Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's Got Teeth

His face was bored as he looked at me, my hands on my thighs as I knelt at the foot of the bed, anticipating his response to my spill of information.

It didn't look as if I was in for a romantic love making session, but I was hungry for whatever he had for me.

I may be a girl, but I have some mean teeth on me.

I could tell that he hadn't had a good day so I slapped him. Little did I know that he would in return slam me against the bed and underneath him, his hand reaching under my skirt and ripping the crotch right out of my panties before plunging his finger roughly inside of me. No ceremony allowed.

Sickly enough, its what we both needed and it didn't end there.

I had originally decided to slap him as a love tap but it came out a little too passionate and provoked his more tiger-like perceptions.

He kissed me a little too hard as he held me against with a little too much strength, his mouth like an attacking enemy. I swooned, the sound coming from my near-panic stricken head space. When I tried to wriggle away a little bit he put his fingers in my mouth, holding my lower jaw down as he kissed and licked all down my face and neck, fully securing his hold over me.

After just moments of my restrictive captivity, I was in a tumult of amorous need, my blood pumping and my mind a whirlwind of thought that I couldn't control. I began to kiss him back, I was his Stolkholm Syndrome maladied prisoner, my passion was feverish.

He ripped at my loose tee, tearing it down from the neck down over my tummy, the fabric laying half open like a skin. His reckless disrobing of my body revealed my breasts, which he immediately began inspecting with both his hands and his mouth, his teeth biting harshly at my nipples.

Between my legs a slickness had accumulated, slithering down my bits to my bottom when it tickled and agonized my seemingly passion-starved body. I shook all over underneath him, his hands roaming without a plan but with a definite purpose: to conquer. His hand slipped down between my legs again and as he investigated my slick center, he looked me dead in th eye, stealing any dignity from my mind, making me surrender whatever shyness still exists between us.

I whimpered and wiggled and felt like it was worlds of time before he slid his thick finger inside of me, my insides gripping him tightly as it entered me. I shook my head from side to side rhythmically slowly against the bed, trying to immerse myself in the feeling. As he teased me digitally I could hear the wet sounds created by my wetness which only antagonized my need. My clit was a hard pebble underneath his thumb as he rubbed it side to side, illiciting little high-pitched moans from my throat.

When at last that game had ceased to provide him entertainment, he lowered himself quickly beneath me, holding me against him with his hands on my waist. I lifted my head to watch his, busy between my legs, his eyes closed and his expression that of complete enjoyment. I watched with voyeuristic pleasure, enjoying both senses of touch and sight as he pleasured me. He stopped only once to utter a statement of compliment,

"Baby, you taste so good."

I heard no further utterances because before too long he had worked me to a crashing climax and pinioned me beneath him to take his pleasure of me. I moaned hard as he used all of his prowess to pant and huff sensation out of me, my body heating up to an incredible temperature. I straightened out my legs on both sides oh him in a split which he took to his advantage, forcing his full length inside of me, my mouth opening in a silent O.

I was overcome by a moment of invention and as I bit down hard on his bottom lip while kissing him in his fevered labors, I knew his climax was just moments away.


After, I lay ruminating over my emotions. Had the violence and domination hurt me in any way? Was I a crying pile of sadness in corner somewhere? The answer is no.

The reason being that there can be love in the conquer and domination of a female. There can be passion and eloquence and also safety.

Never once did I fear for my body or spirit, and thats the way it should be.


Oh and btw, the blog has hit just over 200,000 daily renewable hits......yay! (This is me dancing in my socks and panties for joy in my bedroom) A daily renewable hit count is one one where the counter only updates when the daily visitor count has gone over the already recorded maximum daily hit rate so far. So, I guess people love reading the exploits of a perverted college student after all. :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like an excellent start....
hit your flicker too, very sexy...

Cyrus said...

More I tell you! Give me more.

And teeth are great. Teeth are the new tongue.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Well written and very hot!

I just found you but I'll be back... I promise.


Catalina Ramirez said...


As for the post itself, thanks! It's written really well. This part maybe being my favorite: " ...There can be love in the conquer and domination of a female. There can be passion and eloquence and also safety. Never once did I fear for my body or spirit, and that's the way it should be"

You summed up what I've been trying to say for two years!

I'll be back!

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks guys, glad you found me and do drop in to read more soon.

♥ la petite

Marky D. Sade said...

You're right about domination. When I dominate my wife, there's an ocean of love. The sensation, and the helplessness, can exist only if she can trust me to cradle her as she lets go. There is, of course, bdsm borne of contempt, or anger, or (pick a negative emotion), but... for Catalina and I, it's all love... regardless of the manifestation. When it's all over, she's still laying on my chest as a rub her back and hair.
Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

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Talk 2 U soon....

Facts and Friction said...

'So, I guess people love reading the exploits of a perverted college student after all. :)'

Why would anyone not want to read that?!

Us students are meant for filth.