Monday, June 25, 2007

A Kiss in the Dark

If I feel tired or sad or distressed or lonely or just even horny, it helps to use my imagination and in the dark, my imagination lights a fire. Sometimes a kiss is all you really need...

A little bit of need goes a long way...


I can see the shapes of the room around me in negative glory, their outlines imprinted in silver in my memory, a ghostly set. I lie in my bed alone, the chill sheets drawn up to my waist, the cool of the air around me making me feel even more isolated.

My mind clicks; What would it feel like if you were here, sliding your warm ankle over mine, the strength in your body just oozing into the energy in the room, transforming it in an instant. The aura of you is all around me and I start to feel the itch under my skin, deep inside that reaches for a touch, a caress. I imagine I can feel your heat as well, like waves of warmth passing over every inch of my flesh. My mouth drops slowly open as I feel a phantom kiss and the pressing of your palms to my shoulders, drawing my arms up above my shoulders so you can gently pin my wrists against the soft sheets.

I love the moment that my body becomes serpentine, my whole frame mimicking the fluidity of my emotional and sensual center. All becomes heat and bright colors behind my eye lids as your hot lips scold the skin of my collar bone, my neck feels the heat of your cheek pressed to it as you seemingly worship my shoulders, my skin and my whole self.

My body possesses inside itself a great needy hunger while your whole countenance is that of control and stately repose. There is a soft hum in my throat which you recognize as need and you instantly seem to fall under the spell of my growing carnal impatience.

The moment of acknowledged need between the two of us never grows old; that look, that sounds, that touch, that heat, its all you need to understand what I need and crave. It hurts when I want what you have to give, when I know what it feels like, when I know what is to come. It hurts in a sublime way.

I start to hear a bubbling symphony which must be the blood pulsing through my veins at a tempo which makes my conscience self drop away to the part of me that wants such deep red and sweat inducing things. All action is colors and not movement when my eyelids slide down over my eyes and all my world becomes sensation and flesh, no longer thought and sight and reason. My body moves like wine beneath the sheets as your weight presses upon me, my body sublimely restricted by your power and need.

I feel your lips close to my face, hot and just the tiniest bit wet and fragrant as you move in a teasing way near my skin, making my lips follow yours like a game of chase.

My lips chase yours. Lets play.

My back arches and my arms strain out of frustration and carnal need, my heart beats in waves of power and desire. I hear my breath like a pleading allegory in my head, out in the space of the room. The clock ticks a disdainful lullaby as my body craves you with a power unknown previously to me except in dreams. I want to whine and cry and grab at you like a wild animal and beg you you quench this pain I have for you, one that's ever increasing as you press at me. You hands just tighten on my wrists and you make a small hushing noise meant to calm me, meant to tell me that you'll take care of my needs soon enough.

Your lips hum a soft song against my skin as they travel from my ear over my cheek and finally press to my lips in a burst of color and sensation. I writhe beneath you as I feel your softness converge with my own and I want to sigh for all the joy in my body, all the need and vice.

And soon after I realize you've kissed me - you're gone, I'm alone and yet satisfied and whole, a weight released from my being and my need. I'm alone and I slip into a soft sleep with the scent of you all around me and your heat still kissing my hands, kissing my lips.

...and all this for a kiss in the dark.


Monday, June 04, 2007

My Return from Mexico

Finally your favorite adventuress is home from tackling huge pyramids, swimming in waterfalls and jumping from cliffs into lakes to write more smut and post more nearly nude photos. Are you happy?

Swimming in teal waters of the El Chiflon cascades, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Heres a photo from my travels to whet your appetite for upcoming posts and chronicles of my adventures both abroad and in my bed.

I came home to find a huge outcry of over 200 emails, 12 distressed comments and a head full of worries that you guys just dont know how to read.....I did post that I was leaving. Im sorry to all of my worrying little sex fiends, but Im well and good, very tan and still as nymphy as ever. And yes, Gadget is still very much cemented in the picture, surely to much dismay of my more agressive admirers. :)

Oh how Ive missed my naughty, naughty life.