Monday, August 25, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Dual Play Stimulator

The Monday Buzz and brings you a great little friend to make your own, the Dual Play Stimulator Kit.

I've never been a great endorser of bullets as I've never really found one interesting enough to pick up and try out; that all changed when I saw this particular bullet toy. Its got so much going for it, and in such a small package too.

The greatest element of this toy is that at the top it has two little sockets on the controller into which you can plug two of the three supplies bullets at one time. It truly does double duty.

The kit includes the hand-held control, one thick hour glass shaped bullet, one that is more of a probe bullet with a rounded tip, and one standard once inch bullet. Each of the bullets provide a different sensation and each does a great job too.

This toy packs a punch with ten different levels of vibration, each with its own programming to drive you wild and each of the two sockets has its own control that can run simultaneously. So you could tease your clit while at the same time having some nice internal stimulation going on. If you can hold on until the last setting, you'll be truly rewarded for it.

The surfaces of both the bullets and the controller is velvety smooth and very receptive to warmth. In a nice purple, this toy is not only a you-pleaser but also pleasing to the eye as well. Its materials are phalate free and hypoallergenic, plus, the bullets themselves are waterproof while in use. This toy runs on four AAA batteries which are not included so be sure to have them on hand.

I give this great little teasing friend three out of five prize ribbons for its ability to really get you going and to even take you places.


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