Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is a departure from what I'm used to writing and posting for this blog but I hope the BDSM erotica fans out there will enjoy this little fantasy.

I think I need a little help with these...


Her eyes lit with a moment of clarity and wit and her mouth burst with its gift of intonation and sass to tempt his sadistic side,

“Touch me.” She said, simply and with force. Not at all like Master wanted her to ever raise her voice toward him and she knew it.

She wiggled her ass behind her like an expectant puppy, feeling the soft silk of her panties against her skin. The way her breathing felt so keen when she had her posture collar on made her feel very bold, instead of restricting her behavior like it should have.

His strong hand whipped back, the leash attached to the collar encircling her delicate neck pulling her head up and forward in a flash. The sinews in her neck stretched painfully taut as her Master’s breath settled warm in her wincing face as he began to speak. A subtle choking sensation kept her from crying out as he glared into her disobedient eyes.

“My dove" he said tightly, "why would Master listen to such an impertinent command from those cherry red lips and when given in such disrespect?”

She wiggled, her eyes wide with expectation as she listened to him. She knew she dared not to try and utter a sound. His grip on the leash cinched a few more inches as she winced in soft pain.

“You know that when your body feels an urge, all you must do is get on your dainty little knees, crawl toward Master and beg him to give attention to your wanton body. Haven’t I taught you anything?”

She nodded as a tear squeezed from one eye, all of her energy focused on the points of pain on her body; her knees against the hard, cold ground, her aching neck and windpipe that were stretched to their limits from being hoisted up towards Master’s face by her collar and leash. His words settled in her mind and she reprimanded herself for such a slip of impertinence.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson, my little kitten.” His words were like daggers as he dropped the tension on the leash and unhooked it from her collar. He ordered her to walk on her knees to the other side of the room and crawl back toward him with all of her grace. As she crawled gingerly toward him, her hips sauntering from side to side, her mind concocted versions of her punishment to come with a lingering yet fearful satisfaction.

“Good, my kitten. Now kneel up and rest your pretty little face against Master’s thigh and whisper to me with all of your most beautiful words so that I’ll forgive you and take the time to ravish your body.” She smiled inside while her face displayed utter respect and rapt attention.

As she lent forward, placing the side of her face against the muscular thigh hidden beneath his coarse pants she looked up into his eyes, truly feeling her place in the world. She breathed in deeply of his musky scent that was all at once warm and sweet and familiar. How many times had she been at his feet like this? Countless memories came to mind.

She smiled up at him with the most adoring expression; she couldn’t help but to feel happy even in the midst of waiting for her punishment. Her voice was soft and sweet and full of love when she spoke,

“Oh my Master, I’m so sorry for breaking protocol and letting my horrible side show through. I only felt such lust inside of me that I couldn’t keep it bottled anymore. I want you every moment of day and it hurts so much.’ She rubbed her cheek lovingly against his thigh, ‘Please forgive me for making you angry, I didn’t mean to and I’ll try to be better.” She closed her eyes as she savored every sensation she felt; emotional and physical.

He reached down and gently forced his thumb into her mouth, gripping her bottom jaw as he raised her eyes within his line of sight, the anger gone from his face,

“Yes poppet, I forgive you and if only you didn’t have such large eyes I would be able to stay mad at you longer like you deserve. Now let me know what you’re feeling that you can’t keep it bottled anymore.” Even his questions were commands; her body shuddered with anticipation. His voice never grew soft but only more controlled. He released her jaw so that she could speak,

“Thank you Master.” She leant down and kissed his shoe softly and lingeringly. She knew to never hold back what she was thinking in a situation like this and her voice was lit with passion when she spoke again,

“I only want for you to possess me and make me cry out for you. I want you to be inside of me. Please take me Master. Please. Please Master.” Her last word was filled with a sigh of pure frustration and need.

She rubbed against him like a satisfied cat as she brought herself more fully up on her knees. His hand reached down and gripped a fistful of her hair, exerting pressure so she was forced to stand.

She lent her head against his shoulder as he held her against him, her hair falling over her face and contentment spreading over her. His fingers wrapped themselves around the back of her neck, pressing her collar into her skin and bringing her lips closer to his. His lips moved like small wings so close to hers as he spoke,

“You’ll never hit the peak of my displeasure as long as you live but you watch your sassy mouth because next time I may not be as willing to fall to my own desires and spare you.” He bit her bottom lip softly and she swooned passively and relied on his arms to carry her weight. She was rapt under his machinations and nothing could pry her away now.

His lips shocked hers with intolerable warmth when they met, his motions at once strong and domineering. She made soft cooing sounds as he took her mouth savagely and with much pleasure. His big strong arms wrapped around her body, the strength of his hands nearly hurting her in his passionate embrace.

Sugasm #103

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“Feel the electricity from my fingers as I peel the damp cotton of your panties away from your sex, as I ease them to one side.”

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“She let her lips and tongue explore me all over.”

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“I guess this is not very sexy, my ranting about politics while playing with your cock.”

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize?

If Al Gore thinks he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, he can kiss my environmentalist ass

I mean well, where to start....never mind, if I get started now, I'll never stop. At least its a shared one.....

BTW: I know some of you will want to have words at me, but feel free. :)

Have a good weekend and stay tuned for next week's steamy post and a brand new photo!

(Sorry for leaving the last one two weeks running as featured post, but I just loved it so much!)


Monday, October 01, 2007

Sugasm #99

Since Sugasm started its whole "let's have featured articles and not just in categories" thing, I'd begun to feel very left out from never being chosen.

All that has been changed when I found out I had been chosen as Editor's Choice for my "Letter to a Lover" prose piece. I'm ecstatic!


This Week’s Picks
Don’t think..
“As you read this, you reach for your cock and stroke it slowly, in anticipation of our eventual meeting.”

