Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dirty/Sexy Lyrics: Peaches

Its been a while since I've done a music feature with my own sexy twist but I was reminded by a lovely friend about how fun it is.

You can't see my panties.....oh wait, yes you can.

Peaches is one bitchy, big mouthed girl with a promiscuous attitude, a mixing board and tons of electronic beats that fuel her type of twisted lyrics, but I love her and her music. She sounds like a girl version of a guy's inner monologue and I love her sick honesty when it comes to pursuits of the bedroom and she's German so what's not to love? She talks about sex like a trucker and you know what, I dig that.

So for your enjoyment, here is a run-down of a song by Peaches: AA XXX

My comments are {bracketed} & lyrics are italic.

I like the innocent type
Deer in the headlight
Rocking me all night
Flexing his might
Doing it right
Keeping me tight
Taking a bite out of the peach tonight 
{I love this as she seems to be talking a guy who is just 
a tad intimidated with her sexual prowess like he can't 
believe she's so into it. I love the "taking a bit out 
of the peach tonight" bit, its so visceral.}
Consider my suspicion
Let’s see if my intuition
Has any volition
‘Cause I’m on a mission
For the omission, the competition
And the definition of my position
It’s bitching, it’s bitching, it’s bitching, it’s bitching 
{I don't know what this is about, but she sings it 
really fast I love it.}
Only double A
Thinking triple X
Only double A
Thinking triple X
Only double A
Thinking triple X
{This doesn't apply to me, but she's saying even 
girls with little tits can be sexual and have 
dirty thoughts.} 

Yeah...There’s more
I’m hexed I’m vexed
I’m in the devil's text
Some people say that I keep my self-respect
Hidden in my cervix, next 
Licky licky sucky
Nobody here can tell me they don’t wanna fucky fucky
Licky licky sucky
Nobody here can tell me they don’t wanna fucky fucky 
{I LOVE what Full Metal Jacket has done for the public 
Only double A
Thinking triple X
I’m only double A
But I’m thinking triple X
I’m only double A
But I’m…
Triple X double A
Triple X double A
Triple X double A
Triple X double...
{Again, showing that a little breasted petite girl 
can be a sex deity in her own right.}


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love & Sex = Chemical?

We probably all go through that conflicting moment when we have a sexual attraction to someone and we think of them without their clothes; we imagine what it would be like to be slithering around on a bed with them.

Then, after all that, sometimes we think what it would be like to date them.

Believe it or not, this is a compacted thermal image of my face in profile (the far right is the curve of my chin) when I'm experiencing orgasm. A friend of mine is a biology major with a focus in human sexuality so I helped him out with his project and I got this amazing image out of it.

Does that mean love comes after sexual attraction? Are hot bodies required for love? Pretty faces? Love is a chemical response to someone else, its all a hormone thing in your brain that is so overwhelming that it can take over all of our senses. I'm not saying its not more than just a chemical rave in your brain, but isn't that what an orgasm is? Isn't that what sexual attraction is?

I'm more inclined to believe that love is a mostly emotional demon and that its a true and self controlled thing. I mean, who would like to think that all of their emotions and responses are totally out of their hands? Here's a bit of info about perceived reality based on Quantum Physics (bet you didn't think I was so smart).

I know that I've been able to have sex without love or attachment and then I've been in love and experienced sex at a totally new level of sensation. Ive also experienced overwhelming lust for someone just playing eyes in the coffee shop and having nothing more come of it. I feel absolutely that society has put these constraints on us that sex is with someone you love, someone you know and who you know is going to stick with you monogamously. What was the first thing your mother told you when you were getting "the sex talk"; it went something like this I'm sure:

"When a man and a woman love each other very much...."

Note that it specifies "a man" and "a woman" and also this love again. Very tricky.

Why make sex such a big deal? If its all chemical, then its a bodily function, right?

I'm always trying to break free of my Puritan American beliefs as they seem to still have a strangle hold on all of us for the most part. As time marches forward and the collective consciousness opens up, its plain to see that our society has become more comfortable with sex and sexual images, music, and talk but have we truly opened ourselves up to take part in the orgiastic chemical reaction chain in our bodies? Can we give up and just live for sensation versus thought?

