Monday, July 19, 2010

The Monday Buzz: Oceanus Naturals Intense Pleasure Pack

Everyone knows that anytime you feel like getting sexy, tons of lube makes for the sexiest feelings of all but the guys at Oceanus Naturals go one better: an all natural female stimulator gel and sensual lubricant/massage gel both in the same pack. The Oceanus Naturals Intense Pleasure Pack comes with both their "G" Female Stimulation Gel and their Sensual Massage Massage and Lubricant in travel-perfect 15 ml bottles.

These lovely products are both Gylcerine, Paraben, and Silicone free, are all natural, water-based, and are ph balanced. They're odorless, non-sticky and are long lasting, providing even more protection from dryness and friction irritation.

The "G" Stimulation gel is not as strong at first as others I have used but its sensation gets stronger when it is massaged into your most intimate folds and is boosted when combined with another (water-based) lubricant, so the dual pack is perfect for turning this great gel up to the level you desire.

The Sensual Massage is silky, light and lasts so long that I was almost shocked at its staying power since its a water based lube. Its staying power is powered up with carageenan which is a natural extract derived from red seaweed and is vegetarian, vegan, and hypoallergenic (via I prefer the feel of most water based lubricants but feel like they dry out quicker than say silicone lube but this one is really great and perfect for solo time with toys or some bedroom gymnastics with your partner.

Thanks so much to for sending me this awesome pack of all natural lubricants.

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