Monday, May 17, 2010

The Monday Buzz: Fun Factory Share XS

No matter how many Fun Factory toys I've reviewed I'm always blown away by their quality, attention to detail and their absolute functionality; the Share XS is no different. Each toy always comes with their awesome Toy Fluid lubricant, a full color mini-catalog, instructions (in a million different languages!) a whimsically designed box, and of course your toy.

The Share XS is a toy I would describe as an "internal strapless strap-on" although it is labeled as a "penetrator", it has two ends, one which I will refer to as "the business end" which has an insertable length of 3.5 inches and then you have your insertable end with an insertable length of 5 inches, which the wearer secures inside of their vagina. I've used several different models of this type of toy from several different companies but this toy, hands down has the best functionality of any I have used. 

 The insertable end is contoured and textured perfectly to stay in place while you get down. The weight of the toy is just enough to help it too, which is something you might not realize until you yourself put it into practice.

I'm a total snob when it comes to materials and the matte silicone of this toy fits my preference perfectly; the texture is half the fun of it. Lubricants (no silicone lubes on your silicone toys!) is silky smooth on its surface and the material really warms up nicely to body heat in no time.

This toy would be the perfect starting place for couples interested in female on male penetration because the "business end" is smaller and gently contoured for easy insertion and a gentle glide.

Another less conventional usage for this is toy could be for sapphically motivated post-op male to female (FTM) transgendered women who feel a need for more passive yet lustful penetrative love making. The gap in the adult product world has never been so wide as it is for transgendered individuals; but now with this versatile and oh-so-anatomically designed device of pleasure, lustful tension can be found for those who have finally found their true forms through modern medical science as never before.

Be prepared to go for hours because this little guy doesn't quit. Not only do they have this smaller version but they also have the Share and Share XL, which are both really amazing toys as well. Every woman will be amazed bu the fun that a little but of power brings with the Share XS, brought to you by my friends at

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