Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dirty Words

I love to go to my visitor stat website and look at all the search keywords that led to my site. They can be quite surprising.

Considering the description and tags on this blog, its interesting how nasty and perverted these keywords can get. Its amazing how sometimes I can find that some people are even more perverted than I am. The following is a racked list of keywords, phrases and sentences that led to my site from various search engines:

  • underage
  • petite underage lowers
  • underage teen blogspot
  • underage fuck
  • underage orgasm
  • "Please fuck me the teen moaned as the older man teased her clit with his tongue."
  • sexy underage girls
  • femme fatale sex scene clips
  • bare underage girl in the flesh
  • teen girls touch cocks
  • "Lick me!"
  • fake rape teenage girls
  • squirt urine arouse
  • teen erotic writing
  • ageplay sex fantasy stories
  • "Try my daughter."
  • teddy bear sex
  • teddy bear girls
  • "Naked with teddy bear playtime."
  • corset sex
  • red wet panties
  • wet orgasm
  • "The underage girl cried out as daddy's cock impaled her."
  • 18 years old naked
  • high school girl fucks
  • old man cock suck teen
  • underage ass licking
  • teen girl fellatio
  • "Come for daddy, come on daddy's face."
  • teen sex stories
  • virgin sex
  • virgin teen panties
  • schoolgirl sex panties
  • short skirt slut
  • daddy's big cock
  • ass fuck teenage girl
As you can see, the variation on the theme is very wide and really gets me thinking. Some make me think back to what Ive written (esp the sentence ones) and go, 'Did I write that?'. Lets play scavenger hunt and find where all these pices are found in the site, it may take months to sort it out.


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