Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Kiss of Rosé Part Two

This entry begins here. 

My pulse raced as if I had run around the world and not taken a break, I was completely enthralled.

Her hands were lithe on my hips as they pulled at my tee, gentle but ever so needy. Her fingertips were oddly soft to me, so smooth and goading as she pulled my tee up over my bra and over my shoulders, my hands clinking together for just a moment while my arms were slightly bound by the tee. Our knees and ankles pressed together as we sat crossed legged facing each other, What to do next?

My bravery got the most of me as I reached slowly behind Ellie, while at the same time multitasking with my lips against hers. My fingers found the clasp of her bra and with deft fingers unlocked it to spill forth the divine prize of her lovely breasts.

I bit my lips as I watched the two shells of her bra slip away from the pale skin of her small breasts with their tiny, bright pink nipples. As I pointed out before, she was a very petite and somewhat boyish pixie type girl with breasts that were small and sat high on her chest above a prominent and softly curving ribcage.

To me, it was all alien territory. Whenever I had been with woman in the past, they were always like me, very womanly with abundant curves and breasts. This was like finding a strange treasure that exists in familiar territory.

In a quick moment she had unclipped my front-closure bra, her eyes wandering over my breasts, my darkly pink nipples. We sighed as once again our lips met, and slowly we laid on our sides, hands interlocked, lips interlocked. Her hands warmed up as they slid over my stomach, the curve of my hips, my arms. But always she avoided my breasts, when she giggled at my apparent distress she let me in on her plan.

Dont worry mon petite, Im building the tension. How I do love your tits.

I giggled as she began kissing me with increased fervor, my hands spilling all over her body. Her shoulders seizsed and shook when I softly pinched one nipple, her breath catching. She stretched out cat-like as my mouth replaced my fingertips, my tongue swirling softly over her nipple. My hands slid deftly along her stomach, over her hip and to her thigh as they existed with such heat.

Her legs spread gently in anticipation as I slid my hand up along her warm thigh under her skirt, my lips and teeth softly teasing her flesh. The heat from her wet kitten was penetrating her black cotton panties, the dampness evident even inches away. I watched her flushed face as I slid them off, my fingers wrapped delicately around the hip band.

Whenever my face is close to a woman's body in an intimate moment, or even just cuddling platonically with my close chick friends, I love to smell their skin. Its not just a sense, you can smell the warmth and the original scent of them, the underlying scent thats just behind the perfume and scented soap.

Of course women embody the essence of sugar, and the added perfumes and soaps are so intoxicating....but I love the down to earth scent of a chick. A woman's kitten can in no way hide it's sweet and intoxicating scent, it breaks through to your senses like little whispers of secrets.

I pressed my lips to her inner thigh and let my senses become overwhelmed with the sweetness of her perfumed skin and her secret scent. I closed my eyes slowly, my eyelashes fluttering over her thigh, her long hands clasping at my hair gently. I clipped little kisses along the inside of her thighs, drawing ever closer to her secret center.

My lips gently lowered onto the outer lips of her kitten, my face and lips feeling her heat and need. Her back arched with anticipation when my warm lips came into contact with her now dewy kitten.

A little trail of her lubrication trickled down between the lips of her swollen kitten and trailed between her little ass cheeks. I let my tongue slid up the outside of her lips, from the bottom all the way to where the two little folds meet neatly at the top.

My tongue hid itself in the cleft made by her swollen cuntlips, my senses slipping sweetly as her scent and her taste washed over me. At first I teased, a soft tongue sliding gently over every part of her kitten except her brightly pink and swollen clit. Her breathing told me that this was just what she needed, that naughty little kitty.

I love the sight of my small and delicate fingers with their glossy, painted nails gently parting the lips of a girl's kitten. Its something I indulge in every time I find myself in the valley of a woman's parted legs. Also, for me, art and sex have always been intrinsically matched, ever playfully dancing around and inside one another.

I bit my lips when I beheld this same sight between Ellie's legs, my delicate and softly prying fingers so close to her center, so softly giving pleasure. With my fingers gently parting her kitten, my tongue delved with a purpose, circling around her opening and venturing its tip inside of her. The texture of my tongue on the textured inside of her kitten felt like a slippery fruit, so hot and sweet to my taste buds.

Small panting breaths escaped Ellie's mouth, her hands sliding over my scalp and through my silky hair, tousling it. My body recognized her responses and my tongue and lips worked against her hot flesh to bring her to orgasm. I let the flat of my tongue slip over her clit in succession, quick moments so harshly repeated. Here is a little sex tip for you dudes out there: repetition of a heated action will always bring your woman to climax.

When I could feel her body begin the rapture of her pounding orgasm, my lips wrapped around her clit and sucked gently at it. From her mouth issued such screams and moans with her body in a torrent of uncontrolled spasms and rapture.

When at last her body had quieted and her mind was in the cloud of orgasmic euphoria, I slid up and laid my head on her lower stomach, her hands idly sliding through my long hair. I felt the air enter her lungs and also leave, such a movement of calm.

Like the ocean a woman's body is, the waves sliping in and out in calm existence with the rest of the world. Her orgasm is like a hurricane, washing over the expanse of her and sweeping the world with it into a rapturous storm.



His fucktoy said...

hello darling,
my hands have never worked with a woman's body nor have my lips or tongue slid into a woman's "kitten". Though, from your words, it feels like i have, for, as much as your words make my body become enraptured, for the thought of what it may be like, to respond to a woman's body- her breaths and grasping hands, her gyrating thighs, the wetness of desire- the way that i respond to my Owner's. i imagine making love to you to be simply delightfully divine.

You have captured my fondness for the sun (with some phallic undertones) & desire that i will carry to my sleepyplace.

Goodnight, beautiful...
His toy

Fat Controller said...

This is simply beautiful. You took me there in my minds' eye and you have left me breathless.

Doublebogie said...

Hot post!
I'll be back for more.
That one made my day

la petite dévergondée said...

awe I feel so loved..... :;sigh::

♥ -la petite