Monday, October 30, 2006

A Little Bit of Madness

This is the Return of la petite!!!!!

I'm so sorry to all my faithful during my respite for the fact of my horrible and raging collegiate schedule. Life has been madness and I really haven't had any time to do anything but testing and also work and some work and some work and some reporting and then some more work. I love that some have sent wonderful emails, but I'm just great, although busy and now I'm trying to work the site back into my life after a long pause.

The story we'll hit it with was my experience last night, big kisses to my boys and also my girls!

Sometimes a flower of a girl can become a kitten of desire.


Sometimes you just know when you want to go mad, and I don't mean insane...I mean mad in bed. Last night I had this lingering need for contact.

We had gone to a party the night before and were enjoying gadget's day off by fucking hard in the morning, cooking breakfast, buying a pumpkin (Did you know there's a global pumpkin shortage this Autumn?), heading back for lunch. The rest of the night was spent at a Halloween concert and lounging on the grassy expanse while listening to the music as the softly cool weather (Finally some chill in this hell of heat!) wafted over the amphitheater. When we got home I flopped on the couch with the boy and watched Hellraiser to get deeper into the All Hallows spirit.

When I peeled off my pants and jumped into bed, I had a soft grin on my face, my legs twining on bed, ever so invitingly. A laugh was heard from gadget as he knelt on the bed, his hands reaching out for my soft legs. He laid down, pulling my legs over his torso, his hand lighting to my ass to gently pet and rub on it. I cooed as I cuddled up to him and began to fall asleep, so comfortable was I.

All of a sudden my mind screamed out: NO! YOU NEED TO BE FUCKED!

So I looked to gadget ever so lovingly, grabbed for his manliness and licked the head of him, his sigh resounding thickly from his sleepy throat. I licked up and down the shaft lightly with the tip of my tongue, before enveloping his whole cock in my mouth, my lips straining to close over him. I could feel my own body stir, my wetness to come to fruition and the heat to wrap itself in my lower belly. I have this problem you see: sucking gadget's cock makes me as wet as you could imagine, drips and all.

I turned my attention to his lips as his hands fumbled harshly with my thin panties, trying to rip them off. I slipped them off and over my little feet, the cooled air of the A/C touching my most heated and needy flesh. My wet lips touched his as I slipped my knee over his hips, straddling him, my skin stroking his as I feel into position, his cock teasing the cheek of my ass. His hands came down in a few resounding spanks before his strong hands harshly gripped both cheeks, his strength turning me on as he manipulated my flesh.

I slid my hips down, the glistening lips of my wet kitten touching the flaming tip of his cock. I slid back m hips farther, inviting him inside of me as a wicked moan poured forth from my lips, my throat, my whole body. I rode him gently at first, feeling each stroke of his cock inside of me before my wetness grew like a wave, both of us feeling and welcoming the sudden extra lubrication.

I then rode him hard, my hand gripping his shirt tightly to keep myself astride. The deepness of his cock overwhelmed me as his first orgasm rounded out harshly after I begged him to come inside of me. We laid like that, my body collapsed over his, my hair wild and lying out on the pillows as we tried to reclaim our breath.

As I sat up, I realized, his cock was still as hard as it had been fore he had come. What an opportunity for me, my mind clicked in its needs for satisfaction. And though gadget can go as long as I want him and need him to, I love for him to keep his hard on so I can give him as many orgasms as possible in one night, its nearly like a game, the most orgasms wins.

My lips went softly to the head of his cock, stroking it to an even more hard state, my fingertips lightly grazing his balls as his moans filled my ears. I plopped once more on top of him and once his cock was deeply inside of me, I couldn't contain my moaning and I rode him as hard as I could, the bed shaking and creaking on its little wheels against the tile floor. I begged him to come as I rode harder and harder, breaking frequently for the intensity of it. I leaned forward over his chest, my breasts in his face as I slid him in an out slowly. His face tightened as I clung to his shoulders, his cock shuddering inside of me as he came a second time. I giggled and panted, once again lying on top of him, his hands stroking my slightly damp back.

I ripped off my t shirt and surveyed a sight I couldn't believe: gadget's cock was as hard as ever, even after two orgasms. My hungry lips went again to his cock in effort to stroke it gently to rock hardness to one again slide him deep inside of me. I shuddered as I slide down roughly on his cock, my moans streaking against my ears and I rocked back and forth, nearly drained of energy. Moment later my lack of energy buffeted me towards concession as I slid off to watch him come against my thigh.

I laid with him and fell near sleep, my thoughts soft and prodding as the sweat on my skin cooled and left me. My inner beast had wreaked havoc that night as a smile buffeted my lips.

My body had rocked with prenatural strength and fortitude. Sometimes we all need to go a little mad.