Thursday, June 29, 2006

Love Lines #3

Another round of Love Lines for you little panty monkies. You know you love it....

I love when the rain just begins pouring down and you're caught in it, your hand clasped into a man's strong hand, protected. The rain bubbles passion up in my skin and makes my fingers need to be in contact with flesh and pounding pulses, pounding hearts pressed close together.

I love a pie piece of warm bread and a cup of tea with vanilla soy milk and honey. I love old world things stuck into a modern stretch of living, my petite hand wrapped around a delicate tea cup, my legs curled under me as I hum and look out onto the water view in my backyard.

I love when I tap my fingertips to my lips, smoothing lipstick into a stain on their rosebud surface. Its so intimate, such a personal caress. You can touch your kitten or your nipples but your lips are so personal yet so public and fair game. Yet another entrance to my inner self, they sustain me and give my essence to those who pry at them, through voice or through kiss. They are mine and they belong to everyone.

I love when a tattoo needle comes close to your skin, though not yet touching. The air it moves and its subtle presence, the need for the tension to end. The dig of the needle and the press of it as you center yourself with deep breath and deep concentration. I feel a passiveness that I only achieve when I step into a church, when I feel the presence of the time that has passed through the devotion of kinds that called so deeply into the abyss of their faith. I just love ink.

I love when water beads on the outside of a glass of iced drink in the outdoors. I like trailing my fingers along the heavy drops and then dripping them nearly unconsciously on my collar bones, the water heating and sometimes slipping down my chest, a secret race of droplets on my skin.

"Love is paramour to the sky; deep and wide and ever expanding toward both perspectives of light and dark. You both ache for the sky and ponder its mysteries with an open mind and heart; how much further can it go, how much more can I see and how much more can I push my actualization of reality?"


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