I’ll be out in 2 mins, I’m just brushing my teeth…
“One centimetre at a time, he slid oh so slowly into me and then retreated out again.”

We all have Secrets
“I’ll give you a little reminder - it was when he and his wife were making me cum so hard that I blacked out.”

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Letter to a Lover

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter to a Lover

This week I'm posting something a little different from my normal uber-hardcore memoirs. Sometimes I go on stints, when I get into the mood of it, and write supremely poetic words that are deeply rooted from within me.


Here I can whisper words unheard....


If I was lying in this bed, my eyes reflecting all the light in the dimly lit room and my mind wandering to places of amorous need, would you come and be the salve to my desires?

If when I moved beneath the covers and more of my skin would be exposed by the shifting sheets and my movement stirred something within you, would you feel what I feel? Could you come to me and cradle me with all you were, your skin touching mine and making a quiet fire between us. Could you make me crave you with just one touch?

I can imagine a moment in time where my body becomes liquid while pondering thoughts of carnal contact and possession and where time seems like just a void; the caress is all that matters. I’m here though, my physical self in need of something I can’t give it alone. I can feel the coolness of the air trying to creep onto my skin while I hide beneath sheltering sheets, my face pressed to the soft mattress.

I can feel you near me, yet you’re not within my grasp and so all is silent around me and my mind presses on. I can hear your steps and the movement of your before bed chores on the other side of the door, it feels like you could be miles away though, yet I can just imagine your mind racing too. I feel I would do anything to be the light that envelopes you in that other room, to be able to be near you and all around you like a second skin and being the one to guide you in the darkness. I stretch and move all by myself, making a grand show of all the contact my skin is receiving from the lifeless pillows I lie sheltered in. A valley of cotton holds my body and feels my touch like a silent sentinel in white.

I close my eyes as I rub the back of my hand across my lips, letting the smallest bit of flesh from the end of my tongue gain access to the outside world. All is slow and the reception of sensory information, my body is a satellite to all the sensation life can produce.

I roll and let my hair spill over my face, a life-filled veil concealing me in sudden darkness and solitude. Here, I can hear my own breathing as if it were the only sound in the void. I whisper slow words to myself that are of no consequence but for my ears to hear. In silence, the world is never truly devoid of sound, it just beats its force of life upon your sensitive ears, letting you know of the pulse beyond your own.

The machine of the body is never quiet.

Every breath here has a purpose in my long wait for you. It may have been minutes or years since I left you to lie in wait in my own skin here in the dark cave of the bed. I can feel my body hum to the very thought of your hand upon me, a small gasp escaping and my body responding with a slow movement that catches me off guard. Even alone you are here, next to my skin.

I can feel the way I do when I can smell your scent and lie in anticipation waiting for a chance to press my lips to the warmth of your skin. I think of all the times and ways you’ve possessed me before but each time gives way to a biting sense of newness and a thrill I can contain only under the guise of a smile. If you could live in my space and feel what I do when you’re under my skin, you would feel the pounding of unheard sounds and the sensation of touches yet to be given.

I become lost and have to remember my body is in the world and not just in my mind; I’m taken out of myself and have to concentrate hard to get back in.

I sigh just for the sound of it and for want of a companion in my waiting. My own breath is my friend while I lie in wait for you.

My body moves in an unhurried movement and my hands seem ripe for investigation; the half light makes them seem unreal and not my own. I try to see myself as the creature you see when you look down upon me, my eyes too large and my mouth too small. I drag my nails down my thighs in punishment for not loving myself as much as I should in the instant I thought of this. If only every moment I spent I could feel what you feel when your eyes meet mine.

I’m getting lonely now thinking of you and the fact that your warm skin isn’t next to mine. My own body has ceased to be enough entertainment and I long for new stimuli. I hear your voice call out to me and I imagine I feel now as someone having their thirst quenched after finding themselves lost in a desert.. I can sense that you’re coming ever nearer.

I grip the sheet for the movement of it while I listen to you making your way toward my haven. I breathe in and forget to let it go for the briefest of seconds but already the action has made me drugged. As the door opens I see your frame silhouetted within the yellow light of the hallway behind it and I think again: it is better to be in this body than to be that light around you, for within this body you can take me and make me yours.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dirty Words

I love to go to my visitor stat website and look at all the search keywords that led to my site. They can be quite surprising.

Considering the description and tags on this blog, its interesting how nasty and perverted these keywords can get. Its amazing how sometimes I can find that some people are even more perverted than I am. The following is a racked list of keywords, phrases and sentences that led to my site from various search engines:

  • underage
  • petite underage lowers
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  • "Please fuck me the teen moaned as the older man teased her clit with his tongue."
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  • ass fuck teenage girl
As you can see, the variation on the theme is very wide and really gets me thinking. Some make me think back to what Ive written (esp the sentence ones) and go, 'Did I write that?'. Lets play scavenger hunt and find where all these pices are found in the site, it may take months to sort it out.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Want to Sex Me, No?

I realized that it has been since June since I hit up my world of escape and tried to will my passions into word form here for all to read. I know I've said it before, but...I'm back.

I know that some of you have seemingly given up on me but I'm super pumped and filled with fuel to add to the fire of my writing. So what better medium than the safety(?) of my favorite blog space, "Allegory"?

It sometimes gets to me that since I put my life and choices out there for the world to see that Im constantly judged and seemingly used for my writing and the escape it can give those who read it. It becomes a personal endeavor when someones else takes in what your life is and feels a connection to you, they feel a safety in judging and using you up.

I think I needed a little break to clear my head and try to understand what exactly it was that pulled me to sex-blogging in the first place: the fact that I think my experiences are interesting and that typing them all out in the detail my memory holds is therapeutic and helps me not only move on an grow up but also come to terms with the person Ive become.

