Monday, July 24, 2006

Tropical Titillation

Vacations give you such a sense of freedom and relaxation, they make me sleepy, lusty, hungry, extra amorous and horny. Good thing my boy Gadget was there to make sure I was properly taken care of.

Key West Florida is like a miniature, younger version of New Orleans, but without all the vampires, witches and voodoo people to give you bad dreams; though they do have a hella lot of ghosts. My mind wasn't so much on the subject of ghosts this past weekend though. Gadget was turning 25 and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, that he was perfectly happy and perfectly in the mood to fuck me as much as is possible in 48 hours. That last part is the simplest of all, which I'm quite grateful for.

Beach bunny meets rocker girl...Oh bikini time.

Gadget has this obsession with a certain type of panties that I wear; lacy little french cut ones that display the rounded bottom part of my ass which is his utmost favorite bit of that amorous curve I carry behind me. They are my weapon if he's sleepy and I want him to pound me into the mattress like a pneumatic drill; to speak bluntly. I just slide down my jeans right before his sleepy eyes, turn around and stretch my back out with my arms clasped above my head like an inverted cat and his eyes pop as open in glee.

Knowing how to properly keep him away from sleep is the most important part of our sex life because it actually allows us to fuck; Gadget is a very sleepy boy whenever I come to the point where I become a cum hungry slut whispering filth in his ear and licking his cock like a hungry feline. Why is this? He remarked on it with the virile words,

Whenever I'm tired you become "la petite sex goddess", where were you all day?

It's true, it really is and I don't know why because its not as if I do it to avoid having sex because in some aspects I think my sex drive is even more hyper than his. Maybe its just because he's in more of a submissive position, laying out on the bed, his forearm over his eyes, trying to drift off into sleep and I find the opportunity to do whatever I want to him. Oh Psychology.

This weekend was a great time and his favorite and birthday so far, straight from the horse's mouth. We hung out with his friends at their beach house down in the Keys and spent the first day gathering birthday stuff like cake, soda, alcohol, soy milk and the game Operation to use as a sick and twisted version of the drinking game.

His friends John and Chris left us to go get water and beer when we got back because they had forgotten it and Gadget saw it as a opportune time to try and fuck me. As the boys went down the steps to their car Gadget smiles at me devilishly and says,

Do you want me to go get a condom from the car?

I nodded slowly and did my own smile in response. I hate the hassle of condoms so I'm working on birth control but for the moment, sex is still slightly impersonal having to supplement it with a little sheath of rubber. I added quickly as he dashed out the door,

Don't let them know what you're getting or you'll be in such big trouble!

When he came back in he assured me that no one knew about the condom fetching and he sat next to me on the couch, pulling me over him, his hands rushing to my breasts and popping down the neckline of my tube top so that both beloved mounds popped forth into the atmosphere.

I had just started to warm to his ferocious and most welcome breast pawing and his strong, soft lips on mine when there was a crunching at the lock as a key slid in and I had .7 seconds to pull my tube top over my breasts and get my hair out of my face before John and Chris sauntered in. Gadget started laughing and kissed my flushed cheek as the boys set their findings in the kitchen, their eyes suspicious and conspiratory. I sighed and laid down on Gadget's chest, frustrated and wet but hopeful for the rest of the day's opportunity.

The boys spent the rest of the sunlight on lighting firecrackers and shooting roman candles into the river while drinking beers and generally reliving their childhoods through stories and laughter. The day passed into night as another friend of theirs joined us and we all headed to a sushi restaurant to celebrate Gadget's 25th year on Earth. When we reached the house, they were all excited about playing Operation ((and I was the youngest one out of them all, the oldest being 35 and he was the most excited)) and being able to have an excuse to down shots. Being the only girl in a pack of very funny, boisterous dudes makes it very hard to abstain from peer pressure, so as the token female in the bunch, I pitched in my Operation know how ((which evidently isn't as good as I thought)) and ended up taking about 5 shots of Parrot Bay.

The night dissolved into the boys drunkenly eating cake while I waited on the couch for them to come lay down and watch Clerks with me. The hope of sex kept dissolving as I fell into a Rum fueled sleep against Gadget's chest on the couch. And to my amazement when we hit the mattress after it was finished I fell asleep again as Gadget took his girly time in the bathroom preparing for a long fuck. Also to his surprise, his naked body didn't fuel my sex drive and I fell completely asleep.

When he awoke me in the A.M. I was still feeling like I ought to be in a coma and again fell asleep. Gadget was feeling frustrated and when he woke me up at 3 in the afternoon, my body splayed out in his favorite pair of panties, I couldn't keep him from my kitten. He pulled off my panties, his tongue going for my clit, working furiously and pressing deep into me. My head rolled back against the soft bed, sunlight filling the room as I felt his tongue against me, its rhythm unprecedented and smooth. My moans were soft and smooth as my hips slipped up and down, my legs spread, revealing my glistening pussy to his ministrations.

