Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: Sex Resolutions

So its a new year in less than 24 hours and I've been about how different my life is now as compared to last year at this time; I had a boyfriend who I lived with, a girlfriend who I lived part-time with, a crazy awful job and I was having a lot of sex with a lot of people, so much sex actually that I didn't even have time to write about it (unfortunately for all of you) which is also something to amend this year.

Everyone makes resolutions and for the most part we look back on them with a bitter sort of humor later in the year and think about how pointless it was to make them in the first place. However, I still believe in at least bringing to light my more undesirable personality quirks and habits because admittance in the first step to healing or some similar bollocks, right?

This year my Sex Resolutions are:

  • I will not allow my sexual partners list to exceed 100 (...or is it 200? Oh no.).
  • I will stop flirting/kissing/blowing/fucking/sucking/biting/licking men that come into my home to fix/repair/install/update or otherwise assist me in a (supposedly) business-like situation.
  • I will stop wearing matching underwear/bra sets when I go out drinking/dancing/partying in preparation of possibly landing a bone.
  • I will masturbate more (...not really necessary but a great idea, yay!).
  • I will not become even more jaded when yet another ex hook-up/lover/boyfriend/guy friend/crush gets engaged and/or married.
  • I will stop naming my sex toys (because its like losing a friend when I inevitably kill the poor things within a month or so).
  • I will find a balance in my mind among church, classes, sex, work, making art, and friends and try to find more to be grateful for each day.
Simple things for a year I  hope will be simple yet joyful, calm yet exciting, relaxing yet full and above all happy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I feel asleep last night thinking of what it would be like to have your lips on mine and while its not about love, it is about this blooming fascination of what could be between us. Something new, something fresh, something sweet and kind and loving.

Its heat and a slick pound agasint my lips, like your heart is pulsing in your lips as they caress mine. A hand slides into my hair and the kiss builds like a thunder storm crawling ever closer. I sigh and you pull away just enough to look into my eyes, theres an innocence there but also a sense of passion, honest passion that doesn't seek to control but to be given and taken.

My heart pounds under the sheet and its not a fantasy, its a wish and I cross my fingers under the downy blakets and close my eyes once more to see the possibility of it all over again.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Chain Link

The ground crunches beneath my heels as I take furtive steps through the darkness. The sound accompanies the sounds of other feet behind mine, though larger and more dominant. The four of them follow me, my silhouette on the ground obscured by theirs in the light provided by the car’s headlamps behind us.

I slip through the opening of the chain link fence surrounding the construction site and as I’m about to reach the enclosed safety of the partially framed building ahead of me, a strong hand takes hold of my upper arm and a gravelly voice commands,

“No, let’s do it right here.”

Before I have a chance to protest, he pins me to the chain link fence with his powerful body and his hands hold my wrists to the cold metal of the fence. His mouth is on mine in a moment, crushing my lips with his intense kisses, his tongue slithering against mine in a fevered way.

I whimper as his cold hand goes beneath my skirt, up over the woolen stockings on my legs and against the warm cotton of my panties. He smiles at me, a suggestive look in his eye as he rubs against the damp heat of my crotch. It isn’t a moment before his chilled fingertips find their way under the skimpy inch of cloth and into the slippery folds of my cunt. My head rolls back against the fence, a metallic clatter rising from behind me and a small succession of moans emanating from my throat.

I find I’ve forgotten about the others that came along when one of them pulls at the buttons of my coat, trying to free my upper body from its confining, winter apparel. His hands find their way into my coat and blouse before their icy pads find the warm softness of my breasts and ultimately my nipples, the cold shocking them into taut little beads.

I close my eyes as yet another set of masculine hands paws at me, trying to find skin to cling to under all of my layers of clothing. I can feel my wetness sliding out of me, lubricating the rough fondling of my dripping nether parts. My voice doesn’t sound like my own as I speak, my breath visible with my words,

“Oh hell, fuck me now. Please”

A low communal laugh erupts among them as their leader responds,

“Yeah, you are ready you little slut, but first, I think I need a bit of a favor.”

With that, his hands push on my shoulders until I bend to my knees, the snow and rubble beneath chilling and cutting into my skin through the thick woolen thigh high stockings. I hear the familiar zipping sounds in front of my face and close my eyes. His cock inches from my mouth, he tells me to part my lips and be a good girl. As I do I’m offered little time to ready myself before its hot girth is almost down my throat. I choke a little and again the controlled laughter erupts.

