Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sheer Delight

Im lazy right now....so the memoir will be forth coming, so for now.....take a good, long look.

Can you tell this memoir will be about pantyhose?

Gadget loves to get envolved in all my dirty little wanderings...

very, very much so...just loves to lend a helping hand.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Lingerie Drawer

As far as sexuality goes, lingerie has a power over me that I cant explain. Maybe its the French bit in me that makes it so hard to resist lace, ribbons, garters and bows on silky little pieces of fabric that cover my feminine graces. Here's a play by play list of all that I own in my little satin lined lingerie drawer.

The mirror hanging in the window behind my bed is not just creative interior decorating: its vantage point is always arousing.


  • Black satin, French styled shelf front corset; I'm a corset enthusiast and am absolutely love the feel of the strong laces pulling at my ribcage, my hips, my waist. I love the tightness of my body and running my hands over the outside of the boning, over the lacing in the back and the swell of my breasts in the front, the lace edging highlighting my pale, pink skin.
  • Red satin/black ruffled underbust corset; I use this little heavenly bit of fabric technology as a garter belt under skirts most commonly with black, lace top thigh highs. The laces slide into little silver grommets, the ruffled edging along the bottom slide over my hips and he top of my bottom.
  • French cut boyshorts; This is my favorite style of panty, very comfortable and very sexy. I love it so much I have about six or seven in this style in a range of colors, sea-blue, pink, black, black with pink polka dots and several of mixed colors. Far from being for a boy, they hug the hips and let the bottom cheeks of the ass be on display, the fabric curving over the globes and accentuating them.
  • Little girl, cotton panties; I love the boy styled cotton y-front panties that are super popular right now. I have white ones, pink ones with the British flag on them, white ones with pink poodles, white with blue polka dots. Who knew it was so comfy being a little girl?
  • Lace circular thong; I'm far from a lover the persistent rub of a thong so very near my kitten for long periods of time but sometimes nothing else will do. If I'm pressed to wear a thong, I love lace circular ones. They don't irritate as much because the hip-band is made of lace and the crotch of them are not string thin, but thin enough to sit smoothly against you. The effect is of being wrapped in a thick strip of lace with a tiny patch of coordinating mesh or satin showing over the kitten. Very oh la la.
  • Pantyhose; Not only do I love any excuse to wear these seemingly old fashioned accessories, but so does gadget ((all will be told next week!). When you finally struggle them over your thighs and hips, they make you feel so nice and sultry, curvy and with perfect legs. I love smoothing my hands over the tight fabric in little circles just for the sake of sensation.
  • Thigh highs; My favorite thigh high variation is a very small, nude colored fishnet with a black lace band at the top. But when I dress up or dress in strictly lingerie for a special boy, black lace tops are my favorite. They provide such contrast to my pale, pink skin and the sheerness only makes you feel more naked when only wearing them with a garter belt.
  • Brasieres; Being blessed with bountiful feminine charms, I love wearing bras and also shopping for them. My favorite one is a black, shelf bra with pink bows and a multicolored braided strap with pink, black and teal. Sometimes a girl just needs a little something frilly.
  • Costumes; So far in my costume collection I have a frilly French maid, a black kitty cat, a purple genie, a 50's poodle skirt girl, a gypsy, a flirty pirate girl, a woodland faerie, and a pink bunny. How's that for a stellar imagination?
So there you have an in-depth collection of my various feminine and lacy wiles.


Sugasm 54

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Water Works

Inspired by a comment on a previous post, I wanted to expose myself a littler further (if that's even possible at this point) on the subject of female ejaculation, or squirting.

Coral Castle in Florida has this sign which though flawed gramatically, shows its shock factor and whose topic matches perfectly with this female phenom.


Aside from the fact that the medical community at large likes to avoid the topic of female ejaculation, which I can verify is real because I do it...a lot, no one knows very much on the subject and are want to dispel its existence. I've heard from cunnilingus fearing males that when girls squirt they believe it to be urine...its not. People who have researched the topic have said that it likens to be similar to the fluid that the male Prostate gland secretes and that possibly part of its make up is...urine. The thing that bothers me is that I cant see how it could be.

When I squirt, gush, come, whatever, I feel it from deep inside, from the top wall of my insides. Gadget can also verify that I come from deep inside and that when the "come" is investigated, its thick, white and sticky....like semen. Scary for me when I was about 12 and looking down at my middle finger which had been employed at the task at being inside of my when I flicked my clit to orgasm. When I went to the doctor a few weeks later I asked her if I was totally female because of the squirting episode.

My worries were quelled when she assured me that I was and had always been female and that I (lucky for me and my orgasms) was able to experience the deepest level of orgasm and that sometimes and in some women, "come" was actually issued forth from some secret place.

Well I want to know what the secret place is. Quite a bit actually.

Without this post becoming too medical I just feel like its owed to me by the medical profession that someone find something concrete out. I will donate myself to science, barring some kind of permanent damage being sustained, so that we can all find out why I come like a man sometimes.

I think its quite comical when I see porn vids that show women squirting like theyre pissing all over the place. My experience leads me to believe that it is never as dramatic as youre lead to believe.

Ive been with one girl in my life who actually did that and again it wasnt urine, and there wasnt that much at all. When she came, her whole body quaked and she screamed out like someone was murdering her. Obviously because my tongue and mouth were busy at her kitten, I tasted the resulting "come" and it tasted like her wetness, but maybe just a tad bit more sweet.

The orgasms I feel when Ive experienced the deepest orgasm that results in gushing, peace floods over me and extreme wetness is present there with me in all my calm and peaceful dreaming.

Why must drama come in the way of an incredible event? Always the media seems in the way of the truth, porn dimming the true light of nature and a woman's response.

When you think of a gushing, no one could possibly understand (if one is not a woman) the power of such an event. And as for porn: nature comes first in coming. :)