Monday, July 31, 2006

F♥ck Bunny

Fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me like in a moment a rolling ball of fire will slide over you and obliterate all sense of peace, all sense of life and destiny.

He holds me, he loves me & sometimes he fucks me like I'm his dirty whore...

Lick my flesh, bite my flesh, live unrestrained. Live unrestrained like I live in my mind. Let your hands caress me and pull me close to you and you thrust from behind, strong hands wrapped under my hips, their curve compounded by your strength.

You know that I want you everywhere that you'll fit, I want you to fuck me from behind, my hand disappearing under my body as my small fingertips caress my clit. So hot and wet, dripping, it feels like my kitten is boiling. My clit is boiling.

I can feel your cock swell deep inside of me as you hold your orgasm inside of yourself, waiting for the opportune moment, letting it build until it pounds like rolling fire in your psyche. When I orgasm from the circles I'm painting on my clit with my fingertip, slide your dripping wet cock into my ass, pushing my comfort level all the way down until I feel I don't exist but for all of the pleasure and the cascading heat that my soul has fallen to.

If hell is the burning fires of orgasm and obliteration: teach me the seven deadly sins.

Be my Master, if only for moments when you hold my life in your strong hands and they delicately crush my throat. Do you feel the passion with which my soul beats on your hands as they clasp my life force, as you cut off my oxygen? You love to see my eyes close slowly, like weeping daisies as my sense is cut off, as the darkness creeps in. Bring me back from unconsciousness, from seeming death with passionate kisses, your tongue slick inside my small mouth, your lips pressing painfully against mine.

You've already come so hard, your come flailing deep inside of me, but your cock is hard against my leg as you hover over me. Like an obedient child I fall at your feet, kissing your upper thighs, your hips just to feel your cock so near my face, to stare at it and understand the meaning of my feminine desire.

My lips test their plump joy against the head of your swollen and ultra-sensitive cock. Feeling you deep inside my mouth, the intricate bumps and veins against my tongue, my lips, the tender inner cheeks.

You surge as you push away the orgasm and when I look up at you with pleading eyes you cant hold on, coming with a force unknown to you, feeling the strong sucking that I'm applying to your spasming cock. When you finally look down at me, my mouth is filled with your come and when I open my mouth to show you, your desire is once again stirred.

I love when you push down on my body, bruising me even. I love to look at them after wards and to cool their aching with ancient salt, warm water and circles of pressure,

The marks of your passion are all to evident to ignore.

With a male strength, you force open my legs, pinning my thighs to the bed as your mouth seeks out my dripping kitten. I can feel the steam-heat of your mouth and tongue on my most sacred and beating heart, as essential and passionate as the one in my chest. My moans are filling my ears and my body stretches out as I feel the first heated rolls of upcoming orgasm fall over my body. Your thick fingers slide suddenly and fully into my dripping kitten, my back arches with the pressure and the need. My lips mouth and echo the words of my submission,

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

You know that when I get amorous, my speech becomes defeatist and you don't listen to me. In my twisted world of sex and leacherous pleasure the positive becomes the negative and it switches up into a dance of pleasure and need, and sometimes pain.

I can feel the fire enveloping me as my orgasm hits me, my throat paining me as I cry out and my spine snaps back to let my body stretch as I come, my kitten squirting your lips.

You know how wet I get when you lick me.

You know how I can actually squirt in your hungry little face.

I can feel the needy little girl in me cry out in happiness and fear when you flip me over so that I'm lying over your lap, your warm palms massaging the curve of my ass, my mind still blurred by my pounding orgasm. The first blow to my ass splits my mind, blows my comfort and once again I feel truly worshiped and truly yours.

I listen to the rhythm of your hand against my flesh, the tender spanks that your large and powerful hand dish out to me. I feel a reddened heat rise on my flesh,

Each spank feels more and more like heaven and hell in a tango of hate and desire.

You now that I love to become yours every chance you'll take me. Take me like life will soon be over and passion and my body are the only things that revolve in your existence. Love with the fire of a thousand suns and when our flesh mingles and feels like it becomes one, you'll know the meaning of life.

Sex, passion, love, desire, that final crash of flame; we all hearken to the same eternal tune of debauchery.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Monday Buzz: Toying Around

Being the amorous little chick that I am, I love to combine my love of accessories with my sex life and activities and sex toys make it possible. I love when I can find a reliable way to fulfill my self-love needs so I'm sharing my new-found favorite with my everyone.

My new friend is a great resource for everything your wicked little heart desires. Their motto is "The Plain Box People" which is big deal for me because I live with some family members and love the discretion of their shipping methods and billing. Their interface is very girl friendly with a classy and clean feel (no breasts or porn stars to scare your courage away). Even the sweetest and most innocent of girls can benefit for a sex toy or two, so I recommend this site to shoppers from the conservative to the outrageous.

These are my new found loves from the online store:

The Crystal 6' Jelly Dong

The Crystal Jelly Dong / This toy was featured in my self pleasuring odyssey, "A Bit of Pink Alone Time" and definitely one of my favorites. Made of a very girl-friendly translucent pink jelly rubber, its a super soft and lovable dildo (yes lovable!). The site goes on to say that its an "all-purpose dildo" and I'd tend to agree, though how many uses does a dildo have exactly? Its girth is intensely satisfying and feels super-natural inside when applied to your most tender kitten. I recommend using a condom with this one though, as its not the easiest material to disinfect thoroughly.

The jelly rubber its made of is nicely soft and slick and gives the perfect amount of pressure and give, just like a real man or other so-called "realistic dildoo" but without the scary fake flesh colored realistic look. It has some ridging (oh, we love the ridges) to make it look like a real cock and it has a nice round head that makes sliding it into your honeypot very easy and pleasurable. I do recommend a lube with this one to just start you out on your sexy way, something water based and unflavored to keep from any unwanted interactions

Red Mini Mite Massager

    Waterproof Classix Mini Mite / I've always been kind of hesitant to plant this kind of "pocket rocket" style toy anywhere near my clit, but when I got my tiny little hands on this cute, translucent red vibe I fell in love with its versatility and power. It comes with four interchangeable heads which include the clit stimulator, the nipple tickler, the penis arouser and one also for your bum.

    A great plus to it is that you can use it all over your body and even on his; its dual pleasure from such a tiny and sweet package. I love to use it when being taken from behind and right as your lover is about to come, you slide it next to your clit and faster than you can say "Oh no!" you're having an intensely strong and mind blowing orgasm. I [heart] the Mini Mite!

