Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugasm #168

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This Week’s Picks
“My mouth waters at the sheer beauty.”

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“She was biting her lip to prevent herself from making a sound.”

Oh Dirty Girl
“It was at that moment that I knew I needed him to take me and take me dirty.” (I got a feature! Yay!)

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Sugasm Editor
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My very first HNT!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Body of Love, Body of Flesh

I am here alone, yet the thought of your hands on my flesh burns glowing pathways like spider silk all over my body from my breasts, over my ribcage, down my stomach, over my hip bones and finally slinking its ways down my legs, all gingerly like its doing nothing wrong.

I can see your eyes like firelight when I close mine and the image is etched into my eyelids, even when the darkness doesn't pour in from all cover my vision and burn it out to the rest of the world.

Your scent is enrapturing and I tumble over and under, backwards and fore like a mermaid in the sheets, my hands stretching out as if trying to capture the rich waves of it, yet you've never been in this bed with me before...only in my dreams.

I breathe and each breath seems to conform to the features of your face and light up as if when it touches you, it reacts chemically and shows you like an X ray before me. You are seen though you have no form.

It is more than love I feel and it becomes awe. An awe I have never let myself feel over a man or even a woman for want of keeping my self respect and my ego intact. I never would have let someone so deep into my mind, but when I think of you, my Id retreats and I am beside you, enraptured.

It is pain when I feel you slip softly away, even though I know you are but a few feet from me and will soon return to the warm halo of my arms here in the dunes and valleys of the blankets. I long to keep you within my circle of sensation and hold you there with me always, your skin touching mine and letting me know a pulse beats beneath my flesh.

I feel more truly human when you are near to my body, when I can sense you needing my skin. I would wrap myself all in and around you if it were not for physics.

Damn you, science.

I feel at times that love is pathetic when I feel our skin as one for what can love do but form longing and ownership while the flesh and the feeling and the sensation and the movement and the pulse and the stretch and the beat and the wetness and the hug and the reality of physical attachment is so much more real to me.

I love with my body and then take it away...its simpler than to have to find my heart under all of it.

I give of my body for my heart feels not, entrance my body and you'll feel my version of love.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT #4

Thought I'd get a little creative with my photo and make it a little more colorful...

Happy HNT!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Oh Dirty Girl

It may have been the six shots, it may have been the fact that Horns had been really hard on me that week or it may have been the fact that Dillon made me so horny that I went into the bar's bathroom to touch myself between rounds, but that night I ended up with my pants off, lying on the side of a deep ditch behind the bar getting licked out and fucked by my sexy co-worker.

It was a good night.

It was the first time I'd ever cheated on someone...and I wouldn't take it back for the world.

That night at work had been a real hard one, the bar was slammed and it was all I could do to keep from falling over. By the time I got finished cleaning, restocking and locking down the bar that by midnight, I was ready for a drink...or five.

All night Dillon had been asking me all these questions about my open relationship and what the rules were and why I was in it and if I had ever cheated on my boyfriend. I answered all his questions and I could tell as I was speaking that he had already made up his mind to try and land me naked somewhere and take advantage of me.

It burned a wet spot into my panties and I prayed that I would have the will to refuse once we got alone.

Hindsight is 20/20.

 Its dark, there's vegetation all around and I'm wet...

I scoot into the first bar and meet my friends, talk shit and down two drinks and a shot, we move on to the next bar, but only a few of us. Dillon, Barrett, and Cindy all come along with me to our favorite shabby little bar and sit down for another couple of shots and drinks.

I'm one of those girls who if you dare her, she has to do it because she cant handle being called a chicken sh*t.

Dillon is looking through my photos on my phone and says "You should go into the bathroom, rub one out and take a picture and come back here and show me."

"Dare me." I said

"I dare you." he says as smooth as caramel.

I grab the phone from him and click my little heels to the bathroom where I drop my pants and my panties, sit on the back of the toilet, rub my soaking little slit until Im just about to cum and snap a quick photo as I'd been dared.

When I pop my little booty back onto my bar stool I hand him the cell phone, a cat's grin on my face.

His only response is a moan and a smile that could turn an angel into a devil; it was at that moment that I knew I needed him to take me and take me dirty.

After the bar had last call, we all softly staggered out to the parking lot where we all milled until I got into my car...and Dillon got in with me. He plopped himself into the passenger seat and says,

"So, where are we going?"

I smile and respond, "Wherever you want to go."