I steady myself with my hands locked onto the chain link behind me, my head tipped back and my mouth full of his cock. I allow complete fluidity of my movement as he fucks my throat, saliva rising up and dripping from my stretched lips. I lose myself in the feeling of his thick cock sliding over my tongue and lips, the head of it bumping into the back of my throat. His voice brings me from my thoughts,

“Ok, that’s enough. I want to save my cum for your pussy.”

At that, he pulls me back up, pushes me against the fence and his hand is once again at my wet panties. I shudder as he rips them from my body, the damp fabric falling to the snow between us. He presents more orders, not to me, but to the others,

“Mick, John, hold her arms.”

Two of the men step up and lift my arms against the fence, the first man grabbing my hips and pushing against me with his in the same moment, my legs curl around his body, my ankles touching. I let my head fall back to await the inevitable invasion, but he takes me face in his hand,

“No, look at me little bitch. Look at me while I slide into you.”

I moan at his words and he smiles as he lines the tip of his cock up against my slit, he pauses to look into my eyes and then pushes the thickness of his shaft deep into my cunt. My cry is half pleasure, half pain as he penetrates me, his cock grinding deep until it hits the deepest part of me. A tear slides down my cheek as he begins to fuck me hard against the fence, each thrust bringing a ringing of metal from behind me.

I look at the man behind the one who’s fucking me and see that he’s rubbing his cock with a gloved hand in the folds of his trench coat. When my eyes catch his, he looks down shyly, his hand rubbing slower to try to hide the fact of his self-pleasure.

Why would he have to ashamed of in front of me? I, the girl whose being fucked in the middle of the night against a fence in a construction site in the midst of winter? The thought nearly brings laughter until I feel another wave of pleasure from his throbbing cock slamming into me.

I begin the feel the pressure of the men’s hands that hold me aloft and to the metal links. I look over at one who seems to near to drooling, and I wonder, will he be next to pummel into me?

I shudder and moan and look into his eyes, his thrusts becoming more hurried and rhythmic. I know he’s close to cumming and so I begin to push against him as best I can in rhythm to his thrusting. My eyes bore deep into his and his mouth opens slightly as he shudders and pulses against me, his final pleasure bringing his cum and shooting it into my cunt.

A sound like a hum emanates from my throat as I feel his aftershocks inside of me, his body going somewhat slack where he stands. As he pulls back and away from me, the man on my right catches me in his arms and takes a few steps in the direction of the car, finally placing me on its hood, my hips sitting on the edge of it, my legs opening as his hands part them.

He squares his hips with mine and in no time, his cock is plunging into my sloppy, used cunt. I moan as I’m caught off guard, my legs wrapping around his waist under his coat to try to warm myself as the cold from the metal of the hood creeps through my clothes.

The other three crowd around us, the first is the farthest away, freshly satisfied and in to hurry to have a piece of me, instead he just watches, maybe he smokes. They organize to reposition me, even as the man fucking me continues his thrusting. They slide my shoulders roughly to one side and I realize why when a hard cock is thrust into my mouth. I moan behind the cock in my mouth, trying hard to keep a good rhythm as my cunt is roughly fucked.

I’m surprised by a hand at my cunt, rough fingertips rubbing against my clit as his cock slams deeply inside of me. My jaw aches as the cock fucking my throat pushes more insistently into my mouth. I sigh in pleasure and relief as I feel the final shudders coming from the man at my cunt, he pulls my hips up off the car and slams me hard against him as he cums inside of me. He hangs his head slightly as he tries to recover and in no time, I’m pulled up onto my feet and dragged by the third man to the back of the pick-up truck parked next to us.

He sits on the edge of the lowered back of the truck, lifting me with him onto his lap, my knees on either side of him. His cock stabs up and into me, my breath taken away as it invades my now sore and swollen slit. I wrap my arms around his neck to brace myself and keep from falling backwards. Again, the others are behind us, watching as I ride the man’s cock, my cunt aching as I feel his cock plunge into the cum and wetness inside of me. I moan and warm with my exertions, his hands on my hips quickening my motions. I hear a voice behind me,

“I’m not waiting for him to be done. I hope she’s not too delicate to handle a little more.”

