Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday Night Teaser

I'm breaking from my new self-imposed schedule to just jot down a few little memories of mine, I promise you wont care that I'm breaking the rules with this little bit of anarchy.

  • Davie / I told him that I didn't care that he had an agenda, I told him I didn't care for his masculine mumbo jumbo and all the bullshit seduction forms he learned from other masculine animals to get into a girl's pants. I told him not to give me any bullshit because I didn't care what his imposed personality was like, nor what his mind was like. He had cute lips and cute eyes, and thick shoulders...that was all I cared about. When he pinned me to the wall, his cock so deep inside of me that my chest hurt from the intensity of the thrust, he told me I was gorgeous...and I knew he was telling the truth.
  • James / "I don't like when you look at me like that, your eyes needing so much. I don't like missing you when you're gone so far away and I don't like when you grab me and hold me so hard after we fuck, my shoulder pinned under your sweaty chest. I cant breathe. I like when you hold me and I love your sweaty body, but don't hold me so close, so tightly. You'll break me. No, I don't have an intimacy issue, I just cant breathe."
  • Spring Break Lick / He ate me out for over an hour, his tongue slick and never tiring, ever plying at my clit, my inner lips. I love when they hold me down, by the hips or by the thighs, or by the ankles, I just want the restraint so I can have the freedom to just orgasm so hard brought by their tongues. If they hold me down, my thrashing is quieted somewhat and if they keep licking away at my clit, Ill come a second time. My blood rushing so powerfully that my body feels its the end, my chest and hips so tight that they may not even exist. My body becomes oblivion and endless space, ozone.
  • Gadget's Cock / I love to lick his cock, to feel its silken tip at the opening of my throat, so softly plying at my tissue. I like to lick softly and then quickly, followed by the slow lowering of my mouth over his entire cock, down through my whole mouth to my throat. I love the soft feeling of the surface of my tongue trailing up and over his balls, the thin skin there and the sparse hair. He smiles, his soft laughter at the tickling feeling of my tongue, both amusing and arousing him. Ive never enjoyed feeling my lips and tongue on and around a cock as much as I do with A, his response is so incredible, his senses so open and reactive. A smile resides behind my eyes when my face is hovering over his willing package, my breasts touching the insides of his thighs. I breathe hotly on the little patch of groin between his thigh and his balls....he likes it.
This teaser was brought to you by Libido; Libido makes the world goes round.



ZOE KING said...

I think your great,you could have done this earlier,i think,i'm 13 and want to see what i can get away with,i love older men as well,i've had an 83 yr old he didnt care of my age,i go round and help him with everything he needs.THANK YOU.

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