Thursday, December 04, 2008

HNT #2

So since its been ages that I've been M.I.A. with my busy life, I really wanted to drop a post to show that, yes I'm still alive and very well.

Just a nipple-tastic (I defy you, supposed HNT rules of conduct!) shot of me lounging on a day off, fantasizing about the love in my life (more on this later), Horns, as he worked away his day at the office.

If you look closely, you can just make out the barbell in my nipple, a little symbol of my tie to him that we had done about a week ago. I had both done and I have to say that Im really loving them, having once had one nipple pierced and having taken it out once before.

Theyre a not-so-subtle reminder of him in my daily routine that keeps my already fruitful imagination lit up with thoughts of him and our adventures.


So much has gone on in the past few months and I know I'll get to it soon enough, but for now, I'll be leaving little bread crumbs behind me as I saunter through life.



Fat Controller said...

H. was just saying last night that it's been a while since we heard from you, and here you are again!

Lovely photo, don't think I can't see what you're doing with your right hand. LOL

Happy HNT.

Anonymous said...

Some day, I hope you show us some of your bush, not just your beautiful tits.

Your Little Slut said...

I think the idea of the piercings as a symbol of your tie to your man is great. Actually makes me envious, and I hope that at some point I'll be in a good spot to do something of that nature. It's strange how you can perform so many submissive acts in a relationship, but the smallest things represent the biggest steps. And as far as Anonymous' comment goes...I'm quite happy just seeing your "beautiful tits." From what I can see, the piercings look very nice :)