Thursday, November 19, 2009


I feel asleep last night thinking of what it would be like to have your lips on mine and while its not about love, it is about this blooming fascination of what could be between us. Something new, something fresh, something sweet and kind and loving.

Its heat and a slick pound agasint my lips, like your heart is pulsing in your lips as they caress mine. A hand slides into my hair and the kiss builds like a thunder storm crawling ever closer. I sigh and you pull away just enough to look into my eyes, theres an innocence there but also a sense of passion, honest passion that doesn't seek to control but to be given and taken.

My heart pounds under the sheet and its not a fantasy, its a wish and I cross my fingers under the downy blakets and close my eyes once more to see the possibility of it all over again.