Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Segment of Being

Since I have become a worshiper of Sinclair at her blog Sugarbutch Chronicles, her lines of thought have provoked much in me, and not only in a sexy way.

Her questions, her topics they always get me thinking in come fashion or other and the post I read today "What's In Yours?" really got me into thinking about some things I'd rather not be forced to drudge up from the muck.

Still, it was wonderful for me.

I am a sexual being. I am a female being. I am a human being...and not necessarily in that order either.

A Reproduction.

It becomes easy to poke through my days with my ever-present smile and to make the most of things, I'm a mostly positive person and it means so much to me that I can even want to smile after all that I've been through in my life so far. It can be healing to go back into the thought of the past and into pain, not to dwell but rather to look back, assess the damage and grow from it.

I am in the mood to heal, not to lash open old wounds and drown in the old blood.

I realize that I have not done things perfectly but I feel as if even the pain helped me to grow and to learn and to figure out my purpose as a person and a woman. I would rather live in error with moments of bliss than to danger a life of boring perfection with those biting moments where you realize you are contained in the absolute fear of losing it all to chance. Life is luck and agony all rolled into one and I find myself fortunate to know this.

In her post, Sinclair asked "What's in your box of darkness?" referring to a poem on her blog. The poem and her question really got me thinking and here's what came of it:


The feelings too harsh to live amongst the light,
The tears that fell onto my collar bone,
The whispered lies they told me,
The sparkling diamonds the world promised me,
The glamor I’ve achieved by selling myself,
And the path that is not yet complete…

This is too much for one box to hold…so I help it out and carry it with me always.


All of the above items are true and I feel as if each experience in my life has brought me along to the next one so even if I did have a touch of regret then, I don't harbor it now. the past can't be changed and you are never infallible. I accept my flaws and I make them a part of me to be loved and to be held close:

I am human being and I am a female being and I am a sexual being.

I don't confuse the order of those anymore.


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Dual Play Stimulator

The Monday Buzz and brings you a great little friend to make your own, the Dual Play Stimulator Kit.

I've never been a great endorser of bullets as I've never really found one interesting enough to pick up and try out; that all changed when I saw this particular bullet toy. Its got so much going for it, and in such a small package too.

The greatest element of this toy is that at the top it has two little sockets on the controller into which you can plug two of the three supplies bullets at one time. It truly does double duty.

The kit includes the hand-held control, one thick hour glass shaped bullet, one that is more of a probe bullet with a rounded tip, and one standard once inch bullet. Each of the bullets provide a different sensation and each does a great job too.

This toy packs a punch with ten different levels of vibration, each with its own programming to drive you wild and each of the two sockets has its own control that can run simultaneously. So you could tease your clit while at the same time having some nice internal stimulation going on. If you can hold on until the last setting, you'll be truly rewarded for it.

The surfaces of both the bullets and the controller is velvety smooth and very receptive to warmth. In a nice purple, this toy is not only a you-pleaser but also pleasing to the eye as well. Its materials are phalate free and hypoallergenic, plus, the bullets themselves are waterproof while in use. This toy runs on four AAA batteries which are not included so be sure to have them on hand.

I give this great little teasing friend three out of five prize ribbons for its ability to really get you going and to even take you places.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friends With Benefits

I can smell his saliva on my skin. The tender skin around my lips is sore, slightly red from the scrape of his late night stubble as he kissed me. He kissed me with so much passion. Now, we're friends with benefits.

His lips made me nervous with their softness, their loving caress. I smiled as he kissed me, as I kissed him from the sheer novelty of it all. My friend of three years and I, kissing after such a long thoughtful friendship. I was pleasantly shocked.

Sometimes nearly falling off of the bed can be fun...

Sands and I met during class at University and were both working at our campus newspaper. I was the industrious editor-to-be and he was the jovial, popular sports writer who could make anybody laugh out loud despite themselves. He has a wide smile and he's always the first to crack a joke and lighten the mood during tense moments.

We had become really good friends and would go out and talk about school and who he was dating, what he was working on aside from school. He would occasionally call me late at night saying he was already driving to my house and to get ready to have a "heart to heart". We were close and I was so glad to have someone like him in my life.