At his words, the others laugh, even the one I’m riding and in moments I feel his chilled hands under my skirt and over the cheeks of my ass. I whimper in protest but he hushes me, his fingers at the dripping mess of my stretched cunt. I moan as his cum dampened finger slides into my ass, the feeling of it making my eyelids flutter and my mouth to open.

I cry out as he stands behind me and with hardly any warning, puts the tip of his cock against my asshole and slides it all the way in with his first thrust. Tears flood my eyes as I'm filled completely, their cocks working in a cyclical motion, in and out after the other. Somehow, I can feel my cunt getting even more wet and I cling tightly to the man whose cock I’m sitting on.

The man behind me takes a gentle hold of my neck as he pumps his cock into me, my ass stretched to the brink with every thrust. The man whose cock is in my cunt moans loudly and abruptly cums, his load mingling with that of the others’, his shudders shock me. I scream out as he pops his cock out of me between the thrusts of the man whose cock is in my ass. His voice is breathless from his exertion as he takes my hand and holds the palm of it against my cunt,

“Don’t let that cum slide out, girl.”

He sits back and watches me as the other man continues to fuck my asshole. His thrusts pummel into me and make my wrist rub against my clit. Within moments, I can feel an orgasm rising and with his final few thrusts I nearly collapse with the power of it’s thundering sensations, the pain of it crippling my senses. Both of the men hold me, letting the other finish, his cum filling my ass as he abruptly pulls out.

I’m panting as I let myself lie on my side in the bed of the truck, my body and mind both exhausted and pain emanating from everywhere on my body. The man next to me stands up, zipping his pants as he does. I allow my eyes to close, not caring what happens next, only knowing that I want to rest.

The cold of his hand on my battered cunt wakes me as the first man moves my hand aside, wiping cum from my ass and cunt. He brings it to his nose to sniff it and then quickly offers it to me, his fingers not an inch from my mouth. I shake my head,

“Come on girl, finish it. Then we’ll take you home.”

I begrudgingly open my mouth and nearly choke when he forces his cum drenched fingers deep into my mouth. I slowly suck the suck from his fingers until, finally satisfied with their cleanliness, he pulls them out of my mouth and puts his hand into his pocket,

“Craig, pick her up and lay her in the back of my Jag.”

I let myself be moved and when I find the warmth of the backseat of the car, I close my eyes and sink down into is softness. I can feel bruises forming on my knees, upper arms and also the soreness of my pussy and my assaulted asshole. Cum drips out of my cunt as the car bumps over the gravel of the construction site and onto the road.

I sigh and feel sleep coming on, but not before I smile thinking of what the construction workers will imagine when they find my ripped panties on their way into work the next morning. It could never be as inventive as what actually happened and I giggle softly as I drift to sleep, the car pushing forward into the darkness.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Haiku; Lover

Alone with him here,
Two hands like stone on my curves,
Healing me gently.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He Wants to Cheat With Me...Again.

He's back...and my mind (and body) is all wrapped up with even more dirty thoughts.

Dillion, if you can remember from the the very dirty, "Oh, Dirty Girl", had quit about two months ago which was sort of a sigh of relief as once we had fucked, I found out that he hadn't broken up with his girlfriend before our little tryst as I had been led to believe and that they were still very much together. Though I was cheating on my then boyfriend, Horns, as well I still felt very bad about unintentionally being "that girl" in the cheating situation.

 I had gotten over it and had written it off as yet another somewhat hasty and uninformed mistake.

Well, my relief was cut short a few days ago when upon coming into work ready to arm my bar and ready to once again dispense a load of lovely liquors, Dillion was standing in the kitchen, in uniform, and apparently re-hired and on the clock.


Now its not as if I'm not mature enough to be able to be around him in a professional (or as professional as we ever are when working in our restaurant) manner or that I dislike him; we worked together for several months after our playtime and everything was pretty much smooth...its the fact that I look at him and think,

Oh fuck, you have been inside of me and while I'm slightly disturbed to be around you, I wonder if it would only be better if both of us were not drunk, if it wasn't behind a bar at 3 am in a ditch and we were coherent enough to really take care in our mechanations. 

My minds falls off the face of the earth with thoughts of heavy breathing, ripped clothing, teeth against his skin and the glisten of something on my lips.

I literally forget whats going on and I have snap myself back to the present, Two sweet teas and a diet coke to table # 302, don't forget extra lemons.

