Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jefferson In Need of Aid

For two years I have poured over the writings of Jefferson and have been featured by him on Fleshbot.com countless times. I have found a great respect for the way which he lives his life in such freedom and self acceptance. He needs our help now, and I'm more than willing to add to it. HELP HERE!


Jefferson's ex-wife has recently discovered his blog which contains his most personal experiences and she is using it against him in order to gain full custody of their children.

I know through reading his writings on his children that he has only the most fatherly love and compassion for them and I hope everything will be alright. He deserves to be able to love them and raise them, and they deserve him too.

I can't say enough but I do consider Jefferson to be a friend and I am sending all of my most positive vibes your way to fight this and come out the other side unharmed.

Jefferson, Heres sending a big kiss your way.


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