Monday, August 18, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Pjur My Spray VS Viva Cream

In a battle between two female orgasm boosters, which will come out on top? Pjur My Spray or Viva Cream? Only la petite and know the answers to your burning questions.

  • Pjur: My Spray - To start with this great little spray bottle is handy and every girl-on-the-go loves a convenient way to carry their sexy tools along with them when they know whats on the menu. Pjur is a German based company that makes lubes, stimulation gels and sprays, condoms, and other great adult items. All of their priducts hard of the highest quality with some of the best ingedients to give your love life a bit of an extra boom. 
This stimulation spray in particular stimulation spray really captures me because of the ease of application and of the great sensations it supplies. To make the most of this great little spray all you have to do is shake the bottle gently, spray a few squirts into the flower of your feminine bits, give it a few moments and you'll feel the most it has to offer. The sensation is what I would liken to a slight warming, an opening and a hightened sensitivity. It really provides gentle stimulation to give you just that little bit of an extra boost and help get you into the moment.

It is not edible though it does have a nice clean smell and a nice smoth, silky consistency. Once you spray it where you want it to go, it will generally just stay put and begin to go to work. It has a very short list of ingredients that include aloe, purified water, and a gentle formula of menthol.

A few reccommendations for this products would be to just gently rinse any areas that come into contact with it shortly after play as it really doesnt stop working until washed away. As said before, waiting for its effects also helps to let it develop and react to your skin and natural moisture. For an extra zing of sensation, gently apply Too Timid Pleasure Gel over an already sprayed area of skin and get ready for fireworks.

Therefore, Pjur My Spray earns three out of five prize ribbons for ease of application and sensation:

  • Viva Cream - You've seen the commercials, you've seen it on countless adult websites and also in a few bdsm videos on the net, and yet you still havnet picked up a little tube of this great stuff. My question is: Why? Viva Cream is my new best friend and it truly does all it claims to and more.
To begin with however, its not really cream; its more of a nice, thick gel with a really geat consistency. It smells very minty and fresh and when you apply a little drop to your finger and it stays in place waiting to be applied wherever you decide. Some of its active ingredients are peppermint oil, menthol, vitamin b3 and glycol for an extra bit of zip. It has been endorsed by countless gynocologists in its gentility on the skin of the more sensitive and has been haled as "a woman's answer" in providing sensation and fun.

I wanted to test the validity of the outrageous claims I've always heard from this product so while I studied one evening about the coloring genetics involved in Geckos and I was certainly not aroused in way, I grabbed a little tube of the Viva and applied some directly to my clit. At first I was underwhelmed by the sensation it provided but then after a few moments, it had me absolutely taken aback by the fact that it had me wet as could be and extremely turned on as well.

Like most mint or menthol based orgasm stimulation products, it does work much better wnd provides a larger range of stimulation when extra moisture is added like your own natural slickness or a water based lubricant. I can also say with full confidence that this great gel could help you reach your second or third orgasm by adding that last bit of power needed to get you there.

A few little tips are to definatly put it to the test and see how much it can do for you. I know that not everyone is the same and it may effect some differently, but its really worth to tryit out and see what pops up. Washing after use of this product is reccommended but not always necessary as it begins to lose its power after about half an hour. If your session continues past this amount of time though, you could always reapply and watch the bright lights yet again.

Viva Cream earns five out of five prize ribbons for strength, scent and for holding up on its great reputation:

Comparing these two geat products was really a lot of fun and I found out a lot about their differences and similarities. For starters, the two both have really easy application, but just in two very different methods. While the Viva Cream provides a stronger, more orgiastic amount of sensation, the Pjur My Spray gives you a more warming, natural feeling that lasts longer and is more gentle and opening.

The funny part is that I couldnt really pick a favorite though I would recommend the Pjur My Spray to those wanting to make more gentle, soothing love and leave the Viva Cream to those a little more open to a stronger, more powerful sensation.

So that's your Monday Buzz for this week. Hope you enjoyed it because I definitely did.