Monday, July 26, 2010

The Monday Buzz: Invisi-Vibe Panty Vibe

All around the room is abuzz with your friends chatting animatedly around the table, waiters dashing to and fro, and drinks aplenty; also abuzz are your panties because you have discovered the exquisite pleasure that is the Sinclair Institute Invisi-Vibe Panty Vibe.

Consisting of a white Push-4-Play velte-touch micro-vibe with three functions of vibration and a clear elastomer contoured Invisi-Vibe holder that's perfectly molded for intimate female curves this duo really blew me away. I've tried several products that called themselves "panty vibes" such as an oversized bullet vibe with two elastic straps meant to go around either thigh and another which was basically a little hemisphere of rubber with a bullet sticking out that did nothing good for me or anyone else. Neither of these even came close to the sensation and comfort of the Invisi-Vibe.

The packing is huge for me (and most other girls, I might add) because its white and very classic with simple lines and a window showing you exactly what the vibe is all about. On the back is a lovely and tasteful photo of a girl in a string bikini modeling the toy without being too revealing (you know what I mean so don't make me say it!).

For such a tiny vibe, the Push-4-Play micro-vibe is extremely powerful and just keeps going and going and going. Your vibe comes with the batteries included so there's no wait between cutting open the box and pleasuring your Gotta love that.

Its is also pthtlate free, latex free, and water resistant (ie, shower is ok, bathtub is not) so you can play safe and play versatile too.

I was working on some school paperwork and decided to just pop it into my panties. I slid it right on in and it basically found its own "sweet spot" at which point I zipped up my denim shorts and clicked on the vibe on the lowest setting through the fabric and sat down to finish off my school stuff.

The best part about this toy is that you can let it tease you into a frenzy or you can prop yourself on the edge of the couch or your chair and rock back and forth, applying as much or as little pressure as you like to get you where you want to go. The highest level was just high enough that three or four rocks back and forth sitting on the edge of the couch gave me a great orgasm and the fun part was letting the vibe stay on and stay put to tickle me as I came down from it all. So fun.

Thank you to for this awesome, fun, and well designed toy.


Anonymous said...

I loved the review! I'd like to know,how about the noise level? I recently bought a bullet vibe, but it's a bit loud...I'm always afraid that someone will hear it!

666sextube said...

nice one

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