    Waterproof Delight

      Waterproof Delight / This is a sleek and hot looking blue gel vibrator with many level of intense vibration, and its completely and totally waterproof! Its styled after a real penis complete with molded veins and a smooth little head in its appealingly blue gel surface. The turn control is located on the bottom underneath some very smooth and lovely clit stimulating bumps and ridges though I found the toy a little too long to allow it to stimulate my clit.

      When cranked to the max, this vibe performs with stellar might and force. The controls are uncomplicated and its softness makes it a great beginners vibe, though more experienced toy owners will appreciate its ability to perform in pools, bathtubs, spas and the shower, even when completly submerged. Like its title proves, it is sure to delight you in your wet and wild amorous adventures. 

      My toy box holds treasures untold, though it still needs a bit of pumping up and when I come upon a great new find, you'll be sure I'll be sharing them. Because I'm the kinda girl that shares...



        Tuesday, July 25, 2006

        Sugasm #40!

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        Monday, July 24, 2006

        Tropical Titillation

        Vacations give you such a sense of freedom and relaxation, they make me sleepy, lusty, hungry, extra amorous and horny. Good thing my boy Gadget was there to make sure I was properly taken care of.

        Key West Florida is like a miniature, younger version of New Orleans, but without all the vampires, witches and voodoo people to give you bad dreams; though they do have a hella lot of ghosts. My mind wasn't so much on the subject of ghosts this past weekend though. Gadget was turning 25 and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, that he was perfectly happy and perfectly in the mood to fuck me as much as is possible in 48 hours. That last part is the simplest of all, which I'm quite grateful for.

        Beach bunny meets rocker girl...Oh bikini time.

        Gadget has this obsession with a certain type of panties that I wear; lacy little french cut ones that display the rounded bottom part of my ass which is his utmost favorite bit of that amorous curve I carry behind me. They are my weapon if he's sleepy and I want him to pound me into the mattress like a pneumatic drill; to speak bluntly. I just slide down my jeans right before his sleepy eyes, turn around and stretch my back out with my arms clasped above my head like an inverted cat and his eyes pop as open in glee.

        Knowing how to properly keep him away from sleep is the most important part of our sex life because it actually allows us to fuck; Gadget is a very sleepy boy whenever I come to the point where I become a cum hungry slut whispering filth in his ear and licking his cock like a hungry feline. Why is this? He remarked on it with the virile words,

        Whenever I'm tired you become "la petite sex goddess", where were you all day?

        It's true, it really is and I don't know why because its not as if I do it to avoid having sex because in some aspects I think my sex drive is even more hyper than his. Maybe its just because he's in more of a submissive position, laying out on the bed, his forearm over his eyes, trying to drift off into sleep and I find the opportunity to do whatever I want to him. Oh Psychology.

        This weekend was a great time and his favorite and birthday so far, straight from the horse's mouth. We hung out with his friends at their beach house down in the Keys and spent the first day gathering birthday stuff like cake, soda, alcohol, soy milk and the game Operation to use as a sick and twisted version of the drinking game.

        His friends John and Chris left us to go get water and beer when we got back because they had forgotten it and Gadget saw it as a opportune time to try and fuck me. As the boys went down the steps to their car Gadget smiles at me devilishly and says,

        Do you want me to go get a condom from the car?

        I nodded slowly and did my own smile in response. I hate the hassle of condoms so I'm working on birth control but for the moment, sex is still slightly impersonal having to supplement it with a little sheath of rubber. I added quickly as he dashed out the door,

        Don't let them know what you're getting or you'll be in such big trouble!

        When he came back in he assured me that no one knew about the condom fetching and he sat next to me on the couch, pulling me over him, his hands rushing to my breasts and popping down the neckline of my tube top so that both beloved mounds popped forth into the atmosphere.

        I had just started to warm to his ferocious and most welcome breast pawing and his strong, soft lips on mine when there was a crunching at the lock as a key slid in and I had .7 seconds to pull my tube top over my breasts and get my hair out of my face before John and Chris sauntered in. Gadget started laughing and kissed my flushed cheek as the boys set their findings in the kitchen, their eyes suspicious and conspiratory. I sighed and laid down on Gadget's chest, frustrated and wet but hopeful for the rest of the day's opportunity.

        The boys spent the rest of the sunlight on lighting firecrackers and shooting roman candles into the river while drinking beers and generally reliving their childhoods through stories and laughter. The day passed into night as another friend of theirs joined us and we all headed to a sushi restaurant to celebrate Gadget's 25th year on Earth. When we reached the house, they were all excited about playing Operation ((and I was the youngest one out of them all, the oldest being 35 and he was the most excited)) and being able to have an excuse to down shots. Being the only girl in a pack of very funny, boisterous dudes makes it very hard to abstain from peer pressure, so as the token female in the bunch, I pitched in my Operation know how ((which evidently isn't as good as I thought)) and ended up taking about 5 shots of Parrot Bay.

        The night dissolved into the boys drunkenly eating cake while I waited on the couch for them to come lay down and watch Clerks with me. The hope of sex kept dissolving as I fell into a Rum fueled sleep against Gadget's chest on the couch. And to my amazement when we hit the mattress after it was finished I fell asleep again as Gadget took his girly time in the bathroom preparing for a long fuck. Also to his surprise, his naked body didn't fuel my sex drive and I fell completely asleep.

        When he awoke me in the A.M. I was still feeling like I ought to be in a coma and again fell asleep. Gadget was feeling frustrated and when he woke me up at 3 in the afternoon, my body splayed out in his favorite pair of panties, I couldn't keep him from my kitten. He pulled off my panties, his tongue going for my clit, working furiously and pressing deep into me. My head rolled back against the soft bed, sunlight filling the room as I felt his tongue against me, its rhythm unprecedented and smooth. My moans were soft and smooth as my hips slipped up and down, my legs spread, revealing my glistening pussy to his ministrations.

        He flipped me over and I softly cried out as his tongue darted around my little asshole, his lips working against me and his tongue slipping into me. With his strong hands gently parting my ass cheeks, he licked and nibbled at the tender rosebud of my ass, my throat becoming slightly hoarse as I cried out my pleasure. I was shocked and delighted as his hand came down hard in a spank against my ass, his hand strong and forceful. He gave each cheek its fair share of force, his rhythm random and surprising me as his hand bit down into the soft curve of my ass. I could feel the heat of his attentions and knew that he must be looking at two very red little cheeks.

        His hands were strong as he lay me down on my back, the tip of his rock hard cock against my waiting and dripping kitten as he kissed me. After a short pause he slid his full length slid into me, forcing a powerful grunt from his throat and a surprised moan from mine. I could feel him so deep and realized he belonged there, he feels perfect inside of me.