I know it sounds as if I speak as though my experiences were miles and decades behind me, but its really that I see them as stepping stones to the girl I am today. Its interesting to think that I'm still growing up and see it all from that perspective.


Ill start my first entry since deciding to come back by answering questions and concerns I received since my drop out:

> Gadget wouldn't be such a problem ... if he and you were more open to 3somes and moresomes. Surprised you haven't had such experiences ... never mind not sharing them.

A: Heres the thing with that (and sorry you think Gadget to be a problem, lol) , the fact that you think I havnt been envolved in threesomes or "moresomes" is just that I havnt written about them....yet. I have had several of these kind of experiences and actually have written about a "moresome" that envolved several other girls a while back. I understand that people are really looking for extremes in sex and sex writing but whereas some writers and websites go for shock value my aim is to just express myself the way I want and the way I see fit to make a semblance of my life in writing. You want more of something? Email me!

> Why do you seem to drop out for a while and ignore us?

A: Its most definatly not intentional and I really love writing and getting responses from readers and communicating my sexual self and getting imput but sometimes my life just catches up with me and I just have to prioritize and most things come before dedicating an hour or two to writing out a memoir. An "A" in my physics class is more important to me than to see how many times I can find a replacement noun for the word "cock". I love my writing and I love my sexual self but life is just so unpredictable. I promise that I do try though.

> You're a pervert.

A: Thank you.

> Whats up with the partially naked pictures and cropped stuff?

A: Theres a really fun answer to that. "A person is only the sum of her parts." In all actuality, I really love to use my camera to capture a mood and a shape to my body that sometimes cant be garnered with a full shot. The way the photos come to be is that I take a full shot and crop it down to my favorite part(s) of it. Though not only is sort of a fun way to use my creativity is also another form of anonymity and a way to be aloof. Why, don't you like a little tease?

> You talk about Gadget like he's a god or something, whats the angle for that?

A: Ive been asked about this a lot and theres no real complete answer for it. When I write about my more amorous activities I really love to pull all the positivity from them and try to show my angle as a happy, vivacious and sexually vigorous chick is interested about love, sex and satisfaction. Why wouldn't a speak positively of a partner who is sexually satisfying and who is dedicated to my happiness and my needs? I don't regard Gadget as a God but as a really interesting and fulfilling partner who I can trust to always be interested in mine and my body's pleasure.

> Why should I read your words?

A: Its not as if I think I need to convince someone to read my writing or be interested, it should really just speak for itself. I feel the draw of my writing is its frankness and imagery and though sometimes somewhat savage on sexual detail, I feel like my writing can be a sexy escape for just about anyone interested in the sexuality of an amorous young female.

> I know you think you're a healthy person, but I think you're severely wounded.

A: Thats a very deep summation for someone to make having never really met or known me. I do think that life has handed me some hard situations but I feel like Ive tried to make the best of them and to build myself up as a coherent and inner mindful being. I have been hurt and I still bare scars but I feel like one must work through hurt in order to gain transcendence and understanding. Also, if you're attributing my sexual hunger to be some sort of unhealthy illness or affliction, I consider you to be severely ill informed.

> I love reading your writing and imagining that such an interesting person really exists.

A: Im was so supremely flattered by this compliment and I really didn't known how to react at first but to the author, I just hope you know that your comment was supremely appreciated! Big kiss!

> This blog is dead.


Stay tuned for a new post coming up soon on the delights of sexy phone calls in the middle of tghe night. Big kiss guys, Im so glad to be working on more content for the blog!


Monday, June 25, 2007

A Kiss in the Dark

If I feel tired or sad or distressed or lonely or just even horny, it helps to use my imagination and in the dark, my imagination lights a fire. Sometimes a kiss is all you really need...

A little bit of need goes a long way...


I can see the shapes of the room around me in negative glory, their outlines imprinted in silver in my memory, a ghostly set. I lie in my bed alone, the chill sheets drawn up to my waist, the cool of the air around me making me feel even more isolated.

My mind clicks; What would it feel like if you were here, sliding your warm ankle over mine, the strength in your body just oozing into the energy in the room, transforming it in an instant. The aura of you is all around me and I start to feel the itch under my skin, deep inside that reaches for a touch, a caress. I imagine I can feel your heat as well, like waves of warmth passing over every inch of my flesh. My mouth drops slowly open as I feel a phantom kiss and the pressing of your palms to my shoulders, drawing my arms up above my shoulders so you can gently pin my wrists against the soft sheets.

I love the moment that my body becomes serpentine, my whole frame mimicking the fluidity of my emotional and sensual center. All becomes heat and bright colors behind my eye lids as your hot lips scold the skin of my collar bone, my neck feels the heat of your cheek pressed to it as you seemingly worship my shoulders, my skin and my whole self.

My body possesses inside itself a great needy hunger while your whole countenance is that of control and stately repose. There is a soft hum in my throat which you recognize as need and you instantly seem to fall under the spell of my growing carnal impatience.

The moment of acknowledged need between the two of us never grows old; that look, that sounds, that touch, that heat, its all you need to understand what I need and crave. It hurts when I want what you have to give, when I know what it feels like, when I know what is to come. It hurts in a sublime way.

I start to hear a bubbling symphony which must be the blood pulsing through my veins at a tempo which makes my conscience self drop away to the part of me that wants such deep red and sweat inducing things. All action is colors and not movement when my eyelids slide down over my eyes and all my world becomes sensation and flesh, no longer thought and sight and reason. My body moves like wine beneath the sheets as your weight presses upon me, my body sublimely restricted by your power and need.

I feel your lips close to my face, hot and just the tiniest bit wet and fragrant as you move in a teasing way near my skin, making my lips follow yours like a game of chase.

My lips chase yours. Lets play.

