Monday, May 10, 2010

The Monday Buzz: Euphoria Pleasure Ride

I always love when my post-chick (yeah my mailman is a hot, blond chick, oh that gives me an idea...) comes to my door with my packages for the week because there's always fun stuff on its way to me from my lovely retailers.
 When I opened the Euphoria Pleasure Ride from my friend at I have to be honest that I wasn't that excited because I find that I'm not much of a size queen when it comes to my toys, being such a delicate flower as I am (haha, right?) but it really surprised me once I got going with it. I found the best position is not one where you have the toy fully inserted but one where you can feel the very prominent end resting against your G-spot. Everyone's anatomy is different though so finding out the best position for you is all part of the fun.

I took a little snapshot with a bottle of pop to show some scale.

Its a gorgeous devil-red in a nicely firm yet giving pthhalate-free rubber and it sits on a huge integrated suction cup right on the bottom so you can stick it...well anywhere really. I stuck it to one of my kitchen table chairs so I could ride it, just like the title describes and that worked like magic.

The size of this toy actually works for it to put the angled bump right up against your G-Spot with ease and saves time because there's no need for fussy searching. I would recommend using lots of ube and being very lusty before you take on the Euphoria because once you get into a nice rhythm you won't want to stop to re-juice with your lube.

The little detachable battery pack uses two AA batteries to power two VERY strong internally integrated vibrating motors, one in the head and one more near the center of the curved shaft. There seemed to be three distinct levels vibration rather than a more smooth elevation of sensation but that was actually really nice. The power level is easy changed with a quick turn of your thumb on the little wheel of the control.

Although this toy is not waterproof, the control/battery pack is detachable so cleaning is easier but I do recommend that you try to avoid submerging the power cord fully in water. A quick spray with some toy cleaner, a rub and rinse and you should have a pretty mean clean going with this guy.

Now you've heard about it, go to and pick up the fabulous Euphoria Pleasure Ride cuz you know you want to.

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