Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blood, Gore, & Tits

So October is the month that we're all allowed to be a little more creepy, dark, and evil because lovely Halloween is the finishing move of the month. My girl Kangaroo and I really went wild with some blood (real or fake, you decide) in white lingerie and not only did the shots look fabulous but the shoot made my kitten so very wet.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sophia's Red Rider Strap On Harness

I've played with many strap on harnesses before and never have a used one so frequently as I have used Sophia's Red Rider Strap On Harness from It's a really nice basic jock style design that just holds up to heavy use, is sturdy, and fun too.

The packaging isn't my favorite type as it's got a porn star on the front and is very basically designed listing the qualities on a background of white. Of course though as with most things, highly over designed packaging adds to a higher price and this great harness is going to be more affordable for that and other reasons too.

The waist belt cinches down around your waist while you put either leg through and cinch as well to get a really controlled fit that the thong style harnesses just can't match. With this design the dildo moves with your body while the straps never move, slip or dig into my curves. The inner ring on the front can also be switched out for larger ones to accommodate a toy with a thicker girth but I've found that the ring it comes with works with up to a 2 inch thick toy so most won't need to utilize this function. The red and black design is so fun too.

The harness comes with a 7 inch long, 1.5 inch think red PVC curved dong dildo that is a really nice toy, especially for a toy that retails in the $20-$30 range from various online shops. The PVC cleans up nicely and can be used with any lube available, so the versatility is great.

Thanks Cal Exotics and for Sophia's Red Rider Strap on Harness!