Monday, March 26, 2007

The Deprivation Game

I like to play. I like to play with others. I like to play with myself. Sometimes during sex, I like to play with other's minds (foremost, their bodies) as well.

So, I live in satin, are you jealous just because you're envious? Tisk, tisk.

I created a game in my head one day when Gadget was plunging his most needy part inside my most needy bit. I thought,

Men can get so heated when it comes to sex, and I love that. How can I inspire him to become more heated, even if we're both a little down, and while at the same time, have a little bit of fun?

The game is called The Deprivation Game and is composed of just that, momentary sexual deprivation. When he strives to fuck me ever harder, I thrust down my pelvis so that his energetically pumping cock slips out. His usual reaction is along the lines of,

Oh no please baby, please! No, no, no, please. Please baby.

Accompanied by whimpering, a scrunched up emotional face and phantom fucking, as my strong thighs push down on his, barring access to the bits he wants most to plunge into. His struggle against me can get quite heated at times, and then one of two things happen:

  1. Just as he starts to give up and rest his forehead against my shoulder, I slip my hips down agasint him and he slides in, and happily restarts his rhythm against me.
  2. Or, (my favorite) he grabs my shoulder and under my neck and pushes down on top of me, conquering my sex with a forceful thrust and begins his pace once again.
Either way its bravo for both of us because the sex continues. Though Im not a fan of violence or rape, as I've been a victim to both; I love how his carnal side comes out in full force. I also love the flip side of it: He becomes a whimpering sex deprived little boy.

So again either way I'm turned on and entertained. Wicked am I.

About three months ago for months on end I didnt even want to have sex, my drive was high as always but my kitten wasnt responding and I found myself getting agitated easily and needing lots of sleep. He went down on me one night and kitten didnt want to respond, so I took matters into my own hands and when I came it wasnt good, it wasnt earth shattering and I was nearly in tears because nothing like this had ever happened to me and my dear kitten.

We talked a little while about how people can go into libido cycles and how its happened to him and he cradled me a little while I pouted on my side, my ass illuminated by the moon coming through the glass brick of the window. He got up queitly and went to the dresser and foraged for a condom while I still pouted, my fingers absent mindedly fondling my nipple, a sigh rising in my lungs because he was seemingly ignoring me.

He lay down beside me and whispered in my ear,

How about I take you through a sexual cycle of my own?

All of my soul sighed and my mind screamed, though my mouth did not,

Oh, God, get away from the male. AWAY FROM THE MALE, NOW!

I sighed as he lightly tugged at my hip, rolling me onto my back and slipped between my thighs, his muscular thighs beneath mine. He felt with his big hand between my legs at kitten to check the slickness and finding me sufficiently slick, he leveled his cock up against me.

I pushed my hips down and out of reach while I pushed with my thighs against him. At most I thought he'd get the picture and go lie down while I fell frustratedly asleep. But no, he was fighting me right back. We wrestled each all over the bed, his face lighting with a sinister and oh-so-sexy smile, laughing and trying to win. We tustled like this for a few more rounds and his laughing/frustration grew.

Then I discovered something; When I had first begun this tustle, I didnt want to have sex, but as I fought against him and he showed his desire in the struggle, I found that I wanted him more than I had in days. He laughed out loud and spoke softly,

What are you doing? Do you really not want to?

I smiled though he couldnt see my face in the shadows and flicked my hips up to meet his cock and he plunged deep inside. Our moans were in time, loud and rising as his rythm began in side of me, my hands grasping harshly at his powerful forearms, my nails barely making an impact on his skin.

He kissed me harshly on my jawbone as I threw my head back, sighs and moans issuing forth. My mind got devilish in an instant and I lowered my hips, pushing at him with my dancer's thighs, his cock lost and his whimpers beginning to come. He tried in vain as I pushed my thighs against him, whimpers and moans and pleading reaching my ears.

Soon, he was giving up and he kissed me and laid his forehead agasint my shoulder. I smiled and wiggled a little before raising my hips, sliding him into me, his energetic sex-grunt was response enough before he began his thrusting once more. I let him continue, nearly losing myself in the roll and bump of it all when once more I dropped my hips, and my thighs went to work.

This time, the struggle was shorter, but when he began to give up, he got even more flustered and his effort was redoubled. His strong hand reached out for my shoulder and I began to tire out, he conquered me with one last push and he had me, his cock even more powerful than it had been before this last tustle.

When he finally was near his final pains, I spoke softly into his ear of how much I wanted him to come, his body pulsing with the power of it. I smiled as he deeply kissed me, tired and fulfilled. I decided then that I loved the Deprivation Game and would use it more often. The passion and strength it ignited was just too much to resist.

I am now just realizing how much I love playing this game, since I havnt in weeks and weeks, but maybe that means it need to be employed very, very soon...



Anonymous said...

I love playing games like this. The delay can make the final climax so much more intense.

This was a wonderful post. :)

El Cuervo said...

Never played that game but it sounds interesting. You definately like something more if you cannot have it... all about the tease!

la petite dévergondée said...

Awe thanks guys, and the game IS interesting...maybe a bit more than that. Haha.

Thats funny you bring up the word "tease" because in a few posts Im doing a big post on it and my thoughts on it and mine. Funny stuff.

Thank you both, keep on reading!
-la petite

Dark Pixie said...

nice game....could be very fun. i think i need to try it myself. thanks for sharing.