The other interesting dynamic of our friendship was that he was openly flirtatious and was always good at making me blush but while at the same time he maintaining that buddy-type camaraderie with me. It was confusing to say the least and though it was fun, I was still with Gadget so I thought it was mostly harmless and went along with it.

That is until a few months ago.

I was out with Sands seeing a horrible movie and he wouldn't let me pay for myself so during the whole film I was puzzling it out in my mind. We went back to my place to just hang out and that's when it happened; he tried to kiss me.

Gadget and I had been having problems that I had told Sands about but I was too filled with guilt to kiss him so I pulled away and laughed it off. When he went home a while after that I kept going over the moment in my mind and feeling guilty for the fact that I had wished that I had let him kiss me.

A few more months went by and now we've arrived to about two weeks ago. Sands called me up to go get some coffee and talk about the upcoming election. By this time, I had already broken up with Gadget and I was in such a state of joy from my new found freedom that I must have been glowing.

When I saw Sands in the late day's sunshine, my heart leapt and I gave him the biggest hug. Something had changed but I couldn't put my finger on it.

We had coffee and hung out at the shop, debating a bit and going over our lives as of late. After that we drove back to my place so I could show him the work I'd been doing with adult product review.

We sat on my bed, me showing him my various instruments of pleasure and him with an amused, astonished look on his face that said 'I would never have expected this from you.'

He pulls out a bottle of edible vanilla massage oil and asks about it,

"I don't know really what its like, I haven't tried it out yet."

He smiles,

"Well then, let's see what this is all about."

He opened the gold top and drips a few drops onto his finger tip and slides it over his neck. He smiles and offers it up to me to lick it off.

I smiled in a sort of questioning way but lent over and licked the oil off of his neck, lingering to tease him a bit with my tongue and nibbling a little too.

I come up and look into his eyes, his face so close to mine. With just one moment of hesitation between us, he kisses me, my lips easing so gently against his. Its perfect.

I pull back during a wane in the kiss and he beckons me back, smiling. He slides his hand around the back of my neck, his fingers in my hair as his lips ravish mine. I lay my hand on his leg as we kiss, my heart pumping so fast and my kitten getting slicker by the moment.

We kiss for what seems like forever, our motions becoming more and more heated and by the time I'm on my back and he's hovering over me, I'm wild with need and even the pressure of his hips between my legs is driving me to brink of orgasm. He holds my hands down as he looks down at me, my chest heaving as I try to catch my breath.

He rolls me over so that I'm on top, my knees straddling him, my hair hanging down around our faces as we kiss. He winds his hand underneath my long boho skirt and strokes my ass with his hand, his fingers trying to wiggle under my panties. He pushes me over gently so that My knee is on his stomach and he reaches under the crotch of my panties and slides a finger over my wet slit, his pads testing my slickness.

"Oh yeah."

He says as he slides his finger in and out of my cunt, the wetness making a squishing noise rise in the room. I moan out and beg for him to stop but he continues to tease me, alternatively fucking me with his finger and flicking my clit with his finger tip.

He kisses me hard as he slides his hand out from inside my panties and I whine a little in complaint.

I reach down to feel the bulge in his pants and he quickly moves to unzip them and bring his cock out. He wants me to go down on him, I can tell but I decide to remain a little bit aloof. Instead, I run my hair over his cock and drip saliva out of my mouth onto it. I take hold of it and rub it up and down until he closes his eyes, enjoying the pleasure. For some reason I want to tease him and so I pull back, sitting up and blinking at him, wondering what his reaction will be.

He knows he won't get anything else out of me, so he questions me,

"What are you doing next Thursday?"

I answer that I don't know.

"Well then you and I are are here, in your bed, finishing this thing."

Things cooled down a little as he wants to save something for later he says.

Outside, he kisses me on the cheek and as I walk back into my house he yells out,

"Next week, that ass is mine!"

Well, its been a few weeks now, and this ass still isn't his but not due to his disinterest. He calls and texts me daily asking me what my schedule is but I'm ever-elusive as to what my plans are for the day.

