Monday, March 08, 2010

The Monday Buzz: The Pleasures of Glass

For all of us who are very selective about the materials used to make our favorite sexy toys, glass is one of the most mysterious for some to wrap their minds around.

Glass is an great conductor of temperature so you can warm up or cool down any intimate situation with ease. Its also the perfect material for those with allergies or a drive to make things extra safe and clean. Here to settle your glass needs are the CyberGlass Swirl Micro Mini Vibrator and the Don Wand Glass Pleasure Wand brought to us by our friends at

CyberGlass Swirl Micro Mini Vibrator
If you're looking for something stylish, discreet and original, look no further than Adam and Eve's CyberGlass Swirl Micro Mini Vibrator. Who knew glass and vibration could be combined into such a perfect little package?


Packaged in a little vacu-plastic package, this five-function vibrator is just about an inch long, making it more of a bullet vibe for external use. This little gem also comes ready to go with batteries and a little velvet drawstrong bag for safe storage and optimum care. As far as looks go, it is cuter than cute; a pink glass swirl slithers up the length of the toy over a chrome shaft while clear glass covers the whole thing, leaving a smooth surface.

Its a Push-4-Play toy, with one button on the bottom that cycles through its five levels of vibration levels. I found the first and second functions perfect for warming up and teasing all my little bits while the third definitely starts to put you in the mood. The fourth and fifth were well enough to get me going big time with an orgasm that surprised as well as delighted.

The cool thing about this toy is though its small, the glass lends it a weight that most other bullet-size vibes don't usually have. Because of this, I could just set it on my lips and enjoy a mostly hands-free session of play.

It's mostly quiet though the highest setting does have a bit of noise going on. I found if you closed your legs on the vibe, it muffled the sound almost completely so, problem solved.

I can just imagine sticking this in my purse before heading out to meet a cute boy at a restaurant. I can see myself sitting beside him in the restaurant, the table cloth hiding our legs from the rest of the establishment. His lips warm against my neck as his hand wanders up my thigh and under my skirt, his fingertips slipping into my panties. 

In a moment of inventiveness, I pull my CyberGlass Micro Mini from my purse and slip it into his hand. He gets the message. I look around the restaurant as he click the vibe on, the sound not giving us away amidst the hustle of the dining room. 

I part my legs just a touch as he slides the little vibe under my skirt and goose bumps rise on my skin when the little cool tip of it finally touches against my clit. In moments the cool glass warms to my body temperature and I lose myself in the soft vibrations. He decides to bump up the vibes and I smirk at him playfully as he circles my clit with it, my eyelids fluttering as I savor our little secret.

Don Wand Pink Glass Pleasure Wand

I love toys that have many different uses and the Don Wand Glass Pleasure Wand in pink delivers all the way. Ripples and curves combine with a slippery, smooth surface to make this toy a must-have for those who love style as well as function.


Made of Pyrex, this sassy little pink wand has a curved end that finishes with a bump, for the prefect G-Spot stimulation. The other end has four bis bumps perfect for vaginal or anal play as it can even be washed in the dish washer or dipped in a 10% bleach solution to sanitize. 

The overall length of the toy is 8.5 inches with a girth of 1.5 inches at its widest point in the middle. I love the length of this toy as I've found that some G-Spot toys aren't long or adjustable enough to accommodate everyone's anatomy. It even comes with a padded velvet drawstring bag that keeps it safe from damage and bumps.

My favorite lube to use with this sweet little thing would be silicone-based because very little is needed to get it slippery enough to make it more fun than you can imagine. 

I found that a gentle rocking motion with the curved end against my G-Spot was so amazing and because the glass doesn't give to motion, you can control the strength of the sensation to the level you love the most. I found it didn't take a lot of pressure for me to really feel the slide of the bulb against that most sensitive spot and soon I was loving the angle of the toy.

The Pleasure Wand serves double duty, also serving as an anal toy with perfect curves as the opposite side is perfect for anal penetration as with each slide of it, the feeling of another bump almost sent me over the edge with sensation with the curved end served as the ultimate handle. If you're an expert with G-Spot and anal play or just starting out, this could be the prefect toy for you.

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