Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is a departure from what I'm used to writing and posting for this blog but I hope the BDSM erotica fans out there will enjoy this little fantasy.

I think I need a little help with these...


Her eyes lit with a moment of clarity and wit and her mouth burst with its gift of intonation and sass to tempt his sadistic side,

“Touch me.” She said, simply and with force. Not at all like Master wanted her to ever raise her voice toward him and she knew it.

She wiggled her ass behind her like an expectant puppy, feeling the soft silk of her panties against her skin. The way her breathing felt so keen when she had her posture collar on made her feel very bold, instead of restricting her behavior like it should have.

His strong hand whipped back, the leash attached to the collar encircling her delicate neck pulling her head up and forward in a flash. The sinews in her neck stretched painfully taut as her Master’s breath settled warm in her wincing face as he began to speak. A subtle choking sensation kept her from crying out as he glared into her disobedient eyes.

“My dove" he said tightly, "why would Master listen to such an impertinent command from those cherry red lips and when given in such disrespect?”

She wiggled, her eyes wide with expectation as she listened to him. She knew she dared not to try and utter a sound. His grip on the leash cinched a few more inches as she winced in soft pain.

“You know that when your body feels an urge, all you must do is get on your dainty little knees, crawl toward Master and beg him to give attention to your wanton body. Haven’t I taught you anything?”

She nodded as a tear squeezed from one eye, all of her energy focused on the points of pain on her body; her knees against the hard, cold ground, her aching neck and windpipe that were stretched to their limits from being hoisted up towards Master’s face by her collar and leash. His words settled in her mind and she reprimanded herself for such a slip of impertinence.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson, my little kitten.” His words were like daggers as he dropped the tension on the leash and unhooked it from her collar. He ordered her to walk on her knees to the other side of the room and crawl back toward him with all of her grace. As she crawled gingerly toward him, her hips sauntering from side to side, her mind concocted versions of her punishment to come with a lingering yet fearful satisfaction.

“Good, my kitten. Now kneel up and rest your pretty little face against Master’s thigh and whisper to me with all of your most beautiful words so that I’ll forgive you and take the time to ravish your body.” She smiled inside while her face displayed utter respect and rapt attention.

As she lent forward, placing the side of her face against the muscular thigh hidden beneath his coarse pants she looked up into his eyes, truly feeling her place in the world. She breathed in deeply of his musky scent that was all at once warm and sweet and familiar. How many times had she been at his feet like this? Countless memories came to mind.

She smiled up at him with the most adoring expression; she couldn’t help but to feel happy even in the midst of waiting for her punishment. Her voice was soft and sweet and full of love when she spoke,

“Oh my Master, I’m so sorry for breaking protocol and letting my horrible side show through. I only felt such lust inside of me that I couldn’t keep it bottled anymore. I want you every moment of day and it hurts so much.’ She rubbed her cheek lovingly against his thigh, ‘Please forgive me for making you angry, I didn’t mean to and I’ll try to be better.” She closed her eyes as she savored every sensation she felt; emotional and physical.

He reached down and gently forced his thumb into her mouth, gripping her bottom jaw as he raised her eyes within his line of sight, the anger gone from his face,

“Yes poppet, I forgive you and if only you didn’t have such large eyes I would be able to stay mad at you longer like you deserve. Now let me know what you’re feeling that you can’t keep it bottled anymore.” Even his questions were commands; her body shuddered with anticipation. His voice never grew soft but only more controlled. He released her jaw so that she could speak,

“Thank you Master.” She leant down and kissed his shoe softly and lingeringly. She knew to never hold back what she was thinking in a situation like this and her voice was lit with passion when she spoke again,

“I only want for you to possess me and make me cry out for you. I want you to be inside of me. Please take me Master. Please. Please Master.” Her last word was filled with a sigh of pure frustration and need.

She rubbed against him like a satisfied cat as she brought herself more fully up on her knees. His hand reached down and gripped a fistful of her hair, exerting pressure so she was forced to stand.

She lent her head against his shoulder as he held her against him, her hair falling over her face and contentment spreading over her. His fingers wrapped themselves around the back of her neck, pressing her collar into her skin and bringing her lips closer to his. His lips moved like small wings so close to hers as he spoke,

“You’ll never hit the peak of my displeasure as long as you live but you watch your sassy mouth because next time I may not be as willing to fall to my own desires and spare you.” He bit her bottom lip softly and she swooned passively and relied on his arms to carry her weight. She was rapt under his machinations and nothing could pry her away now.

His lips shocked hers with intolerable warmth when they met, his motions at once strong and domineering. She made soft cooing sounds as he took her mouth savagely and with much pleasure. His big strong arms wrapped around her body, the strength of his hands nearly hurting her in his passionate embrace.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize?

If Al Gore thinks he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, he can kiss my environmentalist ass

I mean well, where to start....never mind, if I get started now, I'll never stop. At least its a shared one.....

BTW: I know some of you will want to have words at me, but feel free. :)

Have a good weekend and stay tuned for next week's steamy post and a brand new photo!

(Sorry for leaving the last one two weeks running as featured post, but I just loved it so much!)


Monday, October 01, 2007

Sugasm #99

Since Sugasm started its whole "let's have featured articles and not just in categories" thing, I'd begun to feel very left out from never being chosen.

All that has been changed when I found out I had been chosen as Editor's Choice for my "Letter to a Lover" prose piece. I'm ecstatic!


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