Monday, August 07, 2006

Wham. Bam. Thank You Man.

Its not that I'm a sexual predator and its not that I have no emotions and its not that I'm emotionally detached from sex completely.

Sometimes I like to ride my guy's face, get fucked hard from behind and then walk away and....Be by myself.

I see London, I see France, I see la petite's...Oh my goodness!

In order to be addicted to sex, you have to love the chase and capture more than the sex, its like a high and a release, but its not about just the sex. Its about confidence and the need to be needed, all the time and usually by many, many people.

In that way, I'm not a sex addict.

But I am a nymphomaniac.

I can tell by the sheer fact that if I don't get fucked, or fucked as much as I want or have a crashing orgasm, I pout like a bad, grumpy little baby. I think about sex all day and all night and I actually fall asleep to fantasies, its the only way I can ever fall asleep. Needless to say, sex is very important to me.

Lately, Gadget and I had a little bit of a sexual hiatus. Not to say that we weren't fooling around and trying to get it going. It just never carried itself on happy little wave of sexual fruition. Kitten became increasingly agitated by being eaten out, being riled up, not having an orgasm and then getting moody and not wanting to be fucked.

Maybe its just me, but kitten and I like to orgasm and then be fucked, mostly very hard and mostly in succession.

But maybe that's just me.

So last night I was so happy after planting my kitten over Gadgets face and riding his tongue for several minutes that I came so hard that it was all I could do to keep myself from screaming and alerting my family who were playing pool on the other side of the wall. After I came, he continued licking at my clit, further bringing my orgasm crashing on. I slumped over on my side as Gadget spoke in my ear,

Mmm, you taste so good and you came so hard baby. Oh my god. Did you like that?

When Gadget says "Oh my god" you know he means business...Because he's a Buddhist. I nodded sleepily as my womb twitched and came back to reality. I was filled with great joy and utter completion from the fact that once again, I can orgasm from only Gadget working his tongue over my clit.

As he bent over my ass and licked at my rosebud of an asshole, he asked me a wonderful question,

Baby, where do you want me? Your mouth, your ass? Kitten?

Just as I choose to have my ass plundered, I realized that I needed a good rooting in kitten to reaffirm that my sex drive is back and up to par. I got on my knees and offered my ass to him, tipping my hips so that he could see my pink, dripping and swollen kitten,

No baby, take me now.

Without hesitation, he aligned himself with my ass and pressed the tip of his prick to my kitten. After such a hard orgasm, I was all tight and it took a bit of a struggle for him to gently slide into me. I love the moment he slides inside of me and I tip my hips up so that I can feel the head of his cock slipping against the deepest walls of my pussy. Love it.

He pressed his cock as deep as possible inside of me and ground against me, his hips moving in circles as he reached under me and rubbed my clit gently with his fingertip. I love the feeling of being filled after and over a deep and blinding orgasm and then he takes his time to try to make me come again. So touching. So bloody hot.

I leant down my shoulder and reached beneath me and took over the attention to my clit, my fingertip sliding in the little gully on the left side of my clit that I love so much and which can bring me to orgasm in moment as he slid his cock into me solidly.

We both love it when I beg him to come, his rhythm falling to a certain beat before it looses all tempo and his cock splashes forth in a rhythm of pure nature as he comes deep and hard inside of me. I hate condoms (the mutual testing has already happened and the pill is soon to be a part of our sex life, so for now its condoms), but for the meantime we can pretend he comes deep and hard inside of me.

After he came he laid down and wrapped his arms around me, my thighs pressing tight on my now happily plundered kitten. But I didn't want to cuddle, I didn't want to feel the sweaty press of his body. For once. For once I wanted to take my perfectly sated body and go watch a movie, by myself, in be-jeaned glory and sigh happily as I celebrated my orgasm.

I always celebrate OUR orgasm...But for once this was mine and I was celebrating on my own with a horror film and a glass of green tea. For once it was Wham, Bam, Thank you MAN.



single gal said...

wham bam indeed!
good on you - it's important to be proud or your body and its responses.
i need some of that kitty attention myself.

Cajunag said...

I loved this post. I love to please a partner like that. To be her "toy" for a while, to let her pleasure herself as she needs.

Once again, thank goodness for offices with doors that lock. ;)


la petite dévergondée said...

yeah sure ok whatever...he likes it so technically its not as passively abusive as it sounds when put like that. haha

I really love that Im back on the boat so to speak, its so hard to feel out of comission when you have this pounding sex drive to combat....argh!

SG, we all need kitten attention like that...haha

thanks guys!
-la petite

CorporateSlaveMonkey999 said...

Great story as usual. You're awesome. :)

Anonymous said...


Yet again a stunning post. You have a way of conveying the raw power of your desires tempered by an internal struggle. You are a unique voice on the immense stage of the WWW and I continue to be amazed by the clarity of your writing. SDM

Horny Old Guy said...

As usual your sexy post gave me a stiff dick and I had to jack off. At my age that is definitely a GOOD thing and I thank you!

Sir Dirty Joke said...

I like your style! Great blog