Monday, May 08, 2006

50 Things About Me

All about me and my eccentricities...

Background Info -----
  1. My blogging pseudo-name, means "the little (or young) slut". Fitting, no?
  2. My real name means "she who illuminates the world."
  3. I am of French descent, followed by Irish, German, and English...but I'm originally from LA.
  4. I was born the eldest of three daughters; one of which looks like me while the other doesn't at all.
  5. I've moved 14 times in my life because I'm the daughter of a military man.
  6. I nearly have an English degree and am currently working on my RN.
  7. I'm a published poet in my vanilla life.
  8. I paint well enough to sell them and I do, but mostly I give them away to friends.
  9. I have a documented IQ of 155 and lament it daily; it is my (perhaps mistaken) belief that life is easier if you're simple.
  10. I've worked as a Nanny, Waitress, Bar-tender, Stylist, Web Cam Model, Phone Sex Operator, Fetish Model, Retail Salesgirl, Product Reviewer, Seamstress, and Secretary.
Sexual Facts -----

  1. My boyfriend count is 7 but I've slept with about (give or take) ten times that amount.
  2. I have yet to have an orgasm during penetrative sex with a man, go figure (hopes are still high).
  3. I have claimed 9 virgin's virginity.
  4. I have my best orgasms when I have backdoor stimulus.
  5. Right before I orgasm I cling to a random word and as I hit the crescendo, I repeat it over and over in my mind (catalyst, catalyst, catalyst,catalyst, catalyst!)
  6. I can't stand having no kitten patch at all down there, it's like being a little girl and it freaks me out.
  7. I love using condoms, even if I'm in a committed relationship and on the pill, I think they're so fun for some reason (plus v. hygienic!).
  8. Unlike a lot of girls, I love porn and even have my own dvd collection.
  9. I have worn out, broken, and/or accidentally decapitated 27 sex toys since the age of 15 :)
  10. I like when a guy loves my feet, it seems I have a reciprocal-foot-fetish fetish.
Likes/Dislikes -----

  1. I've read over a thousand books and if you had the time I could tell you every title of every one but...
  2. ...I believe television is among the most mind-numbing creations in the world.
  3. I love it when I fold my laundry perfectly and stack it neatly in the shelves of my closet.
  4. I love moments when I can quiet my busy mind and just chill out listening to music with some hot tea, and look out the window. They don't happen often.
  5. I love smart conversation...
  6. I hate when people ramble on about things that they have no clue about, especially if its politics/religion.
  7. I love complimentary emails filled with questions, concerns...
  8. ...but not those that drone on about saving my "corrupt soul"; I love God and he loves me. End of discussion.
  9. I love hand rubs...
  10. ...but I loathe when people want to massage your head....what is up with that?
Favorites -----

  1. Dark Chocolate.
  2. Small, sweet dogs with smiling faces (like mine).
  3. Rose Tea w/ white honey.
  4. Sketching, painting, oil pastels.
  5. Chocolate soy milk.
  6. Pink Roses, Pink Lillies, White Gerber Daisies.
  7. Black lace bra, thong, garter belt with pink bows, and nude thigh-high stockings.
  8. A man's abdominal muscle crease, also his wrists.
  9. A slow fuck in warm weather in high grass with a bright sun overhead.
  10. Red nail polish.
Movies/Music/People -----

  1. Film: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
  2. Song: 'Fly Me To The Moon' - Dean Martin
  3. Film: "Labyrinth" with David Bowie
  4. Song: 'All Around Me' - Flyleaf
  5. Actress: Katherine Heigl
  6. Song: 'Revelry' - Kings of Leon
  7. Song: 'The Origin of Love' - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  8. Actor: Robert Redford
  9. Film: "Belle Du Jour" (1960's French)
  10. Song: 'I Miss You' - Incubus
"I never..." / "I always..." -----

  1. I always thought I'd stay a virgin until marriage.
  2. I never thought I'd have already become such a outwardly sexually hungry young woman.
  3. I always thought life was like the movies.
  4. I never knew it could be more like someone's acid-induced nightmares.
  5. I always used to dream about living on my own.
  6. I never thought I'd miss my mother so much when I finally did.
  7. I always pictured the world as being beautiful with small sadnesses.
  8. I never thought I'd realize how much the world could be improved.
  9. I always trusted my own intuition.
  10. I never knew I wouldn't always be right.

      My life is alike many others but in a lot of ways its very dissimilar. We're all written with a certain story in mind, now all we have to do is find the right path to follow to get to out happy ending...

      Does anyone have a map I could borrow?



      Anonymous said...

      lovely, lovely; gently, gently said the breeze....

      Anonymous said...

      you're not arrogant!?!?!?! HA!

      la petite dévergondée said...

      why are there always people who think they need to voice a negative opinion?

      any arrogance displayed in my memoirs and stories isnt really my true personality. being a woman in a modern world, some sort of shield is needed, especially when dealing with taboo things. Im sorry if you dont like me, but you dont have to read this site, do you?

      - la petite

      congrats on being able to hide behind the tag of "anonymous", real smooth there love.

      Saturday Stevens said...

      Have you ever been in love?

      InDpendent said...

      I struggled with this line:

      I never thought I'd have already become such a outwardly sexually hungry young woman.

      because "a" looks so strange directly in front of a word that starts with a vowel but then I realized that you're talking about "a woman" and you can't depend on the adjective to determine whether to use "a" or "an".

      ;) figures that's what I'd see, Otherwise lots of interesting information. - CC

      la petite dévergondée said...

      Grammar nazi...haha