I was blown way by my passion for him and what he does to me but frankly, I'm afraid to see my good friend in that light. I hate when good friendships end with bad relationships that just couldn't work out due to whatever can't meld between two people. Sometimes some of us are just meant to be platonic friends.

Then again, our friendship is already tarnished now so why not just go for it?

Who knows what the future holds for us, I guess we'll have to see what happens.


Monday, August 18, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Pjur My Spray VS Viva Cream

In a battle between two female orgasm boosters, which will come out on top? Pjur My Spray or Viva Cream? Only la petite and know the answers to your burning questions.

  • Pjur: My Spray - To start with this great little spray bottle is handy and every girl-on-the-go loves a convenient way to carry their sexy tools along with them when they know whats on the menu. Pjur is a German based company that makes lubes, stimulation gels and sprays, condoms, and other great adult items. All of their priducts hard of the highest quality with some of the best ingedients to give your love life a bit of an extra boom. 
This stimulation spray in particular stimulation spray really captures me because of the ease of application and of the great sensations it supplies. To make the most of this great little spray all you have to do is shake the bottle gently, spray a few squirts into the flower of your feminine bits, give it a few moments and you'll feel the most it has to offer. The sensation is what I would liken to a slight warming, an opening and a hightened sensitivity. It really provides gentle stimulation to give you just that little bit of an extra boost and help get you into the moment.

It is not edible though it does have a nice clean smell and a nice smoth, silky consistency. Once you spray it where you want it to go, it will generally just stay put and begin to go to work. It has a very short list of ingredients that include aloe, purified water, and a gentle formula of menthol.

A few reccommendations for this products would be to just gently rinse any areas that come into contact with it shortly after play as it really doesnt stop working until washed away. As said before, waiting for its effects also helps to let it develop and react to your skin and natural moisture. For an extra zing of sensation, gently apply Too Timid Pleasure Gel over an already sprayed area of skin and get ready for fireworks.

Therefore, Pjur My Spray earns three out of five prize ribbons for ease of application and sensation:

  • Viva Cream - You've seen the commercials, you've seen it on countless adult websites and also in a few bdsm videos on the net, and yet you still havnet picked up a little tube of this great stuff. My question is: Why? Viva Cream is my new best friend and it truly does all it claims to and more.
To begin with however, its not really cream; its more of a nice, thick gel with a really geat consistency. It smells very minty and fresh and when you apply a little drop to your finger and it stays in place waiting to be applied wherever you decide. Some of its active ingredients are peppermint oil, menthol, vitamin b3 and glycol for an extra bit of zip. It has been endorsed by countless gynocologists in its gentility on the skin of the more sensitive and has been haled as "a woman's answer" in providing sensation and fun.

I wanted to test the validity of the outrageous claims I've always heard from this product so while I studied one evening about the coloring genetics involved in Geckos and I was certainly not aroused in way, I grabbed a little tube of the Viva and applied some directly to my clit. At first I was underwhelmed by the sensation it provided but then after a few moments, it had me absolutely taken aback by the fact that it had me wet as could be and extremely turned on as well.

Like most mint or menthol based orgasm stimulation products, it does work much better wnd provides a larger range of stimulation when extra moisture is added like your own natural slickness or a water based lubricant. I can also say with full confidence that this great gel could help you reach your second or third orgasm by adding that last bit of power needed to get you there.

A few little tips are to definatly put it to the test and see how much it can do for you. I know that not everyone is the same and it may effect some differently, but its really worth to tryit out and see what pops up. Washing after use of this product is reccommended but not always necessary as it begins to lose its power after about half an hour. If your session continues past this amount of time though, you could always reapply and watch the bright lights yet again.

Viva Cream earns five out of five prize ribbons for strength, scent and for holding up on its great reputation:

Comparing these two geat products was really a lot of fun and I found out a lot about their differences and similarities. For starters, the two both have really easy application, but just in two very different methods. While the Viva Cream provides a stronger, more orgiastic amount of sensation, the Pjur My Spray gives you a more warming, natural feeling that lasts longer and is more gentle and opening.