        For the past week or so, when we have sex it seems deeper, more amorous, more loving and infinitely more strong and powerful. I thought something was up and my heart felt so full. He surprised me on Friday by dropping the 'L Bomb' on me; as he cradled me from behind, he looked at me in the mirror in front of us and in my ear he whispered,

        I love you my baby.

        My jaw dropped softly and I smiled, my eyes closing softly as I made sure I didn't cry. I turned around and pressed a kiss to his lips, his arms encircling me. On his birthday he said it again and this time I had the courage to say it back, standing on tiptoe in front of him, his arms tight around me and we kissed. L'mour!

        So even though it sounds cheesy and couple-esque, the love has made the sex better, the sensation deeper and the connection tighter. La petite is in love.

        Lying on the bed surrounded by sun and enjoying every moment, he slid fully into me and slid back and forth, my hips circling to meet this thrusts. He groaned and pressed his forehead into my shoulder and my arms wrapped even tighter around him, my ankles crossing and my thighs pressing strong into his sides. I could feel the intensity of it burning into me, our body heat mingling and the thin veil of sweat that met between us.

        My nails dug into his back as I moaned out when he changed pace, thrusting deeply and holding my under my shoulders. As he thrusted, he lowered him self back down and cradled me tight as he pumped strong and quick, his cock driven to the hilt and pounding deeply inside of me. He murmured about coming and I moaned out to him,

        Oh baby, please come, come inside of me.

        He moaned and then I felt the powerful surge of his orgasm, his body shuddering against mine and his cock pitching and twitching deep inside and against my most receptive flesh. He pressed a lazy and amorous kiss to my lips and slowly slid out, his hands under my shoulders, his forehead to my stomach.

        My satisfaction hasn't come purely through sex but when I feel the powerful pulsing of his cock and his orgasm and I can feel myself close, I feel satisfied. I feel satisfied with our relationship, our sex life and his attentiveness. Sometimes our bodies feel one during sex, and Gadget has commented on this multiple times. I can feel a completeness, and a perfect filled feeling, a feeling of oneness. Though sometimes I feel a skip of fear, its the fear of losing what I had always wished and hoped for.

        Sex can be love sometimes, and love can bring outrageous sex.



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        Thursday, July 20, 2006

        Virginal Cherry

        I know it may be shocking for those of you who know my writing very personally, but I was once a virgin (insert 'Gasp'). I lost my virginity during the summer after I turned sixteen...sweet sixteen.

        For most girls, bargaining their virginity to guys to rally popularity was a high past time where I grew up. I saw it as mostly an immature ploy for attention and a waste of something that I saw as genuinely meaningful. My virginity was about my power and freedom, my dignity.

        Sweet like a cherry, sweet and fresh and new...

        In my mind sex wasn't a romantic thing really and I didn't expect the heavens to open up, angels to sing and my heart to be filled with rapturous joy - like some girls I know. My mind was very in the books, into my acting, into my singing and into generally being myself and who I wanted to be instead of what guys wanted me to be.

        I dated a lot in High School and even had an intensely serious relationship with a 20 year old when I was 15 but when that failed I hit the beach after dark with my friend and was on the prowl for some attention, even if it was just innocent. I needed that post-break up ego pick-up.

        After playing pool with some hot English guys at one of the dive restaurants by the beach, my friend Chelsie and I walked to our favorite Italian place on the beach, little tables stretching under a tri-colored canvas canopy. We watched the tourists walking wildly along the sidewalk, and on the other side of the street on the sand and over the rippled wall. A group of ragged guys walked by us and after Chelsie and looked at them giggling. They caught the girl-code and came over, the three of them circling and perching like crows around us.

        The night passed to walking around with two of them after the third realized he wouldn't have any entertainment with the equation two to three. We stripped our least needed clothing and plunged into the warm ocean, the waves pulling us together as we nestled onto their necks, their arms strong around us, our legs needy around their hips. He looked at me, James looked at me with a beaming Georgian Southern Gentleman smile, I felt like this was the moment we should kiss...But he didn't know it.

        On the beach sitting together, our clothes partially dry and my tiny feet protected by his size 14 flip flops as my knee-length boots lay in the sand by my side. He was so shy and smart and quiet and wanting something from me, his eyes implored me,

        You know sometimes I wish I wasn't raised all Southern, because then I could kiss you.

        I laughed and felt the pang in my stomach of the new need, of the new tingles, of the James tingles that only he was pulling from me at that moment. I smiled and up through my eyelashes, my face made caramel by the street lights so far from us,

        You could always ask, that's gentlemanly.

        We laughed, but with a tension, our eyes flitting down and away from each other's glance,

        Alright then, may I?

        I smiled and nodded and leaning my face towards his and as his lips touched mine our eyes flitted shut, his mouth was soft against mine, sweet against mine. His hand went to my jawline, his face so baby soft, his hand huge and strong, such a contrast. My mind tore when later that night he told me he was taking his last months of freedom; he had signed away his life to the Marine Corp and would be heading to North Carolina for training to later than March the following year....This was November.

        We saw the boys, James and his friend Daniel, once more before they went back to Georgia, he took my number that first night and pressed it into his wallet like a sacred keepsake, his hands firm and gentle on the paper. He kissed me for the last time for what would be over six months, his eyes so sparkling blue and soft.
        God, Im gonna miss you so much. I gotta come back real soon.

        I nodded as we left his truck and headed into my house, his eyes following me until I closed my front door, the lock clicking almost painfully under my hands. I knew what the military did to young guys like James, 19 and with nowhere else to turn for a future and there was a war going on.

        It turns out he did miss me, very much and called at least once a week, his voice soft and sad on the line. I wrote to him after he was deployed to boot camp, his letters coming multiple times during the week and telling of how sad all of the other recruits were, their homesickness and even some attempted suicides. I sent him letters in pink envelopes strayed with perfume that his friends would sniff and which would give him hard-on's. Oh how romantic. When finally he has passed through boot camp, he had some leave and had such a deep need to see me, I missed him too.

        When I saw him at the airport, he was so joyous to see me, his arms so strong around me, his face buried in my hair as he tried to keep his tears from springing up. After a few days of being together and resuming out very heated past time of making out and pressing tightly together, we found some alone time when my mom left for a couple of days on business. In my room he brought me to an orgasm with his big strong hand that shown stars in my eyes when they pressed closed, ripples of the orgasmic pain shooting through me. My body remained still as death as it felt the aftershocks, my whole form sensitive to the slightest touch.

