Monday, March 15, 2010

The Monday Buzz: Intimate Accessories Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

We all love a tumble in the sheets with our favorite toys but when it comes to clean-up, are we caring for our toys and our health in a manner befitting our passions? California Exotic paired up with The Berman Center to put out Intimate Accessories Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner; a handy and healthy spray cleaner to fit all your dirty toy needs with all the bacteria fighting ability girls-in-the-know expect.

Intimate Accessories Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

The 6.28 ounce spray is most notably made up of Deionized Water, Hydroxide (the main cleansing agent in baby shampoo/washes), Tetrasodium EDTA (chelating agent that acts to soften water and other liquids), Propylene Glycol(used most commonly as a fragrance element, here used as a scent balancing additive), and the active ingredient Triclosan (anti-bacterial agent).

Triclosan works to kill all the bacteria on your toy while the other ingredients work to effectively wash debris clean to leave your toy spotless and sparkling clean for your pleasure the next time around.

I found that wetting my toy first with warm water, spraying on the cleaner and then sudsing up the cleaner over the toy's surface worked the best followed by finishing with a nice thorough rise afterward. The spray leaves a nice clean smell without being like perfume and the feel is like your toy is brand new.

The spray must be rinsed off after use for the most healthy results and can be used on any material though I wouldn't reccommend letting it stay on long if you're cleaning a jelly toy.

Though we all seem to take for granted the health concerns when it comes to our toys, its never too late to make new habits and include a great toy cleaner like this in your arsenal. All it takes is some planning a great rpoduct like this from and in no time you'll be living clean.

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