The funny part is that I couldnt really pick a favorite though I would recommend the Pjur My Spray to those wanting to make more gentle, soothing love and leave the Viva Cream to those a little more open to a stronger, more powerful sensation.

So that's your Monday Buzz for this week. Hope you enjoyed it because I definitely did.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dream: Chain


I awake in a palely lit, night time swathed bedroom all done in pure white with soft curtains over a french window. I sit up, my legs over the side of the bed, my hands bracing my weight on either sides of me on the bed. I breathe out and the world seems to clear a bit.

 Dream a little dream of me...

My dress is simple; I wear a white tank top and white panties. This is a big detail because this fact shocks me and makes me feel young and vulnerable. It seems I can hear my own heart beat but I'm still inward and out and I feel safe and loved.

I let my feet touch the chilled wood floor, glossy from someone's efforts and smooth from time. I stop as I begin to stand; I feel a weight pulling on my leg, a tug, a tightness. I hear a sluggish metallic sound and when I look down at my feet, my right ankle is encircled by a thick leather cuff padded with fleece and attached to the cuff is a shining metal chain.

I am chained.

I am chained by the ankle.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed as I slept.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed as I slept and there's also a lock.

I knew this and when this knowledge comes flooding back into my brain, its all comfort, love and safety.

I slip down from the bed and as I look at the window before, the curtains slip around with the subtle breeze from outside. The moon is big enough to swallow me and it softly glistens as if glowing from within.

Even the moon reflects someone else's light and love.

I stretch my arms above my body, rolling my shoulders and make an archer's bow of my body. I glory in the clink of the chain against the wood and also the weight and pull at my ankle. I walk slowly from the room half living in the dream half experiencing everything for the first time. I walk softly down a narrow hallway, pass a bathroom and I look back at my chain, knowing it's length won't stop but rather give me some room to wander a bit.

I walk to the next room.

Their room.

I kneel down, being as quiet as a silent assassin, wanting to crouch and be unseen. I turn the doorknob slowly, not letting it click and disturb them. I push the door open with my forehead having gone down on all fours now. I wiggle softly into the room, pulling my chain along with me.

Their bed is ahead of me and as I crawl to it, I am calm and curious and hopeful and a little lonely.

When I reach the bed, I kneel up just enough to be able to lie my chin on the end of the bed, my vision line just high enough to see their faces, turned in toward one another in sleep. Their closed eyes make me tired and as I lie the side of my face against the bed, I fall asleep gently and feeling like a good, dedicated girl.

I wake up after what seems like years to the feeling of butterfly wings kissing my lips and the butter yellow glow of the morning sun behind my eyelids. My eyes open slowly and her face is before mine, her smile is soft and her love radiates outwardly into my own. Her butterfly lips awoke me from my restful worship of their sleeping forms.

I look over a bit to see him leaning slightly up and awake, looking down at me. All is love and I can see that they are touched and happy that I spent a silent sigil at the end of their bed, near them as I dreamt. She rubs her hand over my shoulder and up the side of my neck, her skin soft as petals on mine. She rubs my face and kisses where she has just stroked.

This is worth having slept on my knees, my legs cramping and sore now.

Her lips press to mine and he watches us, approving and amused. She holds my face in her one hand, her kisses soft yet passionate. I sigh and yawn a bit when she pulls back to look at me.

We don't speak in this, we wouldn't need to really.

I stretch again and I wiggle to free and wake my legs, the chain pulling and clinking and make me smile.

I and my chain together with them is like heaven.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jefferson In Need of Aid

For two years I have poured over the writings of Jefferson and have been featured by him on countless times. I have found a great respect for the way which he lives his life in such freedom and self acceptance. He needs our help now, and I'm more than willing to add to it. HELP HERE!


Jefferson's ex-wife has recently discovered his blog which contains his most personal experiences and she is using it against him in order to gain full custody of their children.

I know through reading his writings on his children that he has only the most fatherly love and compassion for them and I hope everything will be alright. He deserves to be able to love them and raise them, and they deserve him too.

