Monday, March 19, 2007

A Tiny Bed

Gadget far from being an immature man by any stretch of the meaning, has the worlds smallest the world - or so it seems to me.

It is torture but he has made me realize one thing: even on a tiny bed, he can still make me come like the world is ending.

Even in the dark of night, my flesh remains the same.

A twin bed, In my opinion, is only usuable for human being up to the age of around...12 or so - if you push it. Unfortunatly for me, Gadget has never gotten this memo about the twin bed age cut off. He owns a twin bed, in fact the twin bed he's always had since childhood if I remember correctly.

Its not enough for him that he owns a house, that he owns a car and makes a significant salary - he must keep this bed.

We've spoken of matress shopping and he agrees that it may be time, but not so long ago, he dropped this idea of purchasing a new bed and the topic has flatlined.

This Sunday we spent the majority of the day at his house in his bedroom, him cleaning and fussing about with things as I cuddled up with his enormous cat and lounged...on the tiny bed. For hours we did various activities not worth explaining and generally being lazy. We had tickets for a show and needed to leave at a certain time but I had been horny and ignored all day long in regards to this carnal need. Exactly at the moment we had to be leaving I pulled him towards me...and the tiny bed...and began kissing me. He laughed amusedly and looked down at me;

You know we have to be going, are you going to assume responsibility for being late?

I nodded and smiled sparklingly.

Are you sure you'll assume responsiblity?

I nodded again and pulled him down to me. Thankfully for me and for him as well, he responds well my being direct sexually and so therefore, he hastened to do me many lascivious favors.

Ive wracked my brain to try and make light of my actual chemistry with Gadget in my writings but its truly impossible (maybe I should make some porn?) but I try to do it justice, though enevitably fail to hit the mark perfectly.

He kissed me once and then fell to the deed with much more passion than he has ever kissed me. His moans were terribly audible and his lips against mine were livid, greedy and rough. His words in my ear literally sang of need,

Oh God baby, I just love to take you down like this, I love to touch you. Oh you feel so good, god damn.

I mumbled back and gripped his shoulder with my fingernails in answer, my leg curling up over his hip and pulling him down harder on my body. My hair fell off the edge of the bed, the ends stroking the tile.

Gadget decided to end his frustrations with my pants and pulled them off, violently throwing them to the ground. Taking advantage of the moment, he pulled his clothes off in what seemed like one movement as I wimpered and wiggled on the bed in anticipation. His body was such heat and weight on mine when he wrapped himself back into me. His hands smoothed down my shoulder to my breasts, his mouth taking a detour to lightly suckle on my nipple, my head falling back and my mouth to open in ecstasy. His

hand made a path down my rib cage, pressing hard at my flesh all the way down to my hip bone before letting his knuckles brush against my moistening kitten in need. His palm then pressed harder agasint that most tender flesh, my arousal growing and on fire. His voice was more hoarse now, more pleading,

Please baby, do you want me to lick you? Do you want me to make you come for me?

All I could do was whimper in response and nod my head, my fingers slipping into my mouth impulsively. He roughly pulled at my thin black cotton panties, ripping one side seam in his fever to take them off. His hand went to my thigh, placing his shoulder under it in preparation, his hands rough and commanding. When his mouthwent around the lips of my kitten, my moan was audilbe from proably miles around. When I looked down at his head with his face pressed so firmly to my cunt, pleasing me, my heart lept, my pulse raced and I knew I was inexorably hooked. My back arched in response to the thrusts of his tongue and just as I was close to my final release, he pulled his rhythm back, much to my chagrin.

I whimpered, until his strong hand went toward my cunt and he slipped a finger inside of me. My body lept and I bit down on my bottom to keep from screaming out. He worked his finger inside me and gently against my g-spot, my heart an overworked engine in my chest.

I whimpered in pain from my need from release and when it finally came, I gripped so hard on the sheet of the bed that I snapped a nail off and my eyes were seeing colors beneath their moist, closed lids. I moaned in pain and ecstasy as I bucked still on the bed in aftershocks, his tongue still gently plying my clit with suttle licks.

I reached down and stroked his head and when he knelt next to me, his cock was red, hard and pulsing ever so gently. I pulled up on my tank top as he touched himself his grip on himself firm and when his unique rhytmn began I moaned and spoke softly to him to quicken the process. My own body was still experiencing my orgasm as he spilled his out onto my hips, his body arching in relief.

I smiled in a pained post-orgasm fashion as he kissed me, as he gently wiped his cum from my skin. It seems sexual escapades always awaken a realization in me.

This realization was that even if you have somewhere to be, its better to be late and flushed from an outrageous orgasm than be on time anyday.



Fat Controller said...

For all that this is an incredibly sexy post, the image that will stay with me is of your hair draping over the edge of the bed and brushing the floor.

Congrats on 'Desperate Tango' being a top three pick on Sugasm btw. Richly deserved.



Kyma said...

I like it when a girl likes to come for me...

Lovely post la petite :)

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks Kyma my love.

Haha, that vid you sent me was funny, at least the govmt lets you be open mouthed with opinion, lol.

And F.C. ... Im nfortunatly not top three, I wish I was, where did you get that from?

-la petite

Cherrie said...

I do like the moral of this story! We're late for everything, and I think you know why!

Dark Pixie said...

la petite-

thanks for visiting my blog...i would like to link to yours. i love it. you write so intensely. yummy!

Fat Controller said...

Je m'excuse. Je suis desolée.

ronjazz said...

Hello, my dear. A new discovery here for me....I do wish there were others with your amazing openness. Come look me up. It's not all about sex, but it has its share. And I'd love to get to know you....

la petite dévergondée said...

Oh my, so many lovely ego stroking comments. lol Sometimes I swear the only reason we blog is so that it becomes this ego stroking circle jerk. :)

Cherrie - definatly being late is my new favorite social skill, lol.

Dark - Awe thanks lovely, I try to put as much drama in my recounts of my actual life as they have when they were occuring.

F.C. - Darling, nothing you could do could be wrong, lol. I wish I was f*cking top three...why am I never top three? Im like everywhere on the web and my views are like way up there, whats up with that man? Did you see my mention in Sugar Bank? Sam thinks Im a whore...or oversexed....or both.

Ron - Always nice to make new aquaintances. Thanks for the ego-stroking!

-la petite

ronjazz said...

You're welcome, my dear. Come find me anytime you want to talk. You'll find a hopefully intelligent and sexual man whose interests are not only about sex...But damn, I surely could use the attention right now....:)

ronjazz said...

You know...If I gather you correctly, as you seem as open and fully committed to living as I do...if you ever need a daddy to talk with...I would enjoy that dynamic with someone like you.

Just being honest. I certainly hope you see me and my blog as open and honest. We all are trying out here to be what we are, you know... Hope all is well with you.

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