Saying "I love you" is very different from saying "I want to fuck you" but still, both of these feelings come from the same place: the Amygdala in your brain. The Amygdala is a little ball of nuclei in your temporal lobe that controls arousal, automatic flight response from fear, emotional responses (in a physical manner) and it takes care of your hormone levels. By puberty, you Amygdala is working overtime and is heated and ready for action.

I find it very interesting that all of these complex processes are controlled by one little area of the brain.

So why get into all the complexities of your brain, arousal and emotional function? Its to just show how closely these processes exist within you, yet they can be completely separate. Its so interesting to me how nature works. It all goes back to the primitive days of man and how to best have us survive and thrive.

Gotta love a bit of evolutionary science.

I'm just wondering if others can feel totally unattached and still enjoy sex, sensuality. I feel that sometimes it can be better and different if you're just in it for the sensation, for the pounding chemical love in your brain, feeding down into every nerve in your body. Does every girl like to feel like a bad girl, even briefly?

Do you live to feel as I do?


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Twisted Hearts Seduction Vibe

I think that in every girl's seductive arsenal should be at least one really great vibe for those moments where you just need that extra bit of sensation to throw you over the edge. From and by Doc Johnson, may I present your new best friend: the Twisted Hearts Seduction Vibe.

I'd like to think that I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to vibes after having used (and worn out) so many different brands and models. No matter, what you may think, every girl needs at least one simple vibe at her disposal but since there are so many I realize that its easy to get your head (or panties) in a twist just trying to figure out which one's are high quality and therefore the best for you. Trust me when I say this is probably one of the best little vibes I've ever had the privilege to play with.

A few fantastic things about this vibe are that its made of Phalate free TPR rubber which is non-toxic and has the greatest bit of give under the touch. Its also waterproof, sleek and all of its elements are sleekly lined and made with quality and care. It runs on two AAA batteries as well, but don't let that fool you; this little friend will always take you where you need to go.

I haven't always been a huge fan of Doc Johnson, but lately they've really been coming out with some great toys. To me, style and function really are one because everyone likes a sleek design in nice colors while still having a product retain quality and power. They've really done all this and more with this vibe and it shows.

When you look at this vibe you probably scratch your head and go "Why does it have such a strange design?" Well its function in form.

A main thing I love about this sort of off the wall design is that it has a great curve which gives in a great feel in the hand and those little nibbly points are really fun and add to the different sensations you can get. On top of having a really great design it has a nice heft to it which really makes you feel how much quality this toy has. I personally like to feel a toy in my hand when I use it and this great vibe does that for me.

The shape is also really great in that it gives you lots of different options for use. Its not like a pocket rocket type vibe where pretty much only the tip has something to offer you; it has its whole length with which to play and find your ultimate happy place with.

I give this vibe five out of five prize ribbons for its design and power:


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

I think one of the biggest things I find funny about meeting people is that when they make my acquaintance, they always perceive me as being a very proper, very prissy, very prude like girl. If they only knew, right?

Angelic American beauty.

I know that its because I do have quite a proper facade in my work and in my daily life with most people, its easier to just be a good worker and to be have good relations versus being sensationalized and having too much attention for the wrong reason. Plus, I think it may be just a bit too fun to be the naughty girl beneath all of the pomp and elegance.

Good girls don't have fantasies about girl asses in public or want spankings so hard and vigorous that they leave bruises, do they?

I've gotten past the labels long ago but my feeling is that people will always accept what you give them at a first glance and run with it. Im fully aware that a book is worth much more than its cover, but in my daily life, its easier to just get away with being everyone's favorite sweet little friend. My facade is pretty good too.

A person has so many different facets and levels to their personalities that I don't believe that I'm trying to fool anyone or be dishonest, I'm simply being myself, but a little bit closely hinged. Who wants to have to confront the deepest levels of a person at first glance? Its easy for me to laugh and just be sweet instead of coming full out with my most passionate and sensual self.