I can't say enough but I do consider Jefferson to be a friend and I am sending all of my most positive vibes your way to fight this and come out the other side unharmed.

Jefferson, Heres sending a big kiss your way.


Monday, August 11, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Bendy Beads

Everyone has heard of the wonders of anal beads, but have you ever seen a set that you had to absolutely had to have? 

I think that's the problem that's keeping most from experiencing the wicked sensations of this great toy. However, I've found the ultimate set of beads carried by and made by

Fun Factory: Bendy Beads.

 I can't say enough for products made of silicone, its really the best material for most toys and I love it. The textures that are possible with it are pretty much limitless as they can go from slick to matte to silky. This toy in particular has a lovely silky surface and the weight of it too is really great. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love a toy with some heft to it as it gives you a feeling of quality and substance.

Fun Factory makes this toy in two different sizes; the purple being the smaller version and there is also another model with is red and it's the larger of the two though theyre both the same design. Having only experienced small, cheaper made anal beads before, I decided on the smaller version. I love them because its just enough sensation to makes you aware of them but not too much so that theyre not all youre focusing on.

Some great features of this lovely toy are firstly that it's made of silicone which is hypoallergenic, non toxic and even dishwasher safe. Another great thing to mention is that the bends end with an easy to grip little loop handle which not only makes it easy to retrieve the beads during play but which also provides a stopping point making these beads ultra safe for play.

A few tips for use with these beads is firstly that you use a whole lot of lube, that way they can slip in and out easily and add only the best sensations to your play. Secondly always take care with any anal play to not hurt your lover. This seems like a basic bit of advice, but its very important if you want to build a great basis for you and your lover to enjoy anal play.

The alternating twist in the toys length adds another level of sensation and when the handle is twisted around while theyre in place, it provides an unimaginable feeling. I love that Fun Factory always puts such thought into every element of the toy and how it interacts with the body. That kind of level of care and design is what most in the industry have come to expect from this company and they always deliver on it.

I give this great toy a 3 out of 5 prize ribbons for its great texture, design and artistic value (seriously!).


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pardon Our Dust!

I made a serious decision earlier today; I would finally update this blog to the new, modern blogger interface and give it some glamour:

Yes, I know that its been a long time coming but I liked handling things manually...until now. So this is the last re-design in a long time and Id love to know what you think about it. Check out the poll in the sidebar.

As a reminder, here is a screenshot of the old design:

A few updated functions include less clutter, nicer modern flow and also Snap Shots which gives you a cool mini preview of any link on the site. If you don't want to use the Snap Shots widget, run your pointer over a Snap Shot bubble and opt out with the button in the top right hand corner of the Shot screen.

 Thanks to DaPino for the awesome basis vector image for the banner, its gorgeous.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fogged Up Windows

I always thought the concept of "parking" was kind of out-moded and typically high school, but that was probably because I had never done it before. Well, now I have and I have to say...parking rocks, hardcore.

Libra and I have a genuine sexual passion for each other that I wouldn't have thought possible when we started seeing one another, its surprisingly lovely and I have say, gorgeously hot. I'm the experienced one in the equation (shocker!) and she's the curious, willing one pulled into my ploys of sexual deviancy.

Girl Love 101

It was late on a Tuesday night and we had an argument about something as we always have arguments, only to make-up minutes later; I put this on her completely. I was tired and angry and horny and annoyed completely. A brilliant idea popped into my head through the haze of my discomfort; Libra and I needed to fuck right now or it would be very bad news and it had to be in the car.

Such an interesting imagination I have.

I peeled out of her driveway and asked her where the nearest park was. She directed me, kind of curiously questioning me while I gave away nothing. I finally stopped next to the river behind a sparse covering of trees, facing the road yet about four-hundred feet away from it. I got out of the driver's seat and opened the back door and plopped myself back there, looking at Libra through the window, she soon caught on and followed directly.

Immediately her lips were on mine, her hands around my hips pulling me into her. We kissed in that pained, rushed way you kiss when you just are so wrapped in the other person with a sick lust that can't be controlled. You can barely even make contact with whats actually going on but you know that if you stop you'll die, so you keep on. It was that kind of kissing, "whore kissing" I call it.

