Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter to a Lover

This week I'm posting something a little different from my normal uber-hardcore memoirs. Sometimes I go on stints, when I get into the mood of it, and write supremely poetic words that are deeply rooted from within me.


Here I can whisper words unheard....


If I was lying in this bed, my eyes reflecting all the light in the dimly lit room and my mind wandering to places of amorous need, would you come and be the salve to my desires?

If when I moved beneath the covers and more of my skin would be exposed by the shifting sheets and my movement stirred something within you, would you feel what I feel? Could you come to me and cradle me with all you were, your skin touching mine and making a quiet fire between us. Could you make me crave you with just one touch?

I can imagine a moment in time where my body becomes liquid while pondering thoughts of carnal contact and possession and where time seems like just a void; the caress is all that matters. I’m here though, my physical self in need of something I can’t give it alone. I can feel the coolness of the air trying to creep onto my skin while I hide beneath sheltering sheets, my face pressed to the soft mattress.

I can feel you near me, yet you’re not within my grasp and so all is silent around me and my mind presses on. I can hear your steps and the movement of your before bed chores on the other side of the door, it feels like you could be miles away though, yet I can just imagine your mind racing too. I feel I would do anything to be the light that envelopes you in that other room, to be able to be near you and all around you like a second skin and being the one to guide you in the darkness. I stretch and move all by myself, making a grand show of all the contact my skin is receiving from the lifeless pillows I lie sheltered in. A valley of cotton holds my body and feels my touch like a silent sentinel in white.

I close my eyes as I rub the back of my hand across my lips, letting the smallest bit of flesh from the end of my tongue gain access to the outside world. All is slow and the reception of sensory information, my body is a satellite to all the sensation life can produce.

I roll and let my hair spill over my face, a life-filled veil concealing me in sudden darkness and solitude. Here, I can hear my own breathing as if it were the only sound in the void. I whisper slow words to myself that are of no consequence but for my ears to hear. In silence, the world is never truly devoid of sound, it just beats its force of life upon your sensitive ears, letting you know of the pulse beyond your own.

The machine of the body is never quiet.

Every breath here has a purpose in my long wait for you. It may have been minutes or years since I left you to lie in wait in my own skin here in the dark cave of the bed. I can feel my body hum to the very thought of your hand upon me, a small gasp escaping and my body responding with a slow movement that catches me off guard. Even alone you are here, next to my skin.

I can feel the way I do when I can smell your scent and lie in anticipation waiting for a chance to press my lips to the warmth of your skin. I think of all the times and ways you’ve possessed me before but each time gives way to a biting sense of newness and a thrill I can contain only under the guise of a smile. If you could live in my space and feel what I do when you’re under my skin, you would feel the pounding of unheard sounds and the sensation of touches yet to be given.

I become lost and have to remember my body is in the world and not just in my mind; I’m taken out of myself and have to concentrate hard to get back in.

I sigh just for the sound of it and for want of a companion in my waiting. My own breath is my friend while I lie in wait for you.

My body moves in an unhurried movement and my hands seem ripe for investigation; the half light makes them seem unreal and not my own. I try to see myself as the creature you see when you look down upon me, my eyes too large and my mouth too small. I drag my nails down my thighs in punishment for not loving myself as much as I should in the instant I thought of this. If only every moment I spent I could feel what you feel when your eyes meet mine.

I’m getting lonely now thinking of you and the fact that your warm skin isn’t next to mine. My own body has ceased to be enough entertainment and I long for new stimuli. I hear your voice call out to me and I imagine I feel now as someone having their thirst quenched after finding themselves lost in a desert.. I can sense that you’re coming ever nearer.

I grip the sheet for the movement of it while I listen to you making your way toward my haven. I breathe in and forget to let it go for the briefest of seconds but already the action has made me drugged. As the door opens I see your frame silhouetted within the yellow light of the hallway behind it and I think again: it is better to be in this body than to be that light around you, for within this body you can take me and make me yours.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dirty Words

I love to go to my visitor stat website and look at all the search keywords that led to my site. They can be quite surprising.

Considering the description and tags on this blog, its interesting how nasty and perverted these keywords can get. Its amazing how sometimes I can find that some people are even more perverted than I am. The following is a racked list of keywords, phrases and sentences that led to my site from various search engines:

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As you can see, the variation on the theme is very wide and really gets me thinking. Some make me think back to what Ive written (esp the sentence ones) and go, 'Did I write that?'. Lets play scavenger hunt and find where all these pices are found in the site, it may take months to sort it out.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Want to Sex Me, No?