My back arches and my arms strain out of frustration and carnal need, my heart beats in waves of power and desire. I hear my breath like a pleading allegory in my head, out in the space of the room. The clock ticks a disdainful lullaby as my body craves you with a power unknown previously to me except in dreams. I want to whine and cry and grab at you like a wild animal and beg you you quench this pain I have for you, one that's ever increasing as you press at me. You hands just tighten on my wrists and you make a small hushing noise meant to calm me, meant to tell me that you'll take care of my needs soon enough.

Your lips hum a soft song against my skin as they travel from my ear over my cheek and finally press to my lips in a burst of color and sensation. I writhe beneath you as I feel your softness converge with my own and I want to sigh for all the joy in my body, all the need and vice.

And soon after I realize you've kissed me - you're gone, I'm alone and yet satisfied and whole, a weight released from my being and my need. I'm alone and I slip into a soft sleep with the scent of you all around me and your heat still kissing my hands, kissing my lips.

...and all this for a kiss in the dark.


Monday, June 04, 2007

My Return from Mexico

Finally your favorite adventuress is home from tackling huge pyramids, swimming in waterfalls and jumping from cliffs into lakes to write more smut and post more nearly nude photos. Are you happy?

Swimming in teal waters of the El Chiflon cascades, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Heres a photo from my travels to whet your appetite for upcoming posts and chronicles of my adventures both abroad and in my bed.

I came home to find a huge outcry of over 200 emails, 12 distressed comments and a head full of worries that you guys just dont know how to read.....I did post that I was leaving. Im sorry to all of my worrying little sex fiends, but Im well and good, very tan and still as nymphy as ever. And yes, Gadget is still very much cemented in the picture, surely to much dismay of my more agressive admirers. :)

Oh how Ive missed my naughty, naughty life.


Monday, April 30, 2007

Prick Tease

Maybe its the hip length highlighted hair. Maybe its the tiny pink lips that turn up just the tiniest bit. Maybe its the huge brown eyes shaped so distinctively. Or maybe...its the soul/personality that makes people think/know Im a...prick tease.

Red is the color of passion and in an undergarment - its strikes one as a naughty deed.

Ive gone through my sexually budded life (namely those that occured after the development of my notable female charms) not what Id call a victim 100% of the time but rather a girl that people regarded the wrong way...or the correct way, considering your view on the many situations Ive found myself in. In many ways I think Im a good person, a good woman; not one with a direct penchant for hurtful wickedness. (Fruitless) Teasing is one of those hurtful, wicked things that are included with many other wicked things on a list in my mind. Its unfortunate for myself and others that women were made especially for this wicked thing - fruitless teasing.

Sex (however we wish it really wasnt) was made at the dawn of time for procreation and like it or not, males were made strong to be able to overpower unwilling women and women were made curvy, delicate, and tempting to make the males want to fuck/force them into the dance of procreation we now so adore as a pleasure activity. Teasing is biological and sadly to some, its unpleasant when made fruitless.

Ive made it clear to some men in my life that my teasing wasnt purposeful/on purpose but Ive been labeled by many as prick tease: a girl who teases for the fun/cruelty of it and not to use it the right way, IE to make good on the tease.

I have many instances that I feel need a review by a third party in order for me to understand whether or not Im being self deprecating or whether Im right: Im just a friendly, sensual girl who loves to have nearly only male friends because they are the best company and not because I like to play with their minds/libidos.

So check them out and let me know what YOU the reader thinks.

Exhibit #1 - A bit of down time:
Normally I hate football but when a good friend in Southern Cali asked me over with a huge group of our (mostly male) friends, I decided coming over, lounging on the couch drinking diet soda while in the company of 6 - 8 football freak boys would not be all together unpleasant. Plus, a sport (or anything for that matter) is more fun when surrounded by people who really are enthused by it.

I decided to wear a pair of hand cut jeans made into nearly knee length shorts and a halter top would be appropriate (it was hot outside) and leaving my hair down and not putting on makeup also suited my casual mood. I slipped over to the house to find everyone there and already pumped with the game in full go mode. Todd, my friend and owner of the house was really glad to see me and gave me the place of honor right next to him on the huge wrap-around couch. I sat sipping my drink, generally in the sweep of the mood surrounding the room and when something good happened (qued to me by all the cheering and cup/can crushing by the others), Todd and I would bounce our chests together, hug and I would kiss him on the cheek in celebration.

When we werent bouncing together actually quite painfully for me and jumping around, we were sitting on the couch, watching the game, his hand on my knee as I sat cross-legged on the couch, the hand containing my cup, across the back of the couch more or less around his shoulders. Lounging is one of my favorite chill-out activities and this was a prime example.

Some background would probably be helpful too, to clear this all up: Todd and I had met at a party when I first moved back to California when I was 17 and began our first meeting by talking (in man-to-man like fashion) about how lame chicks were with their catty-ness and their bitchy ways. We had sort of that dude relationship that I so relish in many of my dude friends. Its very comfortable because you can be yourself absolutely and ignore all the pretense of being an uber-chick by being super proper or stuck up. Its very nice.

I had always regarded Todd with this kind of aire of friendship and chill, so I thought some friendly intimacy would be totally fine and proper. All people like friends who display their affection, even when it isnt intimate.

I got up after another one of those bouncing interludes and went to the kitchen to find ice and found myself bending down over one of those sliding drawer freezers coaxing some small chunks of ice from a huge frozen-together mess of ice when Todd comes in. He pulls a beer from the water filled sink and pops it open, leaning against the sink while I continue. He asks me if I actually like the game and I remark that simply being around friends is fun enough for me. I stand and lean against the sink too, sipping my drink while we chat a little.

When I turn to go back into the living room when he stops me by grasping my wrist gently, I turn with a smile and before I can realize it, I feel lips against mine. Todd's lips. I pull back giggling and pat him on the shoulder in an "Ok you got me fashion" and turn again when he stops me...again. I put my hand on my hip and level my eyes with his, a slightly amused look on my face. Hes gone all puppy-eyed and fragile in 2 seconds flat and I dont know what to do. His voice is near pleading,

Whats the matter? You dont want me to kiss you?