Under my skirt I wore no panties and when she discovered this via her wildly roaming hands she looked into my eyes, her attention completely focused on me and wanting me. It made me want to climb the wall. When she smoothed her small fingers gently over the slickness of me, I could tell she savored each motion, the sensation of it.

I whimpered when her fingertips found my clit, in her expression there was fire and though I was lost in my own pleasure, I felt her pulsing energy colliding with my own. In my mind I saw the colors pink, red, orange all flashing through my brain in relation to the rubbing on my clit.

Being the type of girl that I am, my mind clicked into overdrive when I realized I had my brand new Bandito dildo in my purse. Go figure, right?

I slowed Libra and looked at her,

"Do you want to fuck me with a dildo, like we talked about? I have one with me."

Her smile was a little bit tainted with nervousness but she agreed she was interested. I climbed a bit into the front set to find my purse and once I had my prize I fell back into the back seat, holding out the length of the black toy to her. I smiled,

"So just like zip it up in the fly of your jeans. It'll be like a harness."

The flared base of the dildo made it perfect to use in this way. New tip from me to you: if you have a Bandito and want a chick to fuck you even though you don't have a harness, have her put on the tightest pair of jeans she has and zip the toy into the fly. It works like a charm.


The amber glow from the distant street lights beats upon her face, the warmth illuminating her eyes as she slid into me. The moment left me breathless and delightfully confused. Libra worked the toy into and out of me with an instinctual skill, her hips slapping against the underside of my thighs as she pumped and thrusted.

The back of my head bumping the car window, the sweat dripping from her face onto mine, the tense grasp of my hand on the edge of the upholstered seat; all of these things culminated into a sick, heated passion that flowed through the both of us and she fucked me.

When she grabbed my tit and bit at the nipple with her teeth, it was with as much savage passion as any man has ever had for me and my body as he claimed me. Her expression was the same too.

It seems the act of taking a woman and her virtue affects all people, and reaction isn’t determinate on gender.

When I had finally had had too much to bear and realized that I had to come, one slight touch of my fingertip on my clit almost made me come. Her arching thrusts moved in time with my own twitching fingers and in what seemed like a split second, my body was rapt with the swooning rapture of an intense and mind exploding orgasm.

She cradled me against her body when I lent up to hug her, her hands possessive and strong on me like any man whose ever held me after sex. She was more though somehow, not more fulfilling, but more comforting and it felt more true than other random sex.

I don’t make these comparisons out of spite or to show men as loveless, soulless beings but instead to show how interesting it was that there were so many similarities between Libra and a man as she fucked me. It felt like Human Behavior Class all over again, but this time I got fucked and I came. Super!

Libra looked down, the toy cock still zipped up in her fly and she handled it quite admiringly and with much joy. She smiled and looked at me,

“How do you like my cock?”

I laughed and grabbed the toy, pulling it to bring her closer to me,

“I like it just fine, I think you know that too.”

"Hey Petite, let's name him Albert...the cock that God didn't give me."

We laughed as we sat in the back of the car watching the little droplets of condensation drip down all the windows surrounding us, our minds completely overwhelmed with sensation and recollection. We could have made a veritable rain storm with all of that condensation had I not needed to come.

On the drive back to her house as I was coping with my woozy head, we were both cat grins and all giggles feeling the post-sex high together. It was bliss.

Once we had reached her house I questioned her,

“Libra, would you fuck me against that vacant house next to yours in the field? Would you screw me like that outside and in the dark and everything?”

Her response was immediate,

“Oh fuck yeah. You wanna? Come on! We have to now ‘cause you brought it up.”

So with that, Libra dragged me out of the car and across the field to the vacant house, placed me legs spread and skirt over my ass and fucked me with the dildo zipped up in her jeans, my face a mixed mask of pleasure and amusement.

I giggled as a lone cat watched approvingly from the high grass not far from us. She must understand you know, being a cat and all. She must understand what its like to be horny, with your ass up in the air wanting to be fucked out in nature.