That being said, though I am sweet and caring and full of love, I do have that bit of me that doesn't sit down to others' disrespect.

 Kiss from a rose...

I live my life with a model of grace and feminine charm, no one would expect that I'm such a sexual person as I feel that the sensual aspects of someones personality can be mistaken for a certain wanton loose sexuality, especially when this is perceived of a woman. I don't wish to be seen as the city slut, but who could fault me for that?

Growing up, my southern Grandmother always used to tell me to keep my charms to myself lest I be found to be loose and undesirable to a respectable man some day. My Grandmother was born in 1915 and though her wisdom had a twist of deep nostalgia to it, it still rings true to some degree.

I would look around my school growing up at the girls who everyone talked about in hushed tones, the ones that "gave it up" and I was horrified that my fellow classmates would somehow figure out that I too was a closeted slut. My mind worked constantly on fantasies of sex, foreplay and sensuality and I prayed to God to either make me pure or to make it so all of this desire never made it out of my mind and become etched into my skin for all to see.

Luckily for me, I never was into the boys at school, so no rumors ever slipped around campus about me being lecherous and sexually deviant. I kept my nose in my books, kept up my Honor Student grades, went to occasional parties but always made sure to always show my more fun, cute reserved side lest I be recognized for what I truly was; a sensual girl.

I realize now that I really don't care what others think of me, but its ingrained in me to be this polite, giggly girl around everyone and to never let them suspect a dirty thing of me. I feel I live in a very interesting way, concealing my more personal side from all and it may even add a bit of fun to it. Like when you go to class in tight jeans and "forget" to wear panties. You have a secret that no else can see.

I have many secrets and in particular, I have the secret of a sensual, sexually deviant mind. I love myself and I love the way I have grown up to be. I may live some of the time in the musky shadows but I wouldn't change a thing.

Anyone want to be involved in a secret or two?


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Monday Buzz: O'My Flavored Lubricant

Lube is a very important part of getting you into just the right flirty mood and there are so many to choose from. Luckily, my friends at have the perfect solution for your lube conundrum: O'My Flavored Lubricant.

At first glance, you already feel good about the product; the packaging is hip and girl friendly and the lube bottle itself is sort of "I Dream of Jeanie"esque with a handy little pump that locks closed for mess-free travel. It comes in great flavors, all with different bottle colors. This lube is like the iPod of lubes; it comes in all your favorite colors (I like the bottle so much, I have it out next to all my perfumes on my vanity table!).

The different flavors include, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Cherry, Kiwi Strawberry, Melon, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada and Strawberry Cheesecake; they all sound so good and honestly, from who else can you get a Cappuccino flavored sex lube?

The first thing I do when I look at lubes (whenever its possible) is that I take a drop and put it between my fingers to feel if its sticky or if it glides, then I smell it to see if it seems like a bunch of funky chemicals are having a party in there. When I did that with this lube, it was very smooth, and the glide-factor was great. Of course, it passed the sniff test because it has such a great fruity smell and flavor.

Mine in particular is the Blueberry Cheesecake and I'm having a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" moment when I say that the Blueberry Cheesecake lube tastes and smells like Blueberry Cheesecake. I know, its too sweet for words. : )

A second test I like to do is to rub a small amount of lube all over my hands and then to wipe them off on a towel to see if it leaves any stickiness. It passed the test with flying colors, only leaving a little bit of film like that of skin lotion.

A few great things about this product is the fact that its water based, has natural flavoring, is sugar free, low calorie and latex compatible, is Phalate free (no funky chemicals), plus it works like magic with toys. Plus, it smells like candy and who doesn't like candy?

I think a main concern of lube is its staying power, to which I can say that it stood up to some rigorous toy play and I'm guessing it would be perfect for those intimate moments between you and lover boy (or girl!). A great thing to point out too is its staying power when it comes to the drying out issue. I find that when left out with some air on it, its doesn't dry out and get sticky but rather gets a little bit more silky and a little bit less drippy, which sounds pretty great anyway (thanks to facts and friction for reminding me to point this out!).