I smile and respond,
Yeah, thats fine, but were just buds, so just friendly ones from now on, the passionate kiss thing is a little much to just give to any old chick you hang out with.

His face darkens ever slightly,
What do you mean "just buds"? What about the living room?

What about the living room? We're watching football not shooting porn.

We were cuddling! He says in a slightly agitated way.

I look around sort of puzzled, sort of distressed, confused. My response is slow,

Maybe you felt my affection a little too keenly, I only meant to give a sense of comfort, not emotion. Maybe you didnt understand. Im sorry, but Im just hanging out with you. We're friends, right?

His head sort of dips and he looks up quickly,
Well I guess, sure, I get it. Youre just teasing me, maybe its fun for you.

He walks out of the room dejectedly and sits out with the other boys, slightly pouting, slightly triumphant. As my mind sort of swirls like a cockeyed puppy, I ask myself something: Why are some guys such idiots!? Or, Am I an idiot for thinking people are evolved enough to handle physical intimacy without thinking something like sex will result?

Exhibit #2 - Alcohol Becomes Her:
In an alcohol fueled lounge session at an alcohol fueled party, Sean #3's thigh was my pillow as he sat and I laid in the grass together at 3 am in the Southern California hills.

Sean #3(known as such because we had two other friends named Sean and his was the third when arranged alphabetically) and I had grown up together off and on, sharing teachers, sharing friends, sharing friends who happened to be in relationships, sharing friends who had broken up. When we were super young (7) my friends and I used to spend lunch recesses running after his friends trying to kiss them on their cheeks as Sean #3 kept score, but I never kissed him.

He confirmed we were buds by carrying me around when I was drunk or tired or both and making sure I got into bed and then locking the door after he yelled into my house "Your daughter is Home....AFTER CURFEW!" before dashing away to his car, enveloped by laughter as my mom stomped down the hall to my bedroom, on the attack.

I bashed his girlfriends, he bashed the guys I dated and then fucked. I bashed his ugly dog and he bashed my ugly shoes. We were buds.

As we laid in the grass, looking at the stars and talking about how we never really are ever happy and how weird it would be if our universe was actually so small it could fit in someones pupil (Yeah, think that one over!) I brought up the subject of never finding a good guy that meant anything to me. He responded with a shrug first and then after thinking about he spurred the conversation,

Yeah, it would be great to date a really close friend, stay friends, support systems, love each other and fuck too. That would be the best.

I nodded overenthusiastically,
Oh yeah, people do that all the time thought, they do it, its good.

Wouldn't it be great if WE could do that? I mean god, that would be perfect.

I nodded again, a little too much,
Oh yeah, hella perfect. ::hiccup::

He looked down at me and I giggled at him, thinking he was putting on a show of seriousness. When youre drunk, everything is light and fluttery and...funny. He put a hand on my belly and before I knew it, he was kissing me. I giggled into his face and he rose up, blushing and sort of angry,

What the fuck Petite? Why is it funny? I just asked you and you basically said you wanted to be with me. Whats up?

I sat up so fast the sky fell down,

I DID? What? What?

He nodded, again, pretty angry,

Yeah man, whats wrong with you, are you some kind of tease now? Huh?

My face scrunched up, my eyes sort of crossed,
What? What?

He got up with an angry sigh and stocked away, muttering confusedly. I am still so upset about this incident because he still wont let me forget it. How was I a tease by answering some drunk fueled deep conversation? Maybe that's what made it worse, the tipsiness. Maybe I don't know men as much as I would care to think? God save me from all the blue balls I have spurned over the years unknowingly.

As for now and ever, I remain myself and if I scorn men on the way with my buddy-chick-friend-vibe wouldn't it seem like advance would seem a bit of a miscommunication?


Monday, April 23, 2007

Dirty/Sexy Lyrics: Louis XIV

Louis XIV isnt just one of the more scandalous French Kings: a fiery Alternative band bears this strong name and boy, are they scandalous too. Their song "Pledge of Allegiance" has nothing to do with Patriotism nor the American Flag.

I can't believe this album art is sold in the public venue - but I'm so glad it is.

With themes of underage sex, bondage, sex games, nudity, secret rondevous, and female lubrication; you know you have a winning song. Not to mention the fact that sound clips of orgasms are thrown in. Ohh baby, we have a hit in this one.

My diagnosis is one of not only a catchy, indie rock song but really entertaining to sing along with (and did I mention that I like to dance around to it in my socks and panties?). The following lyrics ought to turn a few heads, if not turn ON a few things.

My comments are {bracketed} & lyrics are italic.

Aw little Stacy Q when
She doesnt have a thing to do
She comes to my house
Well lets keep that between me and you
She takes of her clothes
She likes to tell this boy what to do
Lets keep that between me and you, okay?

{This ^ verse reminds me of chaste rondevous in my neighborhood and city, in other peoples bedrooms and one kitchen. And plus, who doesnt like the thought of a cute, sassy little chick bossing around a man, letting him know just what he has to do to get her to comply?}

She said "Oh come on boy,
Aren't you tired of talking about sex?"
I said "Little girl, what do you really expect?"
And then she pledges her allegiance
To the United States of me

{Sounds like a pet's pledge to her Sir to me, what about you?}

Oh she says
"Lets play a game
When you hear me make a sound
Just go quite a bit faster
Pretend I'm gagged and bound,"
Oh how I love to hear that sound

{This is quite a suggestion of a game, sounds like marvelous fun. I guess volume level as an increaser or speed? Lovely.}

Milkshake milkshake
I love to feel you sweat
We dont have to go to the pool
If you want me to make you wet