I realized that it has been since June since I hit up my world of escape and tried to will my passions into word form here for all to read. I know I've said it before, but...I'm back.

I know that some of you have seemingly given up on me but I'm super pumped and filled with fuel to add to the fire of my writing. So what better medium than the safety(?) of my favorite blog space, "Allegory"?

It sometimes gets to me that since I put my life and choices out there for the world to see that Im constantly judged and seemingly used for my writing and the escape it can give those who read it. It becomes a personal endeavor when someones else takes in what your life is and feels a connection to you, they feel a safety in judging and using you up.

I think I needed a little break to clear my head and try to understand what exactly it was that pulled me to sex-blogging in the first place: the fact that I think my experiences are interesting and that typing them all out in the detail my memory holds is therapeutic and helps me not only move on an grow up but also come to terms with the person Ive become.

I know it sounds as if I speak as though my experiences were miles and decades behind me, but its really that I see them as stepping stones to the girl I am today. Its interesting to think that I'm still growing up and see it all from that perspective.


Ill start my first entry since deciding to come back by answering questions and concerns I received since my drop out:

> Gadget wouldn't be such a problem ... if he and you were more open to 3somes and moresomes. Surprised you haven't had such experiences ... never mind not sharing them.

A: Heres the thing with that (and sorry you think Gadget to be a problem, lol) , the fact that you think I havnt been envolved in threesomes or "moresomes" is just that I havnt written about them....yet. I have had several of these kind of experiences and actually have written about a "moresome" that envolved several other girls a while back. I understand that people are really looking for extremes in sex and sex writing but whereas some writers and websites go for shock value my aim is to just express myself the way I want and the way I see fit to make a semblance of my life in writing. You want more of something? Email me!

> Why do you seem to drop out for a while and ignore us?

A: Its most definatly not intentional and I really love writing and getting responses from readers and communicating my sexual self and getting imput but sometimes my life just catches up with me and I just have to prioritize and most things come before dedicating an hour or two to writing out a memoir. An "A" in my physics class is more important to me than to see how many times I can find a replacement noun for the word "cock". I love my writing and I love my sexual self but life is just so unpredictable. I promise that I do try though.

> You're a pervert.

A: Thank you.

> Whats up with the partially naked pictures and cropped stuff?

A: Theres a really fun answer to that. "A person is only the sum of her parts." In all actuality, I really love to use my camera to capture a mood and a shape to my body that sometimes cant be garnered with a full shot. The way the photos come to be is that I take a full shot and crop it down to my favorite part(s) of it. Though not only is sort of a fun way to use my creativity is also another form of anonymity and a way to be aloof. Why, don't you like a little tease?

> You talk about Gadget like he's a god or something, whats the angle for that?

A: Ive been asked about this a lot and theres no real complete answer for it. When I write about my more amorous activities I really love to pull all the positivity from them and try to show my angle as a happy, vivacious and sexually vigorous chick is interested about love, sex and satisfaction. Why wouldn't a speak positively of a partner who is sexually satisfying and who is dedicated to my happiness and my needs? I don't regard Gadget as a God but as a really interesting and fulfilling partner who I can trust to always be interested in mine and my body's pleasure.

> Why should I read your words?

A: Its not as if I think I need to convince someone to read my writing or be interested, it should really just speak for itself. I feel the draw of my writing is its frankness and imagery and though sometimes somewhat savage on sexual detail, I feel like my writing can be a sexy escape for just about anyone interested in the sexuality of an amorous young female.

> I know you think you're a healthy person, but I think you're severely wounded.

A: Thats a very deep summation for someone to make having never really met or known me. I do think that life has handed me some hard situations but I feel like Ive tried to make the best of them and to build myself up as a coherent and inner mindful being. I have been hurt and I still bare scars but I feel like one must work through hurt in order to gain transcendence and understanding. Also, if you're attributing my sexual hunger to be some sort of unhealthy illness or affliction, I consider you to be severely ill informed.

> I love reading your writing and imagining that such an interesting person really exists.

A: Im was so supremely flattered by this compliment and I really didn't known how to react at first but to the author, I just hope you know that your comment was supremely appreciated! Big kiss!

> This blog is dead.


Stay tuned for a new post coming up soon on the delights of sexy phone calls in the middle of tghe night. Big kiss guys, Im so glad to be working on more content for the blog!