I try so hard not to imagine him slamming into me, my hands grasping the nearest sturdy object to steady myself and crying out while his hands cut into me, their strong grip working with his rhythm to propel both of our satisfaction factors.

Just stop! Bread to bar top # 110.

It doesn't help the situation that at every chance he gets, he makes comments designed to take me by surprise and crack my cool veneer of indifference.

He leans his faces towards me and over the back of my neck as I lean over a computer inputting an order,

Oh hey, is that you that smells so good? I thought it might be.

When I comment that the restaurant has been a very unpleasant place to work in during the summer and that I'm pretty down about it,

Don't worry. Im here again, I'll make it fun for you.

As the dinner rush presses down on us and I'm whipping out martini's, whiskey sours, and draft suds,

You're really doing a great job Petite, you really are.

As I comment to another on how I can no longer do favors for people when I bar-tend outside of my assigned duties,

But I really like favors.

 ....and all with a husky intonation, a drop of the chin and a tilt up of his eyes.

I'm not the type of girl to let a guy get to me and have me flustered, but its difficult to not be somewhat, and painfully swayed when your internal thoughts are being reinforced by the very focus of them.

I understand that its wrong to feel this way about someone who is in a relationship, a relationship that you've already helped to secretly undermine but it feels like its a totally uncontrollable carnal, physical attachment that I just can't put in a box and lose somewhere dark and undisturbed in the depths of my mind where it won't affect me.

A good way I've been looking at it is that I've already been there done that and should feel like that conquest is out of my system....its not working too well for me though.

Though I've had other men in my bed (though in this case, hes never technically been in my bed) since him and have felt satisfaction with them, his energy still lingers and though it could be the haze of alcohol that made it seem more adventurous and fun, my mind has a hard time not going back to that experience and also to thoughts of other possible future events.

I would hope, though it would desperately hurt my pride, that if I propositioned him with my thoughts and my body he would push me away for the benefit of his long-time girlfriend (who I just learned tonight is possibly his soon-to-be fiance). It would kill, but I would definitely feel a bit of respect for him and breathe a sigh of relief for her.

On the other hand, if he felt the same as I so, we would probably rip each other to shreds in our lust and haste to satiate whatever is fueling this attraction. The bad part of this is that this outcome would make my body and lustful mind very fulfilled, at least for a little while. Oh, the guilt.

So while I have these thoughts rattling around in my little brain, I'll hope that either they fade or he goes away again...however, I don't know which one is worse.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Elbow Length Gloves. Nudity. Simple.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Trashy Reminder

You know that condom wrapper (one of about four we used) that you couldn't find that night after we fucked again after we just happened to run into each other at Monday Karaoke night?

I found it the next morning on the floor on the far side of my bed, having been hastily ripped and discarded.

I've left it there and its been three weeks since Karaoke night.

The far side of the bed and its secrets.

I let it languish there and let it serve as an instant reminder of the heavy breathing, the pounding in my head, the biting kisses, of clinging to one another in the shower, your mouth on my kitten with the warm water sliding down my body and making droplets form on your eyelashes, and the way you kept your eyes on mine as you slid into me.

I feel like if I pick it up and throw it away (like any good girl would), it would kill the memory, cleanse me of it and painfully free me of the physical tie I still have to that night, to those sensations and to you.

I saw you again last night, at Karaoke night and somehow it wasn't the same. It hadn't been months since the last time I saw you like before, I didn't crave your body like before and the heat just wasn't the same when you kissed me and held me from behind while we listened to the band and rubbed the palms of your hands and your long, long arms down my hips and the tops of my thighs.

I still wanted you but this time it wasn't a fever and I knew that you knew it too.

When I stumbled home at 3 am I fell into bed, staring at the ceiling, an inebriated yet somehow jaded smile on my face. I turned to the space on the floor where the condom wrapper fell to and has stayed for weeks and reached out to it. My hand stopped short and I pulled it back, staring at the little, shiny, gold wrapper, feeling your breath on my skin, your rough manly hands on my breasts, my stomach.

I left it there.

I didn't want to let go, not yet at least.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugasm #168

HNT courtesy of Erotic Garden.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Body of Love, Body of Flesh

I am here alone, yet the thought of your hands on my flesh burns glowing pathways like spider silk all over my body from my breasts, over my ribcage, down my stomach, over my hip bones and finally slinking its ways down my legs, all gingerly like its doing nothing wrong.