{For those fellow females gifted with the ability of extreme self lubrication, this is an all too familiar circumstance. How many times have you found yourself (or with a chick) who reminded you of a watery element?}

Can you keep a secret
'Cause the best little secrets are kept
And your my best little secret yet

{Its true, secrets add intrigue and interest to any affair...sexual or just lacsivious, or both.}

Well, kit kat kit kat
Kitten you're the kicks
She said "Let me feel you lovin' me
I mean come on make it stick
Aren't I the best of your little baby chicks
Oh youre my sweet tooth sugar fix"

{All girls love a bit of flattery, even if you are already knee-deep and rockin away.}

Tick tock tick tock
Oh baby forget the clock
You dont have to do a thing
And you know I like your big talk

{Sadly, sometimes time is of the essence, but ignoring does make it much more of an adventure.}

Just make sure to close the shades and turn the lock

{...Cuz no one likes to have an audience of pokey neighbors.}

But can you keep a secret
'Cause the best little secrets are kept

{Oh yes I can keep a secret...but who really wants to remain silent?}

So, in summation; Music as food for the soul? How about food for the libido.


REDESIGN!!!!!! If you're an avid reader and you care anything about page design - this blog has been redesigned by yours truly. What a wonder a splash of paint (hex code), a nice big kiss (tagged image) and a new text style (Latha) can do to wake up an old depressed design!
Hurrah for the new design!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Tagged: Five Secrets

Since my lovely friend Kyma, found it necessary to grace my name with a Tag, I've no choice but to comply with a counter reply to his mention.

So the name of the game is: "Five things not revealed yet on your blog."

And though I'm far from a blushing closed book - Here goes nothing...

The presence of this VERY overused Playboy Bunny will soon make sense.

1. Last night I was watching a French film at 2 am
or so and there's a scene where a man and a street walker have an agreement to meet up under a bridge and they're to enact a play-acting rape, right there in the tunnel beneath the bridge in the middle of the night. (The movie is not the secret - the result of it is). So the street-walker shows up and the man is leaning up against the wall and then leaps at her and wrestles her to the ground and thus begins one of THE LONGEST rape/sex scenes in a film I have ever seen - and I watch a ton of these French films. The vague picture of it is that the girl is down fully on her stomach and hes behind her, atop and raping her...bum.

And though its somehow wrong, I had that distinct itch you get when you know you want to touch yourself....and so I did, violently, right along with the film and I have to tell you - it had to have run for at least 15 joke. Brutal film bum rape with him pulling her hair and her resistance and a full 15 minutes.

After wards in the scene it turns out the girl wasn't the street walker, but a daughter of an aristocrat and the real streetwalker had been in a car accident, thus delaying her.
Now as much as that could be seen as shameful, Its only film, right?
2. I sleep with my herb filled comfort bear named "Bear" every night,
cuddled in the crook of my neck, his weighted body over my chest (Not necessarily sexy, but a secret nonetheless). This type has been used for centuries to help people with depression and seperation anxiety, but I just love him because he feels like a real baby and smells really good. :)
3. So now for some nostalgia;
When I was around 13 we had a new digital cable box put in and I guess it was a mistake but they gave us the Playboy channel in my parents room (or WAS it an accident? *shudder of disgust*). When I was alone in my house, I would lay in my mom's huge four poster bed and watch that illicit channel, mouthing the words of the slutty porn stars and watching amateur clip shows, of the likes of "America's Funniest Home Videos", not meant to be funny...but sexy.

One day I was watching an episode of the clip show and they showed a sequence of two women in Horse Play gear, trotting around a horse yard, neighing and clipping their hooves and nuzzling each other. I was just rolling in laughter on the bed, thinking it a grand comedy. After though, I couldnt help but feel a pang of longing to investigate this thing further. Maybe it was just childhood curiousity?

I mean afterall, my family (including I myself) have been very accomplished Equestrians. :)
4. Im going to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico a month from now in May on scholarship for University with my favorite Professor and some other students to the rainforest. I'm so excited! Though the downside is that it means no sex for the duration...30 days...a whole month! Plus I have a roommate the entire time!
I kill.

Though I know the web exists all over the world, posting may be scarce as I dont think they have wireless internet many places in the deep rainforest....but I'll try my best. Who knows, it may be the adventure of the century to report on.
5. I play on my pink Nintendo DS all day long....or when I have time. Oh dear lord, why was I made into a techie web-programmer gamer nympho girl trapped in the body of a 50's pin-up?

But then again, it is a pretty fun life.

So, as fun as that was, here's my 5 reciprocal tags (evil laugh inserted here):
- F.C. of "Nothern Lights and Sleepless Nights"
- Dark Pixie of "Inside Dark Pixie"
- El Cuervo of "Brain Mayhem"
- RonJazz of "Dont Let the Wind Blow You Away"
- Fucktoy of "Married Man's Fucktoy"

And now let's see the results!


Monday, April 09, 2007

A Tiny Flame

The amazement I still have with my body translates to this desire to always keep sex and sensuality fresh and tempting in my mind.

Can you read someone's mind? How about their curves?

I write fantasy in my bedroom, the lights dulled and my lips quietly mouthing the dirty words that my feminine charm forbids me to utter out loud, my pen writing out a smooth scripture upon the page of my desires. I play with lovers (now only with my boyfriend) with an amazed wonder to find a fresh beat of light behind every sensation and burst of friction that my body joyfully succumbs to. I touch myself with the unbridled curiosity of a newly be-chested adolescent because it makes it more fun,

"Look here what is this...oh my....MMMMM."

Kind of like that.

I love to capture the different curves of my body on my camera and play with light and color and background, sensuality. I sink into my bed and observe my own curves, how ever imperfect or how ever "just me" they are. I'm trying very hard to fall back in love with my body, to find myself in love with the pieces of me, but all put together.

When I touch myself in the quiet hideaway that is my room and my body presses into the silky black sheets I make a map and travel route of an imaginary tongue from place to place on my body.