So he tells me to park around the back of the bar, next to the big tree-filled ditch and I do, knowing whats going to happen next.

In a moment, his lips are on mine, greedy and needy and hurting me and I love it. We kiss until I can feel the slippery wetness trickling out of me and soaking my panties. His hands are feverish on my breasts, pulling on the bra's edge and digging into my soft flesh.

My heart skips when I hear his zipper open and instantly I have his cock in my mouth, invading and hot. I suck and swallow around the thick shaft until I choke and his moans are amazing. I can feel where my throat will be sore in the morning but I don't care and instead, just take him deeper.

In my opinion, a blow job isn't worth anything until you choke.

It isnt long before he's coming around the back of the car, pulling me from my seat and guiding me down toward the trees.

I slip a little on the side of the little hill am caught by surprise when he pulls me under him, his hands quick and needy on my fly, his hands hot as they touch my skin and his hands strong when they pull my pants along with my panties all the way off and throws them into the trees. One high heel falls down into the bottom of the woodsy ditch while one remains on.

His mouth is on my wet little cunt and he licks and sucks with such fervor that I can hardly contain my moaning and whimpering. Halfway through his fun he stops, looks up at me and says,

"Petite, your pussy tastes so good."

I moan out and give him a dirty little satisfied smile and whimper even more as his mouth once again attacks my little, dripping kitten.

I slip a little as he slides on a condom and put my foot against a nearby tree to keep from falling all the way down. Leaves and rocks scratch my tender flesh all over my body as he lowers his weight over me and slides his cock all the way into my slick, needy pussy.

I moan so loud I cover my own mouth as he's fucking me, in the dirt, on the side of a ditch behind a bar at 3 am. I kept thinking to myself  "Oh fuck, this is the hottest night ever."

He talks to me as he fucks me too,

"Oh lord, yeah that pussy is amazing. You're so wet. You're so wet."

He pulls out quickly and helps me onto my hands and knees, facing upwards on the hill. He fucks my pussy harder now, his hips smacking against my ass and making that tell-tale sound. I begin to laugh as I see people in the parking lot, just twenty feet away; they have no idea whats going on in, the trees and bushes keep us hidden from prying eyes and Dillon just keeps on fucking me.

As I feel I can take it no longer, he rubs my asshole with his finger and without my even realizing it, he pulls his dripping wet cock out of my pussy and pops it into my ass. I cry out in surprise/pleasure/pain and push up against his cock to take him deeper.

I came there in the dirt, in the ditch behind the bar at 3 am with Dillon's cock in my ass and I cried out as I felt his come shooting out of him, his cries mingling with mine. I remained there on my hands and knees for a few moments as I collected my tipsy mind.

I smiled and laugh and looked over to Dillon as he too smiled back and pulled off the sticky condom,

"Hey Dillon, can you please go find my panties?"

He laughed and nodded and disappeared into the trees.


(Later the next day when I came home to Horns in the AM after sleeping off my drunken stupor at a best friend's house, he noticed bruises and fingernail scrapes all over my body. I tried to pass them off as having fallen while drunk, but I don't think he believed me. Oh well, he's gone now, so what does it matter now? Such are the battle scars of a lovely, slutty lifestyle)  :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Monday Buzz: Kama Sutra Loving Oil

Everyone likes to have choices. I myself can't make up my mind half of the time so I find I like to get my little paws on things that give me a plethora of options. Here's where Kama Sutra's Loving Oil Set comes in, brought to you by
I love when products have so much in store for you and give you options and ideas. The Kama Sutra Loving Oil Set hits the spot if you're also the kind of lover who wants choices. The set itself comes in a gorgeous box and includes five different flavored, beautifully colored, tingly oils consisting of "The Original", "Chocolate Mint", "Cherry Almond" (My Favorite!), "Raspbery Kiss" and "Vanilla Creme".

All oils are naturally colored and flavored and use natural oils and spices to create the tingly sensation as well. The flavors are delightful and make the perfect compliment when enjoyed right off of your lovers skin. All oils can be used as a sexual lubricant, massage oil and even as perfume.

Each oil comes in a seperate cork topped, glass bottle and fits into the base of the box for a display that's nothing short of exquisite. Give it as the perfect gift or keep it by your bedside to be prepared to be inspired.

Turn up your love life with this sensuous, delicious, and invigorating set of all natural love oils from Kama Sutra and

I give this gorgeous set of oils five out of five prixe ribbons for its tasty, lusty and lovely qualities.