I can see your eyes like firelight when I close mine and the image is etched into my eyelids, even when the darkness doesn't pour in from all cover my vision and burn it out to the rest of the world.

Your scent is enrapturing and I tumble over and under, backwards and fore like a mermaid in the sheets, my hands stretching out as if trying to capture the rich waves of it, yet you've never been in this bed with me before...only in my dreams.

I breathe and each breath seems to conform to the features of your face and light up as if when it touches you, it reacts chemically and shows you like an X ray before me. You are seen though you have no form.

It is more than love I feel and it becomes awe. An awe I have never let myself feel over a man or even a woman for want of keeping my self respect and my ego intact. I never would have let someone so deep into my mind, but when I think of you, my Id retreats and I am beside you, enraptured.

It is pain when I feel you slip softly away, even though I know you are but a few feet from me and will soon return to the warm halo of my arms here in the dunes and valleys of the blankets. I long to keep you within my circle of sensation and hold you there with me always, your skin touching mine and letting me know a pulse beats beneath my flesh.

I feel more truly human when you are near to my body, when I can sense you needing my skin. I would wrap myself all in and around you if it were not for physics.

Damn you, science.

I feel at times that love is pathetic when I feel our skin as one for what can love do but form longing and ownership while the flesh and the feeling and the sensation and the movement and the pulse and the stretch and the beat and the wetness and the hug and the reality of physical attachment is so much more real to me.

I love with my body and then take it away...its simpler than to have to find my heart under all of it.

I give of my body for my heart feels not, entrance my body and you'll feel my version of love.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT #4

Thought I'd get a little creative with my photo and make it a little more colorful...

Happy HNT!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Oh Dirty Girl

It may have been the six shots, it may have been the fact that Horns had been really hard on me that week or it may have been the fact that Dillon made me so horny that I went into the bar's bathroom to touch myself between rounds, but that night I ended up with my pants off, lying on the side of a deep ditch behind the bar getting licked out and fucked by my sexy co-worker.

It was a good night.

It was the first time I'd ever cheated on someone...and I wouldn't take it back for the world.

That night at work had been a real hard one, the bar was slammed and it was all I could do to keep from falling over. By the time I got finished cleaning, restocking and locking down the bar that by midnight, I was ready for a drink...or five.

All night Dillon had been asking me all these questions about my open relationship and what the rules were and why I was in it and if I had ever cheated on my boyfriend. I answered all his questions and I could tell as I was speaking that he had already made up his mind to try and land me naked somewhere and take advantage of me.

It burned a wet spot into my panties and I prayed that I would have the will to refuse once we got alone.

Hindsight is 20/20.

 Its dark, there's vegetation all around and I'm wet...

I scoot into the first bar and meet my friends, talk shit and down two drinks and a shot, we move on to the next bar, but only a few of us. Dillon, Barrett, and Cindy all come along with me to our favorite shabby little bar and sit down for another couple of shots and drinks.

I'm one of those girls who if you dare her, she has to do it because she cant handle being called a chicken sh*t.

Dillon is looking through my photos on my phone and says "You should go into the bathroom, rub one out and take a picture and come back here and show me."

"Dare me." I said

"I dare you." he says as smooth as caramel.

I grab the phone from him and click my little heels to the bathroom where I drop my pants and my panties, sit on the back of the toilet, rub my soaking little slit until Im just about to cum and snap a quick photo as I'd been dared.

When I pop my little booty back onto my bar stool I hand him the cell phone, a cat's grin on my face.

His only response is a moan and a smile that could turn an angel into a devil; it was at that moment that I knew I needed him to take me and take me dirty.

After the bar had last call, we all softly staggered out to the parking lot where we all milled until I got into my car...and Dillon got in with me. He plopped himself into the passenger seat and says,

"So, where are we going?"

I smile and respond, "Wherever you want to go."

So he tells me to park around the back of the bar, next to the big tree-filled ditch and I do, knowing whats going to happen next.

In a moment, his lips are on mine, greedy and needy and hurting me and I love it. We kiss until I can feel the slippery wetness trickling out of me and soaking my panties. His hands are feverish on my breasts, pulling on the bra's edge and digging into my soft flesh.

My heart skips when I hear his zipper open and instantly I have his cock in my mouth, invading and hot. I suck and swallow around the thick shaft until I choke and his moans are amazing. I can feel where my throat will be sore in the morning but I don't care and instead, just take him deeper.