Sometimes my invisible lover starts at my ear lobe, traveling down my neck to bite me, to lick me and to travel down my chest to the swell of my breasts and pressing smooth lips against their flesh, my body falls to a moan. I can feel it travel down between my breasts, over my ribcage and down the little path to my pierced navel, kissing horizontally over each hips before dipping down to kiss the tops of each thigh, the lips becoming wet and more intense with each passing second.

I can day-dream myself into believing that the pleasuring mouth travels down over each knee and to the instep of my foot, kissing my tattoo there and licking the ball of my foot before sucking a small toe into the cavern of a hot and silky mouth.

I can feel my body splay as my fingers slide over my clit and I can just imagine bright and passionate eyes peering at me as strong hands gently hold my heel as a sensual mouth pleasures my small and curvaceous foot.

When my passion inflates my fingers slide to my mouth and my tongue lazily flicks over my fingertips, the receptive skin feeling there the silk of my tongue. I want to believe that there is so much that I can learn about myself and about other's bodies and minds from sexual contact, from possessing them and letting them possess me.

My more perverted dreams are of being taken so roughly, so passionately and so unyieldingly that when my will has been slightly broken and my orgasm has come so strong so that at the end I'll cuddle slowly like a baby and wrap my small hand around the wrist of my lover in an unspoken gesture of submission and gratitude.

I love when Gadget takes me from behind, his stomach pressing at me and curving over my back as he holds my breasts in both hands, whispering to me of my beauty and my wetness, his pleasure at my feminine graces.

The closeness pushes at me until I can feel his flesh like my own pressed so tight to my back as I bend, my feet touching as my knees support us both on the bed's soft pillowtop. I can feel him so deep inside of me and though I feel like it should last forever my mind is bent out of nature and it makes me crave the end so that I can look back and understand what intimacy is.

I always ever wanted that closeness, that drive and that spirit of longing to be in every facet of my life, if not just in my sexual one.

And I'm feeling that as each day passes, that I'm realizing that sex isn't just a game to be played and won, its a closeness, its a feeling and it makes me feel alive.


[If you have seen the seeming "mistake" in the date, it isnt so, I just wont be around a computer for Monday's post so therefore I am posting it early....hows that for responsiblity? -la petite]

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Deprivation Game

I like to play. I like to play with others. I like to play with myself. Sometimes during sex, I like to play with other's minds (foremost, their bodies) as well.

So, I live in satin, are you jealous just because you're envious? Tisk, tisk.

I created a game in my head one day when Gadget was plunging his most needy part inside my most needy bit. I thought,

Men can get so heated when it comes to sex, and I love that. How can I inspire him to become more heated, even if we're both a little down, and while at the same time, have a little bit of fun?

The game is called The Deprivation Game and is composed of just that, momentary sexual deprivation. When he strives to fuck me ever harder, I thrust down my pelvis so that his energetically pumping cock slips out. His usual reaction is along the lines of,

Oh no please baby, please! No, no, no, please. Please baby.

Accompanied by whimpering, a scrunched up emotional face and phantom fucking, as my strong thighs push down on his, barring access to the bits he wants most to plunge into. His struggle against me can get quite heated at times, and then one of two things happen:

  1. Just as he starts to give up and rest his forehead against my shoulder, I slip my hips down agasint him and he slides in, and happily restarts his rhythm against me.
  2. Or, (my favorite) he grabs my shoulder and under my neck and pushes down on top of me, conquering my sex with a forceful thrust and begins his pace once again.
Either way its bravo for both of us because the sex continues. Though Im not a fan of violence or rape, as I've been a victim to both; I love how his carnal side comes out in full force. I also love the flip side of it: He becomes a whimpering sex deprived little boy.

So again either way I'm turned on and entertained. Wicked am I.

About three months ago for months on end I didnt even want to have sex, my drive was high as always but my kitten wasnt responding and I found myself getting agitated easily and needing lots of sleep. He went down on me one night and kitten didnt want to respond, so I took matters into my own hands and when I came it wasnt good, it wasnt earth shattering and I was nearly in tears because nothing like this had ever happened to me and my dear kitten.

We talked a little while about how people can go into libido cycles and how its happened to him and he cradled me a little while I pouted on my side, my ass illuminated by the moon coming through the glass brick of the window. He got up queitly and went to the dresser and foraged for a condom while I still pouted, my fingers absent mindedly fondling my nipple, a sigh rising in my lungs because he was seemingly ignoring me.

He lay down beside me and whispered in my ear,

How about I take you through a sexual cycle of my own?

All of my soul sighed and my mind screamed, though my mouth did not,

Oh, God, get away from the male. AWAY FROM THE MALE, NOW!

I sighed as he lightly tugged at my hip, rolling me onto my back and slipped between my thighs, his muscular thighs beneath mine. He felt with his big hand between my legs at kitten to check the slickness and finding me sufficiently slick, he leveled his cock up against me.

I pushed my hips down and out of reach while I pushed with my thighs against him. At most I thought he'd get the picture and go lie down while I fell frustratedly asleep. But no, he was fighting me right back. We wrestled each all over the bed, his face lighting with a sinister and oh-so-sexy smile, laughing and trying to win. We tustled like this for a few more rounds and his laughing/frustration grew.

Then I discovered something; When I had first begun this tustle, I didnt want to have sex, but as I fought against him and he showed his desire in the struggle, I found that I wanted him more than I had in days. He laughed out loud and spoke softly,

What are you doing? Do you really not want to?

I smiled though he couldnt see my face in the shadows and flicked my hips up to meet his cock and he plunged deep inside. Our moans were in time, loud and rising as his rythm began in side of me, my hands grasping harshly at his powerful forearms, my nails barely making an impact on his skin.