        With the light down soft I found courage to speak softly, looking at his eye as he lay between my legs, holding me tight with his body on mine,

        Are you ready? Do you want to?

        He didn't need a full speech, he could feel what I felt. He nodded slowly at first and then said "Yes" in a shaky, disbelieving voice. He kissed me deeply before leaving me lying on the bed to find the ever thought of condoms, my nerves were still, my resolve was strong; I wanted this, it was time. I reconciled that it was alright, he loved me....I loved him, he was a virgin, I was a virgin, we fit. I breathed deeply, looking down at my legs as I lay still on the black sheets.

        When he came back in, he clicked the door shut and clicked the lock strong before walking to me, his face serious and focused. His military buzz cut made him look tough as his face betrayed his innocence. He laid down with me, my legs wrapping around my hips as he pulled at my tank top. He pulled at the two snaps on my ripped jeans before pulling them off and dropping them softly to the tiled floor. He made haste with his own clothes before taking the time to lay his form against mine, his skin hot and his muscles dense and developed.

        My hand stroked his shoulder blade and awakened his mind to the task at hand. In my mind, I imagined the most wonderful place I could imagine and automatically I thought purple, lavender...A lavender field. As he lay between my legs, fumbling with his hard and sheathed cock, I felt the sensation of his hot skin against mine, his hips against my thighs. I didn't expect it when his cock slid into me, I felt a high pitched note of pain and after that, nothing but a raw and sort of painful and pleasurable sensation deep inside.

        I saw the lavender field in my mind as he rocked gently against my body, his muscles tense and his hands strong under my hips. I felt the new sensations and wanted it to last forever, to make me feel like crying like this forever. When he came with his cock inside of me, I was amazed, his body softly thrashing against mine. It had lasted probably no longer than a minute or a little more and when he pulled out of me, my whole body seized up, not expecting the theft of such a miraculous filled feeling.

        His body was all weight and strength as he lay his head on my breasts, his arms snaked under and around me. I smiled as I fell to sleep, with the thought that only more of this was to come, and it could be so much better too...And for much longer. My body was wracked with things to remember, the heat, the pain, the pleasure, the wetness and the slide of it, the weight. My mind and body felt the weight of the loss of my virginity, it had been the right time, it was perfect.

        When I pulled myself up and went to the bathroom, I was sore, my thighs pushing more slight pain into my insides as I walked. I smiled and nearly giggled with joy when I wiped myself and saw a smattering of bright red blood on the tissue. I laughed at the novelty of it, I laughed at my freedom and I laughed for the promise of all that was to come and all that I felt.

        Sex wasn't romance, sex was about the moment, and the pleasure and the heat and the connection...And I loved my new found connection....Very much.


        ***I want to wish a great weekend to you all! I may or may not be able to post the new memoir on Monday due to the fact that my boyfriend and I with a bunch of friends are hitting Key West, Florida to celebrate my boyfriend's 25th birthday! Happy Weekend Everyone!***

        Tuesday, July 18, 2006

        Blog Roll Love

        However much Ive ever lingered on, I've always thought that it would be so cool to be able to post anything of my own work or my own photography and get noticed by them or anyone really, I'm a pleaser....and I also love a bit of attention and ego-stroking.

        I'm such a geekette, even with the plus of my large breasts....damn it.

        Today, with my first sex toy post, "A Bit of Pink Alone Time", Ive hit both marks and my kitten and I couldnt be happier. We've smacked sex love from both ((see our blurb here)) and which both post ChealseaGirl's blogroll, fun huh? Who knew technology could be so sexy, rewarding and so fucking hot.

        Its also amazing that my worst photo ever, the horrid green, last minute, open mouth orgasm, night-vision esque photo was chosen as the thumb for both features (which evidently, are one and the same).....its from my shitty camera phone, imagine that.

        Oh my gosh, that was so many hyperlinks....whoosh!


        thumbnail via:

        Monday, July 17, 2006

        A Bit of Pink Alone Time

        After a long week of playing house with my boyfriend, reality and the work week set in and he had to leave me to go back to his townhouse and his little branch of life that has nothing to do with me or my needy kitten.

        If only for a little while, I was alone and feeling very needy without him there to mercilessly slide his hands all over me. I occupied my time by laundering a week's worth of sex sheets, panties and towels, I cooked dinner for my mother and sister then brushed and massaged my cat.

        My mind fell to a very dreary place that consisted of housework, pasta and a moody, sick cat; my mood was not very sexy. That is until around 1 am after I slipped into my room and fell to thoughts of all the dirty, sexy, passionate and titillating things that had transpired during the week. I lay on my bed in a silky black tank top and light green sleep shorts and looked down at my calves, my feet and my hips, all curving in that way God has blessed me with, my breasts swelling against the stretchy fabric of the lycra tank.

        Sometimes the final agony is also the best one...

        A passive yet devious smile crept to my face remembering a delivery I received earlier in the week from my favorite internet toy shop, I love to peruse over the catalogs and imagine the possibilities of each and every item, their different abilities and how my flesh would react to it.

        I sat up on my knees and delicately decided to apply my Pink Crystal Jelly dildo to a task that needed to be executed; my orgasm du jour. After pulling it from its slumber I laid it on the side of my bed and laid myself down against my soft black sheets. I slid my hands over my neck and down my chest, lingered on my breasts that pushed against my confining tank. I slid the strap down over my upper arm, my fingertips sliding against my skin and heating it down my arms and over my hands.

        I bit my lower lip as I slid my right hand under my top, my skin reacting in little hot goosebumps. My anxious need to be touched caused me to push down my shorts over my thighs, my kitten touching the air conditioned environment so that I could feel the moisture forming along the bottom of the smooth little outer lips.

        I sighed as I lightly caressed those lips with my fingertips, my pink painted nails accentuating the dirty little deed that my hands embarked upon. My hands trailed along where my thighs meet, that trench of soft flesh that my boy likes to trail his slick tongue along, making my back arch and my throat to click tighter. I imagined the moment he first spoke of doing that to my body, his lips so near the delicate shell of my ear, his words heating my ear and all the flesh of my body,

        I'll run my tongue along this part here, all up and down; I'll drag my tongue down from the fold in your kitten all the way to your ass, and up again. You'll love it.

        My hands pressed deeply into my skin, pressing and dragging along its surface, creating divine friction to heat the core of it, deeply to my body. I felt the glow of my passion ignited deeply inside my body, my heads pounded an ancient seeming rhythm as I longed to be touched, to be taken roughly and to take everything away from someone; but most of it all, I wanted to be filled.