So we fucked in the high grass, two girls with a dildo.

What a pair.


Monday, August 04, 2008

The Monday Buzz: Kama Sutra Warming & Cooling Gels

A little bit of play with temperatures of hot and cold can really lift your spirits. Playing with a bit of hot and cold with a gorgeous girl, well thats a whole other world of fabulous. 

I have just the products for you if you too love a bit of fire and ice, KamaSutra and bring you the KamaSutra Intensifying Warming Gel and KamaSutra Intensifying Cooling Gel for ultimate pleasure.

Kama Sutra: Cooling and Warming Gels, respectively.

KamaSutra has been a leading adult product compoany since the late 1960's and they provide items with style, sensuality and a sense of passion like none other in the market. On the main, they make various kinds of creams, edible body paints, body dusts, bath salts and a whole line of spa quality products for every man woman or couple looking to make things a little more sexy, a little more sensual.

My top focus on these products that go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly are the facts that they're edible, lightly favored and provide the most insanely erotic cooling and warming sensations imaginable.

The little lovely designed tubes help you apply just the right amount exactly where you want it to go, even though the gels themselves are rather low in viscosity and have a bit of a watery consistency.

These lovely gels are latex safe, hypo-allergenic and made with natural flavorings and enhancers to provide you with a safe and fun experience, even if you have sensitive skin. The active ingredients that make the gel buzz with sensation are peppermint oil and cinnamol oil, both natural and gentle on the skin. On the topic of flavor; the cooling gel is lightly flavored with peppermint while the warming gel has a lightly fruity, citrus flavor. Amazingly or not, these flavors go very well together.

During our intense research (my beautiful friend Go-Go and mine, that is) we found that not only can the gels provide you with gorgeous sensation on your feminine bits, but they also cater to your nipples as well.

Another of our discoveries was that when the warm gel is applied followed by the cool gel, it sends me straight through the ceiling in ecstasy. We feel very proud of our extensive research, enough to say that we "absolutely love this freaking stuff!".

I (we) give these awesome little gels four out of five prize ribbons for their amazing ability to make us moan.


Go-Go and I had woken up and decided that this was the morning to try out these gorgeous little gels. Go-Go's more dominating side came out in the bright, slightly disorienting morning, her eyes sparkling with her plans for either my torment or for my pleasure; as it unfurled though, it became a combination of both.

With my legs akimbo, she knelt between them, the two little blue and red tubes close at hand. With the little red tube placed in her hand like a little syringe, she dripped a little drop of the fruity gel onto my clit, anticipation tightening my throat. 

At first, I searched for the sensation, hoping for something and then when I began to think that it would be a dud, a bright, soothing warmth spread over my lower elements, heightening all of the little surfaces between my lips. 

I hummed deep within my throat, feeling Go-Go's little finger sliding up and down the length the heated flesh. I rolled my shoulders and let the calm settle. She must have felt me relax just a bit too much and before I knew it, she had gathered the little blue tube in between her tiny fingers and had dribbled an amount of the cooling gel right over where the warming gel had been making it's magic. 

Without any warning, my body reacted in a way I couldn't have imagined and a sheep-like string of moans escaped my throat. All at once, Go-Go dipped her lips down to meet my kitten; when her moist lips met my own secret ones, the burst of sensation became almost too much to bear; though only in the nicest of ways.

My body wiggled and writhed, trying to take it all in, trying to process the individual sensations but it finally surrendered, allowing the wave of powerful tingles to take over in a mad rush. My back arching, my blood flowing in a sickeningly strong pulse I moaned in striking bleats to express my ecstasy, and my mouth struggled to form a surprised "O" as more and more new sensations doubled me over. My vocal expressions tended to be enough to delight her, her soft yet wicked laughter a testament to her amusement.

As Go-Go applied the cooling gel to my inner thigh with the leather flogger in her other hand, a wave of terror flooded over me. My mind twitched as I though, "Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?"


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sugasm #142

  Brittany Fuchs courtesy of Badgirls Hotbox.

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