I love the whole kit and caboodle of this product, the whole idea is so great. I mean who wants to go down on their girl and taste funky lube? This way, you're treated to your girl (or boy) and can enjoy a bit of fruity goodness at the same time.

I can just imagine plopping a little pool of it into my hand and dripping it all the naughty bits of some good little girl, her smile bright and pleading as I dribble the sweet smelling lube all over her. She would know whats coming next, an exploration of her most intimate areas. The slickness of it provides a whole new sensation of wetness on her skin thats already rose petal soft. I can almost taste the Blueberry sweetness on my tongue. She beckons me close for a kiss and when I dip down to please her, she giggles and moans at all once.

This lovely lube gets 5 out of 5 prize ribbons for its lovely chic-ness and its tasty flavor.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you ever have those days where your body is alight with passion and you can't help but you rub your thighs with the heels of your hands and bite your lips just to keep from showing your need?

Yeah, me too. Frequently.


Nature's gift to my body, with a touch of feathery goodness.


At first morning's light, he can feel my skin's heat as if its glowing from within. The sun is soft and light outside and has not yet woken enough to disturb all that is silence within the safety of my room. The rushing silence only lets in thoughts that linger and press against one another inside my mind. There are times at which my physical self becomes the silent partner and my mind is the one that creates the heat and torrent of lust that I can always whip myself into.

I think often of the slip of willing flesh and how marvelous you can feel when your body is taken by silent invasion by another. Every sensory input is the greatest I've been gifted with and I have to admit to myself that sex and sensuality are the things my body and senses live for. Even the feel of scruffy cotton against my damp lips can be enticing, emotional, and libido enhancing.

In the dark its easy to imagine the most carnal moments becoming reality and things feel somewhat dream-like, in a way that sometimes I can't wrap my head around. In the morning however, every cruel arch of my back and every slick sound I hear to the beat of our rhythm is extremely real and amplified by my enhanced sense of vision. I cold blue morning light has its own ideas of how to enhance my sensual undertakings.

I can feel how pink my tongue is in the morning and how wet each and every kiss is. At times I feel overcome by how naughty it feel to partake in carnal machinations during the day's first light. My hand presses to his shoulder and I look at how detailed my nails are and how carefully groomed they are and there's a biting realism that accompanies all that goes on.

Do you have that moment ever where you just think "God, I am so sickly hot right now."?

Well when I do its because my body feels like all of my molecules are hot and sloppy and rubbing together in an orgy of sensation to force me into that final deviant act.

I know the skin of my cheeks is warm and pink; a blush of sin is my personal and private attribute.

I can feel a fire kindling and I just want to be kissed, held, loved, rubbed, cuddled, ravaged, and all at once. I have dreams at times where I'm engulfed by a kiln and when the flames like the flesh of my legs it forms all the memories of my exploits back up in my mind.

I guess it just shows that my life having been lived in passion and sensuality so far wouldn't make me regretful if I died tomorrow.

I live in heat.



Monday, July 07, 2008

The Monday Buzz: The Bandito

Often when one thinks of adult products like toys, lubes, maybe even a paddle or two, the mind wanders to images of awful reproductions of the male genitalia or a luridly colored, cheaply made vibrator that falls apart after several uses.

This is just not so.

In my world, those versions of the same are not present and I love being able to share my fantastic toy finds with others.

This week up for review is The Bandito by Fun Factory sold by, an outrageously modern and quality company based out of Germany that caters to the rest of the world (the inserts for the box has seven different languages, talk about internationally known). Their products, to my eyes (and body!), are some of the best, most highly stylish ones available in the market today. Not only do they have great products but the presentation of their company is very modern-girl compatible with a high edge of class.

The Bandito itself is a solid silicone G-Spot dildo, with a flared base that makes it great for used by yourself, or even someone else. It has these great little matte drips of silicone all over it in a great swirl design to both add some design flare and also to make your endeavors with it more exciting, more involved. Also being that the swirl ares are of a more slippery silicone while the rest of the the surface is more matte and friction-inducing, the variation of sensation is fantastic.