In my opinion, a blow job isn't worth anything until you choke.

It isnt long before he's coming around the back of the car, pulling me from my seat and guiding me down toward the trees.

I slip a little on the side of the little hill am caught by surprise when he pulls me under him, his hands quick and needy on my fly, his hands hot as they touch my skin and his hands strong when they pull my pants along with my panties all the way off and throws them into the trees. One high heel falls down into the bottom of the woodsy ditch while one remains on.

His mouth is on my wet little cunt and he licks and sucks with such fervor that I can hardly contain my moaning and whimpering. Halfway through his fun he stops, looks up at me and says,

"Petite, your pussy tastes so good."

I moan out and give him a dirty little satisfied smile and whimper even more as his mouth once again attacks my little, dripping kitten.

I slip a little as he slides on a condom and put my foot against a nearby tree to keep from falling all the way down. Leaves and rocks scratch my tender flesh all over my body as he lowers his weight over me and slides his cock all the way into my slick, needy pussy.

I moan so loud I cover my own mouth as he's fucking me, in the dirt, on the side of a ditch behind a bar at 3 am. I kept thinking to myself  "Oh fuck, this is the hottest night ever."

He talks to me as he fucks me too,

"Oh lord, yeah that pussy is amazing. You're so wet. You're so wet."

He pulls out quickly and helps me onto my hands and knees, facing upwards on the hill. He fucks my pussy harder now, his hips smacking against my ass and making that tell-tale sound. I begin to laugh as I see people in the parking lot, just twenty feet away; they have no idea whats going on in, the trees and bushes keep us hidden from prying eyes and Dillon just keeps on fucking me.

As I feel I can take it no longer, he rubs my asshole with his finger and without my even realizing it, he pulls his dripping wet cock out of my pussy and pops it into my ass. I cry out in surprise/pleasure/pain and push up against his cock to take him deeper.

I came there in the dirt, in the ditch behind the bar at 3 am with Dillon's cock in my ass and I cried out as I felt his come shooting out of him, his cries mingling with mine. I remained there on my hands and knees for a few moments as I collected my tipsy mind.

I smiled and laugh and looked over to Dillon as he too smiled back and pulled off the sticky condom,

"Hey Dillon, can you please go find my panties?"

He laughed and nodded and disappeared into the trees.


(Later the next day when I came home to Horns in the AM after sleeping off my drunken stupor at a best friend's house, he noticed bruises and fingernail scrapes all over my body. I tried to pass them off as having fallen while drunk, but I don't think he believed me. Oh well, he's gone now, so what does it matter now? Such are the battle scars of a lovely, slutty lifestyle)  :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Monday Buzz: Kama Sutra Loving Oil

Everyone likes to have choices. I myself can't make up my mind half of the time so I find I like to get my little paws on things that give me a plethora of options. Here's where Kama Sutra's Loving Oil Set comes in, brought to you by
I love when products have so much in store for you and give you options and ideas. The Kama Sutra Loving Oil Set hits the spot if you're also the kind of lover who wants choices. The set itself comes in a gorgeous box and includes five different flavored, beautifully colored, tingly oils consisting of "The Original", "Chocolate Mint", "Cherry Almond" (My Favorite!), "Raspbery Kiss" and "Vanilla Creme".

All oils are naturally colored and flavored and use natural oils and spices to create the tingly sensation as well. The flavors are delightful and make the perfect compliment when enjoyed right off of your lovers skin. All oils can be used as a sexual lubricant, massage oil and even as perfume.

Each oil comes in a seperate cork topped, glass bottle and fits into the base of the box for a display that's nothing short of exquisite. Give it as the perfect gift or keep it by your bedside to be prepared to be inspired.

Turn up your love life with this sensuous, delicious, and invigorating set of all natural love oils from Kama Sutra and

I give this gorgeous set of oils five out of five prixe ribbons for its tasty, lusty and lovely qualities.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When Girls Actually Like Girls

When a girl gets after another girl who actually like other girls, it can be like nothing else.

Madeline was after me like wildfire with true passion and true desire and true lust, no acting, no frills and no "looking cute for attention". I don't kiss girls to turn boys on, I kiss girls because it turns me on.

Madeline attending to my little needy kitten

In swinging or group situations, so many girls only indulge their partners by being with another woman because its what he wants and they really have no desire beyond pleasing their man through their willingness. This has always frustrated me to no end as I'm a girl who is honestly into other girls and who has skills and loves getting them off.

