Monday, July 31, 2006

F♥ck Bunny

Fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me like in a moment a rolling ball of fire will slide over you and obliterate all sense of peace, all sense of life and destiny.

He holds me, he loves me & sometimes he fucks me like I'm his dirty whore...

Lick my flesh, bite my flesh, live unrestrained. Live unrestrained like I live in my mind. Let your hands caress me and pull me close to you and you thrust from behind, strong hands wrapped under my hips, their curve compounded by your strength.

You know that I want you everywhere that you'll fit, I want you to fuck me from behind, my hand disappearing under my body as my small fingertips caress my clit. So hot and wet, dripping, it feels like my kitten is boiling. My clit is boiling.

I can feel your cock swell deep inside of me as you hold your orgasm inside of yourself, waiting for the opportune moment, letting it build until it pounds like rolling fire in your psyche. When I orgasm from the circles I'm painting on my clit with my fingertip, slide your dripping wet cock into my ass, pushing my comfort level all the way down until I feel I don't exist but for all of the pleasure and the cascading heat that my soul has fallen to.

If hell is the burning fires of orgasm and obliteration: teach me the seven deadly sins.

Be my Master, if only for moments when you hold my life in your strong hands and they delicately crush my throat. Do you feel the passion with which my soul beats on your hands as they clasp my life force, as you cut off my oxygen? You love to see my eyes close slowly, like weeping daisies as my sense is cut off, as the darkness creeps in. Bring me back from unconsciousness, from seeming death with passionate kisses, your tongue slick inside my small mouth, your lips pressing painfully against mine.

You've already come so hard, your come flailing deep inside of me, but your cock is hard against my leg as you hover over me. Like an obedient child I fall at your feet, kissing your upper thighs, your hips just to feel your cock so near my face, to stare at it and understand the meaning of my feminine desire.

My lips test their plump joy against the head of your swollen and ultra-sensitive cock. Feeling you deep inside my mouth, the intricate bumps and veins against my tongue, my lips, the tender inner cheeks.

You surge as you push away the orgasm and when I look up at you with pleading eyes you cant hold on, coming with a force unknown to you, feeling the strong sucking that I'm applying to your spasming cock. When you finally look down at me, my mouth is filled with your come and when I open my mouth to show you, your desire is once again stirred.

I love when you push down on my body, bruising me even. I love to look at them after wards and to cool their aching with ancient salt, warm water and circles of pressure,

The marks of your passion are all to evident to ignore.

With a male strength, you force open my legs, pinning my thighs to the bed as your mouth seeks out my dripping kitten. I can feel the steam-heat of your mouth and tongue on my most sacred and beating heart, as essential and passionate as the one in my chest. My moans are filling my ears and my body stretches out as I feel the first heated rolls of upcoming orgasm fall over my body. Your thick fingers slide suddenly and fully into my dripping kitten, my back arches with the pressure and the need. My lips mouth and echo the words of my submission,

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

You know that when I get amorous, my speech becomes defeatist and you don't listen to me. In my twisted world of sex and leacherous pleasure the positive becomes the negative and it switches up into a dance of pleasure and need, and sometimes pain.

I can feel the fire enveloping me as my orgasm hits me, my throat paining me as I cry out and my spine snaps back to let my body stretch as I come, my kitten squirting your lips.

You know how wet I get when you lick me.

You know how I can actually squirt in your hungry little face.

I can feel the needy little girl in me cry out in happiness and fear when you flip me over so that I'm lying over your lap, your warm palms massaging the curve of my ass, my mind still blurred by my pounding orgasm. The first blow to my ass splits my mind, blows my comfort and once again I feel truly worshiped and truly yours.

I listen to the rhythm of your hand against my flesh, the tender spanks that your large and powerful hand dish out to me. I feel a reddened heat rise on my flesh,

Each spank feels more and more like heaven and hell in a tango of hate and desire.

You now that I love to become yours every chance you'll take me. Take me like life will soon be over and passion and my body are the only things that revolve in your existence. Love with the fire of a thousand suns and when our flesh mingles and feels like it becomes one, you'll know the meaning of life.

Sex, passion, love, desire, that final crash of flame; we all hearken to the same eternal tune of debauchery.


Cajunag said...

WOW. That was amazing. What a fantastic way to start off a long day at the office. :)

The spanking was a an especially delicious touch. ;)


Kyma said...

Mmmmmm.... to live as if there is no tomorrow, to fuck like it too.. so delicious a series of thoughts.

Anonymous said...

wow that was very very sexy and sensual.

Ticking Away said...

How do you make it squirt? My bf always tells me about girls like that, but I haven't really ever... squirted. I don't get it. Is there something wrong with me?

Master Enigma said...

very nice.

"We all hearken to the same eternal tune: Debauchery." - That is so true.

la petite dévergondée said...

ticking away: Sometimes girls can squirt and sometimes they can't. it Just depends really. Its not like a guy comes though, its like a little spray almost, its just lubrication.

I'm stumped by it too. : )

♥la petite

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Try Toys Direct said...

My My this post was delicious/