He flipped me over and I softly cried out as his tongue darted around my little asshole, his lips working against me and his tongue slipping into me. With his strong hands gently parting my ass cheeks, he licked and nibbled at the tender rosebud of my ass, my throat becoming slightly hoarse as I cried out my pleasure. I was shocked and delighted as his hand came down hard in a spank against my ass, his hand strong and forceful. He gave each cheek its fair share of force, his rhythm random and surprising me as his hand bit down into the soft curve of my ass. I could feel the heat of his attentions and knew that he must be looking at two very red little cheeks.

His hands were strong as he lay me down on my back, the tip of his rock hard cock against my waiting and dripping kitten as he kissed me. After a short pause he slid his full length slid into me, forcing a powerful grunt from his throat and a surprised moan from mine. I could feel him so deep and realized he belonged there, he feels perfect inside of me.

For the past week or so, when we have sex it seems deeper, more amorous, more loving and infinitely more strong and powerful. I thought something was up and my heart felt so full. He surprised me on Friday by dropping the 'L Bomb' on me; as he cradled me from behind, he looked at me in the mirror in front of us and in my ear he whispered,

I love you my baby.

My jaw dropped softly and I smiled, my eyes closing softly as I made sure I didn't cry. I turned around and pressed a kiss to his lips, his arms encircling me. On his birthday he said it again and this time I had the courage to say it back, standing on tiptoe in front of him, his arms tight around me and we kissed. L'mour!

So even though it sounds cheesy and couple-esque, the love has made the sex better, the sensation deeper and the connection tighter. La petite is in love.

Lying on the bed surrounded by sun and enjoying every moment, he slid fully into me and slid back and forth, my hips circling to meet this thrusts. He groaned and pressed his forehead into my shoulder and my arms wrapped even tighter around him, my ankles crossing and my thighs pressing strong into his sides. I could feel the intensity of it burning into me, our body heat mingling and the thin veil of sweat that met between us.

My nails dug into his back as I moaned out when he changed pace, thrusting deeply and holding my under my shoulders. As he thrusted, he lowered him self back down and cradled me tight as he pumped strong and quick, his cock driven to the hilt and pounding deeply inside of me. He murmured about coming and I moaned out to him,

Oh baby, please come, come inside of me.

He moaned and then I felt the powerful surge of his orgasm, his body shuddering against mine and his cock pitching and twitching deep inside and against my most receptive flesh. He pressed a lazy and amorous kiss to my lips and slowly slid out, his hands under my shoulders, his forehead to my stomach.

My satisfaction hasn't come purely through sex but when I feel the powerful pulsing of his cock and his orgasm and I can feel myself close, I feel satisfied. I feel satisfied with our relationship, our sex life and his attentiveness. Sometimes our bodies feel one during sex, and Gadget has commented on this multiple times. I can feel a completeness, and a perfect filled feeling, a feeling of oneness. Though sometimes I feel a skip of fear, its the fear of losing what I had always wished and hoped for.

Sex can be love sometimes, and love can bring outrageous sex.




Anonymous said...

Hot story. I want that nipple though. The one in the picture--you know, hidden innocently. It's there. Also, I guess you two haven't known each other long enough that you'd host his two friends. It was the surprise I was expecting when I came to the end. I guess sometime in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hot story. I want that nipple though. The one in the picture--you know, hidden innocently. It's there. Also, I guess you two haven't known each other long enough that you'd host his two friends. It was the surprise I was expecting when I came to the end. I guess sometime in the future.


la petite dévergondée said...

OMG! There is no hidden nipple! Well I suppose there is if you count the ones that arent visible....

hahaha oh god....

-la petite

Kyma said...

Wowsers, seems like these posts of late are getting even more meaningful. I really enjoy reading these real-life accounts of yours.

Anonymous said...

Wicked post Femme. Sounds like you had a great weekend and that your little kitten experienced extreme joy in the subtle realization of love. Happy birthday to Gadget from me. SDM

Anonymous said...


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His fucktoy said...

Hi beautiful,
Lovely post here. Meaningful in a different sort of way, but nonetheless, enrapturing. You do have a way of pulling in the readers and teasing us (the one's in chastity restraint!!!)

i thank you, publicly, for the little gift you mailed. i like gifts! Especially thoughtful and well-crafted gifts! i have yet to figure out what to do with it.

If only i didn't have to work and could spend all my time online... but i made time for reading you and wanted you to know it.

You have a spectacular way of turning phrases.
xxx's & ooo's
His toy