Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you ever have those days where your body is alight with passion and you can't help but you rub your thighs with the heels of your hands and bite your lips just to keep from showing your need?

Yeah, me too. Frequently.


Nature's gift to my body, with a touch of feathery goodness.


At first morning's light, he can feel my skin's heat as if its glowing from within. The sun is soft and light outside and has not yet woken enough to disturb all that is silence within the safety of my room. The rushing silence only lets in thoughts that linger and press against one another inside my mind. There are times at which my physical self becomes the silent partner and my mind is the one that creates the heat and torrent of lust that I can always whip myself into.

I think often of the slip of willing flesh and how marvelous you can feel when your body is taken by silent invasion by another. Every sensory input is the greatest I've been gifted with and I have to admit to myself that sex and sensuality are the things my body and senses live for. Even the feel of scruffy cotton against my damp lips can be enticing, emotional, and libido enhancing.

In the dark its easy to imagine the most carnal moments becoming reality and things feel somewhat dream-like, in a way that sometimes I can't wrap my head around. In the morning however, every cruel arch of my back and every slick sound I hear to the beat of our rhythm is extremely real and amplified by my enhanced sense of vision. I cold blue morning light has its own ideas of how to enhance my sensual undertakings.

I can feel how pink my tongue is in the morning and how wet each and every kiss is. At times I feel overcome by how naughty it feel to partake in carnal machinations during the day's first light. My hand presses to his shoulder and I look at how detailed my nails are and how carefully groomed they are and there's a biting realism that accompanies all that goes on.

Do you have that moment ever where you just think "God, I am so sickly hot right now."?

Well when I do its because my body feels like all of my molecules are hot and sloppy and rubbing together in an orgy of sensation to force me into that final deviant act.

I know the skin of my cheeks is warm and pink; a blush of sin is my personal and private attribute.

I can feel a fire kindling and I just want to be kissed, held, loved, rubbed, cuddled, ravaged, and all at once. I have dreams at times where I'm engulfed by a kiln and when the flames like the flesh of my legs it forms all the memories of my exploits back up in my mind.

I guess it just shows that my life having been lived in passion and sensuality so far wouldn't make me regretful if I died tomorrow.

I live in heat.




Dangerous Lilly said...

Ok seriously I'm pissed at my feed reader for not telling me you've had new posts!!!

Damn girl this post is hot. You're hot, the post it hot, the pic is hot.....whew!

Anonymous said...

This is a great phrase: "my body feels like all of my molecules are hot and sloppy and rubbing together in an orgy of sensation"

Excellent writing, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

niice pic

Fat Controller said...

My favourite part of a woman...The soft pale skin of the underside of the breast. Just made to be caressed and kissed!

kirana said...

YOU are a freaking amazing erotica author! i forgot just how much i love your words... this is gorgeous and i have catching up to do. You are something... something special and sweet and divine. xoxx

i live in heat, too.

(ps- thanks for 'getting' the video. You are the only one besides he and i...)

Tom Paine said...

Not to put too fine a point on it: NICE TITS!

Anonymous said...

I definately know those days.

Nice writing :-) Added you to my google reader