        When my blood and body is heated, I mostly long for that deep and full feeling inside my core, my feminine core. I can feel the rhythm of what I need inside of me it seems, I could rock the rhythm upon someone, but when I'm alone I feel the need to fulfill myself, to be all that I need and could ever possibly wish for. My mind lingers on sensations I've felt before and ones that I dream could be in the future. My desire knows no bounds nor pains in the sacred and still place where I lie alone, my skin and flesh feeling my own rules, my own rules of sex and sensations, sensuality. My body can twist in contortions upon my sheets, alone I can feel every breath of air upon my skin, the scant sweat upon it like a thin and invisible glove, picking up every slick of feeling and need from the environment of my self imposed sexual home.

        As I stretched out on my bed, my hands entertaining themselves with my coital driven passion upon my thighs, my stomach and around my hips, my shorts fell away and down my legs as they moved serpentine with the wave of my breathing. I can feel m heart pulsing at these moments when I'm so heated that my lips move in little soundless mumbles and my heart thunders in a tender and predictable rhythm, seeming to beat on my rib cage. I can feel my chest plate seem to crack and split, to reveal a dancing and passion filled heart to the world.

        My calves rubbed together and in this moment I felt a compression of the chubby and blood filled lips of my slick kitten reminding me of my burning clit, burning for touch, burning for the heated climax of my thunderous orgasm that begged to be released. My hand went to my side, to my toy, a thick, long and beautifully translucent, pink object of my moment's desire. My hand slipped to it soft and pliant surface, my fingertips lit upon its weight and pulled it to me.

        I knelt up and took my little bottle of KY and slicked it all over its tip and a little way down the soft jelly shaft of it, feeling its pliancy with my fingertips, pressing it. I slid the tip of it along my slit, touching it to my clit and sliding it down, pressed it into my waiting and slick kitten. I gasped slightly with its girth but then when the tight walls of my cunt gripped its rippled surface, felt of its soft pressure, my mind swooned and I bit down on my plump bottom lip. I moaned out loud as I slid down onto its full length, its soft tip touched the stopping point of the inside of me, my hips recoiled and jutted to feel the pleasure, the pressure. With my cunt spread and filled, I rocked back and forth as I rubbed my fingertips all alone my clit and the swollen inner lips, now dark pink with the effort of surrounding the thick toy.

        My right hand rubbed at my slick clit as my left felt of my full breast, tweaking softly at the nipple and pulling it taut and erect. My hand toyed with the dense flesh of my breasts, squeezed it ever so gently to feel its suppleness and then quickly pinched the nipple between my thumb and middle finger. My body started to feel the thousand degree heat of the roll of thunder that is an orgasm and I jutted my hips forward in time with the movements on my clit, my whole self becoming entranced just with this movement and fulfilling the moment with that final fire.

        When it hit me, my resolve was lost to the four winds and my whole body danced on the wave of obliterating heat and agony that is my orgasm. My body thrashed and crashed down, slamming me even harder upon the thick dildo that drug on my self-rape and my mind blowing orgasm. I moaned out loud, my throat becoming tight and my heart beating wildly in my chest. I gave in to the final waves of my climax, my body slumping forward and my face pressing into the mattress, my shoulders at a sharp angle as my hand was trapped beneath my hip. I sighed and caught up to my breathing, decreasing my fervor and releasing my mind to the simple beat of exhaustion.

        I made my soft kitten noises as my pulse slowed and I had to softly remove the now hot and miserably slick pink jelly toy from my reddened kitten lips. I sighed deeply as its thick tip left me, leaving a soft void as I sunk into my bed and fell asleep.

        Sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders but as long as I can re-center myself with a mind blowing and soul crashing orgasm brought on by my own hands, life can seem clear again. I can find great peace within the shell of my soul, the world seeming like a great and imperceptible ocean of sounds and lights. But to me, all I need is the light that can generate in my mind when I fins sexual peace and fall asleep, legs curled and hands clasped, safe from all that seeks to rip me to the chaos.

        Friday, July 14, 2006

        He Wasn't Mine

        Davie had had me only once at the time, and this incident was even before he had taken me from behind and changed my view on that most inauspicious and feared topic, anal sex.

        Jill was always a whore. She was attention starved and needed everyone to see her; every moment of the day and in every way. She was jealous. She was not cultured. She was my best friend. Its not to say that this means that we're no longer friends (we are) but that I'm just honest about people, including myself. Brutally so.

        Jill wanted love, she wanted affection but she was always getting used and crying about it later. When she met Davie, I knew that there was going to be a problem and that it was definitely going to be very complicated very soon. I didn't really care about Davie emotionally, he was a friend and I had fucked him once, but I bore no affection nor internal attachment to him just to clear it all up beforehand.

        The weapons of mass destruction have been found...

        The night of the big party at Jill's everyone was tanked and that included Jill and Davie. I try to always be a lady, but I had also partaken very deeply of the riches of the party and wasn't in a perfect cognitive state. After we helped about twenty people out the door and into their now weapon-ready vehicles the three of us parked in Jill's room. Once she laid on the bed, she was out and I was just fine with lying on the couch, Davie's hands securely occupied under my skirt.

        My breathing was sedate and dream like, my head spun and my skin felt hot and downy. I felt his broad muscular shoulders over me, his lips plying at my neck, my cheeks, my lips. I was in an intoxicated calm and I felt as if I was humming though I was silent except for the occasional sigh or half-hearted moan. My whole body spun as Davie slid into me totally unexpectedly. First of all, I'd like to point out three things:

        1. Jill was about 10 feet away from us passed out and this was her room.
        2. Sufficient planning nor warning was given to me before the invasion occurred.
        3. ....I had been drinking (do guys still use alcohol to ply girls thighs open?).
        Aside from the fact that fuck-etiquette had been violated, I let it pass out of my mind as his rhythm found a secure slide. My legs clamped around his torso as he gently slicked in and out of me, his cock finding a home to exercise in an untroubled environment. I started some random giggling and couldn't stop, Davie oblivious and lost to his coital machinations. I laughed as he finished inside of me, his body finding that limp moment and spending itself in a second. He half heartedly kissed my chest, his hand wrapped around his cock and its little protective sleeve, now filled with swimming life force.

        I fell mostly asleep, noticing that Davie had wondered over to Jill passed out on her bed, her legs curled up to her stomach like a sick child in her chemically induced sleep. My mind drifted into sleep but was suddenly interrupted by Davie pulling me up by my arms,

        God damn it Davie, stop interrupting me! Ack!

