Thursday, October 16, 2008

HNT #1

Daddy's dress shirts give me super-human powers of sexiness.
So In all the time I've been a sex blogger (quite a while, if I do say so myself) I've never done an official HNT.

I know, so shocking.

Technically, I have posted HNT's all along because I post each Thursday and always include a photo, though the bulk of the post always remains my musings on my current sexual situation or ramblings of my mind.

So I decided that since I'm on a sort of hiatus with not having enough time to write out things properly (though of course I give myself all the time in the world to have them!) that I'd post a true HNT photo.

Half Nekkid Thursday is here at last. :) 


UPDATE [Oct 20] :: So hail Sunday the holy roller of days because I just got a rant from some random person telling me that this is not in fact, a real HNT. Yes, I too found this interesting. Apprently, I am supporting the whore-version of the HNT because my tits and nipples are showing.

I quote: "The original intention of HNT was to promote a sex positive mood while still retaining some aloof edge to it. Its not appreciated when someone takes a tradition in this community and turns it upside down and makes it smutty."

Since when did sex bloggers get squeamish? Please.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Alive, Well & Busy

I am alive, I am still up to my old ways and yes, I will keep my eye on my blog until I have time to post new content which will hopefully be soon, but take a peek in at my life at the moment...

Proof that all is well in la petite Land. :)

The run-down on my life is this: I'm moving in two weeks, Im switching schools and majors, transferring in my job, working full time, volunteering part time & keeping my family tied precariously together all at once. Did I mention I'm in a beautiful new relationship? More on that later.

In all of this I am so full of joy and light though that the struggles seem small compared to all the possibility and fulfillment that will stem from it all. I miss my blog, I miss my reviews and I miss my readers (and reading all my fav blogs too!) but never fear, super-chick will soon be back and I assure you that it will all be very worth it in the end.

Kisses xoxo.