Monday, August 04, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Kama Sutra Warming & Cooling Gels

A little bit of play with temperatures of hot and cold can really lift your spirits. Playing with a bit of hot and cold with a gorgeous girl, well thats a whole other world of fabulous. 

I have just the products for you if you too love a bit of fire and ice, KamaSutra and bring you the KamaSutra Intensifying Warming Gel and KamaSutra Intensifying Cooling Gel for ultimate pleasure.

Kama Sutra: Cooling and Warming Gels, respectively.

KamaSutra has been a leading adult product compoany since the late 1960's and they provide items with style, sensuality and a sense of passion like none other in the market. On the main, they make various kinds of creams, edible body paints, body dusts, bath salts and a whole line of spa quality products for every man woman or couple looking to make things a little more sexy, a little more sensual.

My top focus on these products that go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly are the facts that they're edible, lightly favored and provide the most insanely erotic cooling and warming sensations imaginable.

The little lovely designed tubes help you apply just the right amount exactly where you want it to go, even though the gels themselves are rather low in viscosity and have a bit of a watery consistency.

These lovely gels are latex safe, hypo-allergenic and made with natural flavorings and enhancers to provide you with a safe and fun experience, even if you have sensitive skin. The active ingredients that make the gel buzz with sensation are peppermint oil and cinnamol oil, both natural and gentle on the skin. On the topic of flavor; the cooling gel is lightly flavored with peppermint while the warming gel has a lightly fruity, citrus flavor. Amazingly or not, these flavors go very well together.

During our intense research (my beautiful friend Go-Go and mine, that is) we found that not only can the gels provide you with gorgeous sensation on your feminine bits, but they also cater to your nipples as well.

Another of our discoveries was that when the warm gel is applied followed by the cool gel, it sends me straight through the ceiling in ecstasy. We feel very proud of our extensive research, enough to say that we "absolutely love this freaking stuff!".

I (we) give these awesome little gels four out of five prize ribbons for their amazing ability to make us moan.


Go-Go and I had woken up and decided that this was the morning to try out these gorgeous little gels. Go-Go's more dominating side came out in the bright, slightly disorienting morning, her eyes sparkling with her plans for either my torment or for my pleasure; as it unfurled though, it became a combination of both.

With my legs akimbo, she knelt between them, the two little blue and red tubes close at hand. With the little red tube placed in her hand like a little syringe, she dripped a little drop of the fruity gel onto my clit, anticipation tightening my throat. 

At first, I searched for the sensation, hoping for something and then when I began to think that it would be a dud, a bright, soothing warmth spread over my lower elements, heightening all of the little surfaces between my lips. 

I hummed deep within my throat, feeling Go-Go's little finger sliding up and down the length the heated flesh. I rolled my shoulders and let the calm settle. She must have felt me relax just a bit too much and before I knew it, she had gathered the little blue tube in between her tiny fingers and had dribbled an amount of the cooling gel right over where the warming gel had been making it's magic. 

Without any warning, my body reacted in a way I couldn't have imagined and a sheep-like string of moans escaped my throat. All at once, Go-Go dipped her lips down to meet my kitten; when her moist lips met my own secret ones, the burst of sensation became almost too much to bear; though only in the nicest of ways.

My body wiggled and writhed, trying to take it all in, trying to process the individual sensations but it finally surrendered, allowing the wave of powerful tingles to take over in a mad rush. My back arching, my blood flowing in a sickeningly strong pulse I moaned in striking bleats to express my ecstasy, and my mouth struggled to form a surprised "O" as more and more new sensations doubled me over. My vocal expressions tended to be enough to delight her, her soft yet wicked laughter a testament to her amusement.

As Go-Go applied the cooling gel to my inner thigh with the leather flogger in her other hand, a wave of terror flooded over me. My mind twitched as I though, "Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?"


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liZZi said...

u would think the hot one would be like cinnamon or smoething.

cool tho.