        My vocal reserve evades me when in an alcoholic state, and yes I did say "Ack!" at the time. He pulled me down onto this huge four person bean bag that people call "Love Sacks", which is actually very comical considering the outcome of this little tale. Davie had successfully roused Jill and she lie resting on one side of the bean bag, her hair squished into her face all confused and moist looking. At the time I thought; Awe, how sweet. He wants me to lay with her to look after her in her vulnerable state. Not so fast, panda bear.

        He knelt in front of the bean bag facing us, his hands on my stomach and my thighs, caressing me gently, plying me. I tried to shrug him off and go to sleep when I noticed him pulling off Jill's skin tight black pants. I watched in awed horror as he pulled down his panties and started licking her shaved little unconscious kitten. My mind was livid but my body and my lips were sluggish, they were drugged and I was more far gone than I had earlier surmised.

        I moaned as his thumb ground smoothly over my clit, hard and slick from his ardent fucking about ten minutes previous. I moaned, my back arching tightly beneath me. My eyes shot open when I realized what was going on and looked over to Jill. She was no longer passed out, but responsive to Davie's mouth on her, as her mouth opened slowly and a soft moan issued. She looked at me and giggled, apparently amused and willing to go on.

        Its not that I'm not a three-some girl, its that I'm an emotional creature when it comes to my friends. Jill and I had been friends since we were seven years old and were intensely close. We taught each other how to kiss and I taught her how to swim. She had spent summers with my family on our huge vacations, long summers on beaches and Las Vegas. My heart strings were attached and I was pissed.

        Again, lets list my complications in the situation:

        1. Davie had fucked me no more than 10-15 minutes before he placed his head between my friend's thighs.
        2. Jill was my best friend, she was drunk and she had a long term boyfriend.
        3. From somewhere my mind was screaming "Oh god no! No! No!".
        4. No one had planned this and at seventeen I was not willing to believe that intensely perverted things like this happened so randomly and readily.
        It doesn't sound like me at all to have found myself in this type of occasion and feeling as I did. It doesn't seem normal to my super-sexed self that I would turn it down, but I did. I pulled myself off of the bean bag with some resistance from Davie and stalked to the bathroom to see what their reaction was. After sitting on the bathroom counter for about five minutes, I slid down, walked down the hallway and peered into the room. Low and behold, Davie was lying in the center of the bean bag, and Jill was ecstatically riding him, a huge and sweaty smile on her face.

        I bit my lip and tried to imagine why this happened. My feelings were hurt because, wasn't I enough for him? Wasn't I beautiful? Wasn't I willing, and fun? It would seem that I had jealousy but it was more like inadequacy, it really hurt my ego. Ivy never had trouble finding guys I've liked and enjoyed, sometimes its a fight to remain single when I'm feeling independent. All our lives, Jill had out-whored me and somehow it hurt my sex-kitten ego. That is such a trashy sentence, but when I really was the good girl, Jill had all the fun.

        My fun has always had to be hidden from friends and family for fear of a label, of an reputation. My fun with older men has always been very under-wraps because I've always feared ridicule, feared that my friends would think of me differently. I'm already seen as different by everyone, why add another click to the list?

        The alcohol in my system pushed me to lie down on the couch in Jill's room as they finished, it warped my control and I could feel myself passing out. When at the last minute the imaginary smoke filled view was passing in front of my eyes and I couldn't feel my body, I saw Davie above me trying to touch me. My response was palpable,

        Fuck off Davie, you've doubled your fun haven't you?

        And with those stellar words I passed out completely, my head lolling to the side. In the morning Jill told me with regret in her scrunched brow of what had transpired in her chemically laced mind and what had happened after I passed out. Apparently, she ushered him out quickly telling him to get the fuck away from me and triple locked the front door behind him. She had stripped down in the bathroom and ran the shower scalding hot over her shoulders as she sat fetal-like on the shower floor, watching the drain swallow the water.

        I gulped my coffee and pressed a fingertip to my head and made a gun shooting gesture, before scruching up in the chair and doing my own fetus impression. She covered her eyes and whined about her boyfriend finding out and how it would all be over because she was such an idiot. I nodded and then laughed non-chalantly before mentioning,

        But Jill, its never a free ride.

        I laughed as she re-covered her eyes and smiled in the way of a grimace, her teeth biting at her bottom lip. Sometimes, one is not enough for a man, sometimes neither is two. Maybe one day I'll decide my view on three-somes, but then and now, threes a crowd - and I don't ever want to end up the third wheel again.


        Sugasm #38!

        The ever-popular and sleek has featured my blog in their "Erotic Writing and Experiences" sections for Sugasm #38, you can find my post linkage here; in number 38! Yay! So check it out, along with all of the other oh so awesome blogs listed as well.

        Its good to feel loved....


        Monday, July 10, 2006


        Over the Independence Day weekend (though it was on Tuesday...) my man Gadget and I went to an amusement park for an overnight adventure and stayed at a lovely hotel. Oh how I love hotels...

        After driving all through the early morning and spending over three hours at a huge art gallery, we headed to our hotel to chill out, recoup and refuel for a night that we had planned for dinner and a nightclub. Or so we thought...

        A view like this should never be wasted...

        After hitting valet and checking in, we headed up the elevator to our suite which looked out over the beautiful downtown expanse of our getaway destination. I dropped my suitcase on the bed and stood at the floor length window, looking at the early afternoon sun and the old architecture, so different from our home. When I heard his velvety voice behind me, my skin pickled at his words,

        Look at how gorgeous you look, oh baby. It would be perfect to just make love to you standing here in front of the window. What do you think?

        I giggled amorously (yes, it is possible) and felt his hands slide around my hips to my front, squeezing me. He kissed the side of my neck, so near the pound of my pulse. He tilted my face to the right so that our lips met, his tongue fierce and needy.

        He shook off his shorts so that I could feel his rock hard erection up against my ass, the sensitive head of his cock rubbing against the rough denim of my jeans. He unsnapped my jeans and pushed them door, slightly trapping my feet when they pooled on the floor. I stretched out my back cat-like and extended my ass closer to him, my hands supporting my weight on a metal support on the window.

        He moaned as he kissed my neck and rubbed his hands all over my stomach and legs, my ass even. Then came the ::THWACK!!::. So unexpected and so volatile that I moaned out loud and my body thrashed with trying to balance against his strength.

        Do you like that baby, do you?