I can't help but to gush about how great the material is; the high quality silicone is soft, flexible yet solid and it really works well with lube, giving it a great silky texture that is truly irresistible and has no funky, plastic smell like some toy materials.

This toy comes in both Lilac and Black, both are stunning of course, though the Lilac might be your option if you like to keep toys a bit light-hearted as the black can seem at times a little more hardcore. The girth of it is normal to large, and the bendy tip that excites the G-Spot really gets working, giving when it needs to and also supplying more sensation just where you need it. I particularly love the flared base because of its three tuliped little edges, its easy to get a hold of to manipulate it to really work yourself up.

So in conclusion, this little fun number gets five out of five ribbons for excellence and style.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kissing Her Lips

I ease my body down to lie down beside her and gently smooth my hand over the gliding mountainous curve of her hip. Her sleepy breath is gentle and somber, her eyes I know are closed even though all the light I see is amber from the candle across the room.

A pink heart paddle meets my mouth: heaven.


She is near sleep but still aware of my presence. I want so much to kiss her.

The ripple in my stomach lets me know that the moment is heat and light, even in this darkness, even with her back to me. I let my hand rest in the valley of her waist, my fingers gently gripping her curve there. I lie my head down behind hers and rub my face in the swarthy cascade of her hair. She smells of lilac and baby powder, of fruit punch and of her own special scent; I breathe her in like a medicinal mist.

She speaks softly to me, her hand moving to lie atop mine,

"I know you're here with me. I can feel you really powerfully."

I giggle gently, biting my lip to stifle the sound of it in this silent haven. I don't speak and instead I kiss her jawbone. My lips feel her heat in that instant and I'm transfixed. I'm in my natural element and I know everything is right with the world that I touch her flesh with my lips.

She sighs audibly and grips my hand in hers; she shifts her body ore toward me and I slide my hand over her stomach with her movement. My breath catches and her eyes are like and owl's, so big and focused through the haze of the dark. She licks her lips before she speaks again,

"I know what you're thinking, I'm not scared. You're the one with the seeming dilemma."

I'm at battle with myself knowing that I'm afraid and I'm pierced through the heart that she knows this. I'm all comfort and love and butterflies with her and yet my conflict resounds. I've only loved a woman in sex, only loved her as an object of momentary desire.

This time I'm afraid to kiss her out of love. Real love.

Really loving a woman. Me, really loving a woman.

I repeat these self-made mantras to myself in earnest. What am I trying to do? Scare myself away from her? Make myself not desire her smell, her voice, her laughter?

I can't force myself straight.

Maybe its time to objectify men as my sex objects and actually let myself love a woman like I've been dreaming of for eight years. I'm afraid but her lips could be mine and it makes me sober up to my reality, to my opportunity.

I breathe out and bring my hand up to her face, gently stroking her lips with my fingertips. I follow the curve of them, enchanting myself. I lean over her face and my hair falls down around my shoulders, tickling her own as a mirror image to mine.

I look into her eyes and they smile, they invite and I'm petrified. Yet I keep going, I have a target to lock onto and I continue on.

Her lips are fire and softness, they envelope mine and I swear I can feel every soft line in them fit like a puzzle to mine. I bravely massage her bottom lip with my tongue and her response is like a wild fire. Her small arms wrap around my shoulders and she kisses me with a fierceness I thought unattainable in a girl. She has the passion that I have.

Kissing her lips is a fantasy of Arthurian proportions with light and wind and soft tinkling chimes. I'm taken and I'm swept and all that other rubbish all in one moment of bliss. I connect and she connects and I'm not afraid.

Everything is alright as I kiss this girl: in love.

Two girls kissing in bed, like two twins, their arms around one another and in complete rapture.

I'm not afraid.



Three notes of news for you: Monday is my first edition of "The Monday Buzz", my all original product review segment, it should be pretty juicy. I can't wait!


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