The New Wave of Porn Star Hookers (http://www.sugarbank.com)

BDSM and Fetish
Sweet Torture (http://xantasia.blogspot.com)
Sweet and Dirty (http://tangysweet.blogspot.com)
A Spanking Interlude (http://www.spankingwriters.com)
Spanked Again! (http://everythingoze.blogspot.com)
Punishment vs. Discipline (http://www.alternativealbany.com/bdsm/)
A Lesson in the Fine Art of Whipping (http://designingintimacy.blogspot.com)
I feel slightly better and get the brush and the paddle… Hmmmm (http://spankingkatiespades.blogspot.com)
A Gift (http://thebinside.blogspot.com)
Frugal Kink: The $25 Toy Bag (http://www.dangerousfemme.com)
D is for Daddy (http://redvelvetropeburn.com)
Carol’s room (http://assistantmistress.blogspot.com)

Erotic Writing and Experiences
What a girl has to do… (http://dawnndirty.blogspot.com)
Virginal Cherry (http://femmefataleteen.blogspot.com)
Touched, for the very first time (http://faltenin.blogspot.com)
Surprise (I) (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)
Sunday Confession (http://wetbeyondbelief.blogspot.com)
Sexual Exploration (http://sexyukgirl.blogspot.com)
The Return of the Lawyer (http://www.suchnonsense.com)
Outside (http://bdsmlover.blogspot.com)

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