        I nodded as I moaned and pressed my lips to his, my brow furrowed and tense, my ass starting to redden and feel a slight heat. I bit down on my lip as he pressed his cock hard against me, backed off to rub my ass and then rained down another assault on the other cheek,

        Oh no!

        I cried out in my exasperation and my desire, a moan combining with my cry. I panted and moaned, my ass swaying slightly as my hips moved in a lecherous pattern.

        you're so fucking hot baby, so beautiful. All day I've had my hands on you, wanting you. In the gallery I just couldn't focus on any of the art except for you, you're the art I want.

        I moaned as his hand slid over my pink-marked ass, wanting the soft pain to subside but wanting it that much more. I could feel the blow even though another spank didn't follow, I felt the heat increase as my kitten started to drip, dampening my pink panties. He pushed down my panties after admiring them on my hips and ass extensively,

        Oh my God honey, these just hug your body so perfectly. Ahh.

        I moaned deeply as he yet again spanked my naughty little ass, his hand lingering this time, his body tight against mine. After several more spanks, his desire was out of his control and he pulled at my hips slightly before flicking my clit a few times and pressing the tip of his cock against my dripping cunt. As he plunged deeply inside of me, my throat caught and I felt his body pushing against my reddened bum as he thrusted.

        I could feel him so utterly filling me, his hands clasped around my hips, pulling me onto him as he thrusted. I looked down at my perfectly manicured little toes, having a random thought about them in the middle of the mind blowing fucking I was receiving. I stared at my own eyes in the window's surface as his swollen cock slid in an out of me, the sound of my wetness and our union reaching my ears and making me bite my lips. I spoke to myself as Gadget ravaged on behind me and inside of me,

        You are such a dirty, dirty little bitch, you love it don't you? You love it when he spanks you and then fucks you like an animal?

        My eyes rolled back in my head as it fell back, a wave of ecstasy shot through me and my nipples burned, my clit pounded and my ravaged kitten wept. I felt him grunting so hotly, his lips spouting praise and sex exclamations as he rammed the last few times before coming deeply inside of me. My head fell forward onto the glass and I peered down at the busy street below me, feeling him gently slide his cock out of me.

        I walked over to the bed and fell down, snuggling deep into the downy sheets and squishy pillows. My body made peace with itself when Gadget finally came from the bathroom and lay down with me, his body so strong and close. He held me as I fell into a deep sleep, his body cradling mine from behind.

        I dreamt that afternoon of Gadget telling me about going to the art gallery and watching a girl faint from the ecstasy she found in the art there. I giggled when I woke and pondered on fainting from ecstasy. How lovely it could be.

        That night we didn't make it to the nightclub, and instead ordered room service and slept in each others arms until the dark, early morning. Gadget woke me up and we made passionate animalistic love, me riding his swollen cock and then switching to him standing behind me as I knelt on the bed. His moans became hoarse and like a lion's as he came deep inside of me, his cock twitching like madness against my cunt.

        After he recovered from his lion attack, he decided he was thirsty...and that I would be his chalice. He poured wine on my back and hips, licking it off and rubbing against me in my wine covered glory. The wine chilled my nipple to a hard pebble as he poured it over my nipple, catching it in his mouth.

        Since he met me about three weeks ago, Gadget has had a fantasy of showering with me and washing me, watching me in my private shower activities, touching my soap slicked body. He watched with bemused eyes as I shampooed my long hair, biting my lip against laughter. His hands washed over me, covered in soap and slick against my breasts, my stomach and thighs.

        As I washed my face, he licked down my back to my ass cheeks, his tongue lingering. He knelt down on the floor of the shower and with deft hands, spread my cheeks and flicked his tongue into my pink little asshole. I moaned as my face pinched up and my reasoning left me. I could feel the slickness and the heat of his tongue inside of me as well as circling the vulnerable little opening.

        My hands scratched at the slick tile and pressed my forehead to them, trying to find a center. With one last kiss to my bum cheek, he stood and smiled like a proud cat whose just caught a lizard. He kissed me deeply and watched my expression, my lips parted and my brow furrowed. He laughed and squeezed me, pressing his newfound erection against me, so slick against my ass. I heard his sexy voice in my ear, his arms wrapped tightly around me,

        Look at what you do to me, you sexy girl. I bet I can come again even after all we've just done.

        I smiled as he put a foot up on the side of the shower, slid his hand over my breasts and with the other hand he took hold of himself and gently started to pull himself off. I leaned back against the wall and watched his face, tension and pleasure both present as he bit at his lip, looked at me and took in the sight of my body. As he came, his body was not his own, it was lost and I was the sole observer. He caught himself on the wall and his chest heaved slightly, his cock still half hard as he turned to rinse his come-covered hand.

        He kissed me passionately and looked into my eyes, his face so involved and awake.

        Look what you can do to me, where did you come from?

        I laughed and went under the water, the conditioner rinsing from my hair as he watched me. I giggled as he rubbed at me, tickling my wet and heated skin. After we came from the shower I just looked at him, not only adoring him and laughing to myself how sexually we were compatible, but because of his personality.

        I had come to think of him as such a highly intelligent man, such a mentally stimulating and exciting person. Not only that, but now I had this duely shared pleasure to play on, this hunger I had for him, and his hunger for me. I wanted to have ever-lasting debates with him and I also wanted him to fuck my brains out every chance I could find. So for me, it seems ideal.

        He speaks so softly to me, and with such awe and admiration,

        "In another life, you were a Princess....Most definitely."

        I hear his words and I see his face and all I want is more, all I want is the him and the next rush I know we can find together.


        Friday, July 07, 2006

        South Beach Sex God: Part Two

        This entry begins here; "Interlude..."

        My anticipation was building from the sheer sexual tension I felt and also my affection was growing stronger with each look he gave me, each time our hands touched. Gadget seemed made for me.

        A day at the beach walking around and having a long, lazy and delightful lunch at one of my favorite places gave us even more time to vibe and connect. The longer I know the right kind of people, the more I come to cherish them and revere their company, their opinions and want to watch for their comfort and happiness. You can sense a connection with others, you can feel it in your chest and your throat, your mind just idly letting your eyes wander over their face, take in their gestures and appreciate them for who they are.

        Curves fit for the hands of a man...

        Walking around the mall after lunch, letting the rain subside so that we could hit the beach, comfort really swept over me. We spoke of how sad it is that people always give me such horrible looks in public, jealous eyes wandering over not only me, but over us, our connection, our hands intertwined. My grandmother always warned me that the possessors of beauty will always find more heartache from all the negative energy that is sent their way for existence of jealousy.