When I encounter one of those "glamor lesbians" I get myself into a frustrated tizzy because I just don't get it, if you don't like girls or care about their pleasure then leave them out of your bed.

Its refreshing to actually find another girl who cares about giving pleasure as much as I do, Madeline fit the bill.

She kissed me with heat and it really caught my breath and it surprised me that a girl could work me up so completely; it had been so long since I'd been with another woman who had such interest in her feminine partner. She had amazing oral skills and you could tell she truly delighted in my pleasure: it drove me wild.

So here's to girls who actully like girls, cuz I'm one of them. :)


Monday, May 25, 2009

The Monday Buzz: Pink Plush Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

For the bad little girl who cares about style and comfort, come Pink Plush Wrist and Ankle Cuff sets by Grrl Toyz and brought to you by sexy little restraints for the sexy little minx in you.


So I love a little bit of slap and tickle and sometimes even a bit more, but when I'm in the mood for a gentle bit of restraint, I go to my Pink Plush Wrist and Ankle Cuffs to get that bit of discipline with just a touch of class and chic bondage style.

I really love these two sets not only for their girly color and pink plush faux fur lining, but also for their quality and weight. When you get so called "gimic bondage accessories" they are, for the most part, sort of cheaply thrown together with your basic desired elements included. Not so when it comes to these Grrl Toys gems.

The quality of the Lorica (faux leather) is outstanding with just the right amount of both give and strength with a soft, natural-like texture and feel. The metal hardware and chains used are stylish yet strong and give a great air of authenticity.

Each of the sets flaunt one buckle per cuff, faux fur lining inner sides and clips attached to chains that connect the cuffs to one another (or which can be criss-crossed to form a sort of hog-tie arrangement) and the quality that you expect from Grrl Toys and

All in all I give these great sets a five out of five prize ribbons for their obvious style, strength and quirky bondage-esque fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sexting: Camera Phone Fun

So I love sending pictures from my camera phone and I'm not at all embarrassed to say that most of them are dirty pictures sent to those certain someones whom I might be currently in-cahoots with. I love a naughty photo.

I thought I'd share with you some of the dirty texted photos I've sent over the past weeks.


Don't you just love modern technology? It helps me be even more naughty than usual :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Monday Buzz: Pink Play Erotic Whip

For those in search of a sexy little naughty night, there is the Pink Play Erotic Whip by Grrl Toyz and brought to you by

In the large and varied world of bondage toys, there is the Pink Play Erotic Whip. Its pink and sassy design and light construction make it ideal for those just beginning down the road of bondage play.

Go a few rounds of light flogging over your lovers back or bottom, stroke their limbs with the tips of its tails or tickle the length of their bodies for sexy fun whenever you like. No matter your level of play, use your imagination and this cute little flogger will be at your disposal to tantalize and delight.

Made of high quality dusty pink Lorica (faux leather) with a wrapped handle and handle loop, its quality is among its top attributes right up there with its style.

I give this little pink diva of a whip a three out of five prize ribbons for its gentle bondage flavor and its cute pink design.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Pins and Needles

It was a windy night, they were all gathered and my heart thumped agasint my chest as if Rhinos were vaulting themselves at me down and dusty plain.

My lips were wet, my skin was warm and the needles slid into my skin with barely any resistance.

I moaned.

         I whimpered.

                  I simmered.

That man slid needles into my nipples and twisted a thread around my nipple piercings and tugged it and made me tear up and whimper and cry out and I hugged him when I left for the night, a soft, devilish smile on my face.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HNT #3

The wind billows in through the window and the curtains ripple with the breeze. My skin tingles as the cool air meets my warm skin, my nipples harden gently, and I wonder when my loves will be home.

In the aim of a sexier, healthier me, I've recently dropped a little bit of weight and am now a new and improved la petite. Happy, Healthy HNT!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year. Same Life. Still Happy.

As more time goes by and I continue to thrive in my life with all its complications and with all of its joys and passion I realize that though things change, you'll always have yourself and the ability to turn it all around. 

I'm happy and though nothing is ever perfect, all I can hope for is to be hopeful and thankful everyday.

Its a relationship full of power play, love, passion, drama, sex and the occasional titch, but he's such a vital part of my life that I try to even take things from the bad moments.
I'm in love and it feels nice.