He kissed me harshly on my jawbone as I threw my head back, sighs and moans issuing forth. My mind got devilish in an instant and I lowered my hips, pushing at him with my dancer's thighs, his cock lost and his whimpers beginning to come. He tried in vain as I pushed my thighs against him, whimpers and moans and pleading reaching my ears.

Soon, he was giving up and he kissed me and laid his forehead agasint my shoulder. I smiled and wiggled a little before raising my hips, sliding him into me, his energetic sex-grunt was response enough before he began his thrusting once more. I let him continue, nearly losing myself in the roll and bump of it all when once more I dropped my hips, and my thighs went to work.

This time, the struggle was shorter, but when he began to give up, he got even more flustered and his effort was redoubled. His strong hand reached out for my shoulder and I began to tire out, he conquered me with one last push and he had me, his cock even more powerful than it had been before this last tustle.

When he finally was near his final pains, I spoke softly into his ear of how much I wanted him to come, his body pulsing with the power of it. I smiled as he deeply kissed me, tired and fulfilled. I decided then that I loved the Deprivation Game and would use it more often. The passion and strength it ignited was just too much to resist.

I am now just realizing how much I love playing this game, since I havnt in weeks and weeks, but maybe that means it need to be employed very, very soon...


Monday, March 19, 2007

A Tiny Bed

Gadget far from being an immature man by any stretch of the meaning, has the worlds smallest the world - or so it seems to me.

It is torture but he has made me realize one thing: even on a tiny bed, he can still make me come like the world is ending.

Even in the dark of night, my flesh remains the same.

A twin bed, In my opinion, is only usuable for human being up to the age of around...12 or so - if you push it. Unfortunatly for me, Gadget has never gotten this memo about the twin bed age cut off. He owns a twin bed, in fact the twin bed he's always had since childhood if I remember correctly.

Its not enough for him that he owns a house, that he owns a car and makes a significant salary - he must keep this bed.

We've spoken of matress shopping and he agrees that it may be time, but not so long ago, he dropped this idea of purchasing a new bed and the topic has flatlined.

This Sunday we spent the majority of the day at his house in his bedroom, him cleaning and fussing about with things as I cuddled up with his enormous cat and lounged...on the tiny bed. For hours we did various activities not worth explaining and generally being lazy. We had tickets for a show and needed to leave at a certain time but I had been horny and ignored all day long in regards to this carnal need. Exactly at the moment we had to be leaving I pulled him towards me...and the tiny bed...and began kissing me. He laughed amusedly and looked down at me;

You know we have to be going, are you going to assume responsibility for being late?

I nodded and smiled sparklingly.

Are you sure you'll assume responsiblity?

I nodded again and pulled him down to me. Thankfully for me and for him as well, he responds well my being direct sexually and so therefore, he hastened to do me many lascivious favors.

Ive wracked my brain to try and make light of my actual chemistry with Gadget in my writings but its truly impossible (maybe I should make some porn?) but I try to do it justice, though enevitably fail to hit the mark perfectly.

He kissed me once and then fell to the deed with much more passion than he has ever kissed me. His moans were terribly audible and his lips against mine were livid, greedy and rough. His words in my ear literally sang of need,

Oh God baby, I just love to take you down like this, I love to touch you. Oh you feel so good, god damn.

I mumbled back and gripped his shoulder with my fingernails in answer, my leg curling up over his hip and pulling him down harder on my body. My hair fell off the edge of the bed, the ends stroking the tile.

Gadget decided to end his frustrations with my pants and pulled them off, violently throwing them to the ground. Taking advantage of the moment, he pulled his clothes off in what seemed like one movement as I wimpered and wiggled on the bed in anticipation. His body was such heat and weight on mine when he wrapped himself back into me. His hands smoothed down my shoulder to my breasts, his mouth taking a detour to lightly suckle on my nipple, my head falling back and my mouth to open in ecstasy. His

hand made a path down my rib cage, pressing hard at my flesh all the way down to my hip bone before letting his knuckles brush against my moistening kitten in need. His palm then pressed harder agasint that most tender flesh, my arousal growing and on fire. His voice was more hoarse now, more pleading,

Please baby, do you want me to lick you? Do you want me to make you come for me?

All I could do was whimper in response and nod my head, my fingers slipping into my mouth impulsively. He roughly pulled at my thin black cotton panties, ripping one side seam in his fever to take them off. His hand went to my thigh, placing his shoulder under it in preparation, his hands rough and commanding. When his mouthwent around the lips of my kitten, my moan was audilbe from proably miles around. When I looked down at his head with his face pressed so firmly to my cunt, pleasing me, my heart lept, my pulse raced and I knew I was inexorably hooked. My back arched in response to the thrusts of his tongue and just as I was close to my final release, he pulled his rhythm back, much to my chagrin.

I whimpered, until his strong hand went toward my cunt and he slipped a finger inside of me. My body lept and I bit down on my bottom to keep from screaming out. He worked his finger inside me and gently against my g-spot, my heart an overworked engine in my chest.

I whimpered in pain from my need from release and when it finally came, I gripped so hard on the sheet of the bed that I snapped a nail off and my eyes were seeing colors beneath their moist, closed lids. I moaned in pain and ecstasy as I bucked still on the bed in aftershocks, his tongue still gently plying my clit with suttle licks.

I reached down and stroked his head and when he knelt next to me, his cock was red, hard and pulsing ever so gently. I pulled up on my tank top as he touched himself his grip on himself firm and when his unique rhytmn began I moaned and spoke softly to him to quicken the process. My own body was still experiencing my orgasm as he spilled his out onto my hips, his body arching in relief.

I smiled in a pained post-orgasm fashion as he kissed me, as he gently wiped his cum from my skin. It seems sexual escapades always awaken a realization in me.

This realization was that even if you have somewhere to be, its better to be late and flushed from an outrageous orgasm than be on time anyday.


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