        It seems interesting to me that I can find so much comfort with Gadget, so much strength that falls around us, his energy ever-fueling it. At the beach, we walked and talked and sat at a cafe and watched the people, watched the coast and watched the patchy clouded sky. His eyes seemed to penetrate mine, to graze over my shoulders, my arms. I felt a small quiver inside and my need bubbled from its more hidden place to where it could be felt on my cheeks, the skin blushing beneath my make up.

        I needed his hands on me, his hand in mine, his lips on mine. I was dazed in the car, the highway flying by the city, the lights so bright against the deep blue of the oncoming night, the sun already asleep behind our horizon. His hand lingered on my thigh and slid his hand down and gripped my inner thigh, sliding it slowly to my body, nearing the valley of my kitten.

        My jeans were damp from the rain and warm from my own heat, my kitten's heat. I bit my lip and looked away as his fingers traced the stitch in the crotch of my jeans, my legs parting slightly as his hand buried itself. I could feel the pressure of his fingers against the thick material and made my kitten even more needy. My bottom lip hurt from the pressure of my teeth, the tip of my tongue sliding softly over it to quell the gentle pain.

        His eyes seemed to sparkle in the near dark of the motorway, his smile electric, his look so in tune with me, so in the moment. We spoke sparsely on the way to my house, both thinking the same thing but unable to go about speaking so quickly.

        In my room, I changed from my damp jeans into a cotton skirt, his eyes lingering on my thighs and my bottom, his hands sliding over its curve. His fingers trailing down the back of my thighs felt like fire, my eyes slipped shut and my lips parted slowly. After lying on the bed and half watching "Original Sin" on my tiny television, our lips met and his hands fell to my thighs, my hips and my stomach.

        He savored each moment as his fingers slipped under my skirt and under the side of my panties. His fingertips grazing the outer lips of my swollen kitten, and his moan at discovering how wet I was for him. His brow pinched and his eyes needy, begging. His fingertips sliding over my clit found heat and wetness, they found response in me, my eyes closing, my soft moans coming through in a song.

        My anticipation grew as he repositioned to press his lips to my clit, his tongue to slide over my heated and silky lips. Pinioning my thighs softly to the bed and using one gentle finger to spread my quite sodden kitten, he lit his tongue against my clit in response to my heated need. My hand shot up to my face and my teeth grasped at my finger, biting roughly, trying to still my whimpering. My stomach muscles tightened as my body writhed in waves, my hips wrestling gently from side to side.

        As he rubbed his upper lips against my clit his tongue danced just outside my wet opening before harshly wiggling in as far as physiology could allow. My need escalated as my hands sought out his hair, intertwining there in his dark brown highlighted spikes. I called out his name and asked him to take me, to possess me. I couldn't handle it any longer and needed him deep inside of me, to feel the harshness,

        "Gadget, I need you inside of me, please, now!"

        His smile was strong and angelic as he beamed up from me, his face at once becoming serious with need and with that certain manly spirit. His kisses trailed up my stomach to my breasts, his teeth nipping gently at my hard nipples causing my back to arch softly. After pulling me up, he slipped off my top, my skirt following and going to party with one it on the floor. His body was so warm under me as I fell over him, my legs straddling his thigh, my kitten every so often touching upon his skin as we kissed.

        His hands combed over every inch of my thighs, my ass, my hips, up and over my back to my rib cage and down to my breasts. I moaned as he kissed my neck, my internal muscles contracting and forcing me down to rub gently on his thigh.

        My girl worry hit an increase as I looked into his face, his hands touching every part of me, I really wanted so much more from him than sex. I didn't want him to just think of me as fun, I also wanted him to look to me for comfort and entertainment and maybe I could be his. I didn't want to ruin anything by giving over to the fuck-me-impulse so soon and my girly insecurity won out,

        "Babe, this won't be it, will it? This isn't the last "first time"?"

        His eyes got serious before he laughed quickly, pressing a deep kiss to my lips,

        "Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?"

        Another laugh allowed me to center myself and enjoy the fact that he really was a good guy, that he wanted just what I did and this definitely wouldn't be the last "first time". I gave into him so deeply as he kissed me, his hands pressing so strong against my body that I forgot the anxiety completely and wanted to just be his.

        When at last I had had enough of the sublime torture of his mouth and tongue on my mine, our bodies pressed tightly together as I lay over him, he switched spots with me, pinning me to the bed. His hands were strong as they pulled my hips closer to his, his rock hard cock pulsing ever closer to my slick center. When the first approach failed, I giggled and pointed out,

        "Damn geometry."

        I slid down to accommodate his perfect length and moaned in ecstasy and shock as he slid tightly and deeply into me. My hands gripped at his muscular arms as he slid in and out, his hips pressing deeply with his thrusts to fill me completely. My legs curled around his back, my ankles touching as my body was jostled about underneath his as his thrusts pummeled my kitten and my full countenance.

        "You are so beautiful, oh my God. Look at your body. Ahh, your legs feel so good around me."

        His praise came often and sweetly, always filled with his breathy words and astute grateful sex drive. My whole body so sensitive and responsive, he dove deeply with his cock and circled his hips, feeling the tip of his deep against my inner flesh. He pulled almost all the way out and glanced down between us, his sigh coming with a moan at seeing himself going into my wet kitten. I moaned as the bed continued to crash against the wall, the bed-drapes moving systematically with his thrusting and my maniacal wiggling. Ahh, the sound of physical possession. My mind reeled as his soft moan came in my ear,

        "Oh baby, I'm going to come, Oh God."

        And with that, his face pressed hard into my neck and collar bone, his cock twitching and pulsing inside of me. I love to hear a man's satisfied post-sex breathing and listening to it until it calms to normal level, sometimes changing and ever deepening as he falls into sleep. I heard Gadget's breathing calming very slowly as he held me tight to him, my hip cradled near his cock, his arms around me.

        "I am in utter ecstasy, look at what you do to me. That was incredible, you are insatiable."

        I heard his breathing slip away to sleep a few minutes later and felt of myself, felt of my condition. I felt my own juices sliding out of my slightly swollen kitten, the lips heavy and pressing against one another, so hot and tingly. I felt his body on mine, our sweat mingling and his hand on my stomach. I sighed before closing my eyes and allowing myself a cat-nap.

        My motivation is not only to fuck and be fucked, but the whole experience. The first jitters, the calming sense of self that takes over when you realize that you fell what the other does. I love the connection that sex provides, the calm that descends when another takes hold of your body and manipulates it to a crashing crescendo.  

        I love sex. But I also love sex with someone who actually cares just as much if not more. Fuck me with your mind AND body.