Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Monday Buzz: WE Vibe II

dBeing a material snob (and who wouldn't be after finding out what phthalates can do to your lady parts) I'm always interested in toys that are safe, eco-friendly, and easy to clean; so when told me that they were sending me a WE Vibe II, I was so excited.

The WE II is a sweet little purple silicone toy that can be worn for solo play or even during intercourse. As a chick who hasn't achieved orgasm through penetrative sex (my vagina and I are still crossing our fingers!), I love anything that can give me a hands free clitoral orgasm during the big show.

It has two little rechargeable (yes, and it even comes with its own charger!) motors that work on both your G-spot and your clit simultaneously with 9 interchangeable modes of vibration. One hidden button inside the outer silicone of the toy makes it easy to cycle through the awesome vibration variations easily and qucikly without killing the mood.

Your We II will come to you in a classy white box with its own charger, lavender satin drawstring bag and a little instruction booklet. For me packaging is huge and can sell me very easily if its classy and nice or totally turn me off of a product. Classy white box with silver writing? Yes please! Vacu-form plastic with a totally nude porn star spread eagle on a tractor? No thanks.

The size of this little guy really surprised me because although I knew it was small enough to fit inside your love canal during the dirty deed, I really had no conception on how small, light and flexible it would be. No longer than three inches from its bent center to its end, it fits comfortably against your clit and wraps around to sit nicely inside too.

I was really excited to try this during the act because alone it was ton of fun: I slid it into my little kitten, pulled up my panties, put on some Maroon 5, and cleaned my apartment....for almost two hours and it was on the whole time. The package said that it could run on 'Low' for up to two hours so I figured I'd put it to the test and was so glad I did; talk about making homemaking more fun.

During sex it has a tendency to slide to one side or the other, but this may have been because my friend Motor has a pretty large pants monster. I was able to have an awesome orgasm about 10 minutes into our between-the-sheets dance but I had to have him stop so I could remove the little buzzy guy because the sensation was too much after that. If you're multi-orgasmic and like to push your threshold, this little purple hero could be just the thing for you.

Remember that with silicone toys, never use silicone lube. Why? If you use silicone lube with a silicone toy, the two will bond to one another resulting in really gross build-up on the surface of your toy that will lead to permanent damage. Do yourself a favor and just use some water-based lube and enjoy!

Thanks so much to for sending me yet another super-fun toy to share with everyone.

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Dee said...

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