Monday, April 23, 2007

Dirty/Sexy Lyrics: Louis XIV

Louis XIV isnt just one of the more scandalous French Kings: a fiery Alternative band bears this strong name and boy, are they scandalous too. Their song "Pledge of Allegiance" has nothing to do with Patriotism nor the American Flag.

I can't believe this album art is sold in the public venue - but I'm so glad it is.

With themes of underage sex, bondage, sex games, nudity, secret rondevous, and female lubrication; you know you have a winning song. Not to mention the fact that sound clips of orgasms are thrown in. Ohh baby, we have a hit in this one.

My diagnosis is one of not only a catchy, indie rock song but really entertaining to sing along with (and did I mention that I like to dance around to it in my socks and panties?). The following lyrics ought to turn a few heads, if not turn ON a few things.

My comments are {bracketed} & lyrics are italic.

Aw little Stacy Q when
She doesnt have a thing to do
She comes to my house
Well lets keep that between me and you
She takes of her clothes
She likes to tell this boy what to do
Lets keep that between me and you, okay?

{This ^ verse reminds me of chaste rondevous in my neighborhood and city, in other peoples bedrooms and one kitchen. And plus, who doesnt like the thought of a cute, sassy little chick bossing around a man, letting him know just what he has to do to get her to comply?}

She said "Oh come on boy,
Aren't you tired of talking about sex?"
I said "Little girl, what do you really expect?"
And then she pledges her allegiance
To the United States of me

{Sounds like a pet's pledge to her Sir to me, what about you?}

Oh she says
"Lets play a game
When you hear me make a sound
Just go quite a bit faster
Pretend I'm gagged and bound,"
Oh how I love to hear that sound

{This is quite a suggestion of a game, sounds like marvelous fun. I guess volume level as an increaser or speed? Lovely.}

Milkshake milkshake
I love to feel you sweat
We dont have to go to the pool
If you want me to make you wet

{For those fellow females gifted with the ability of extreme self lubrication, this is an all too familiar circumstance. How many times have you found yourself (or with a chick) who reminded you of a watery element?}

Can you keep a secret
'Cause the best little secrets are kept
And your my best little secret yet

{Its true, secrets add intrigue and interest to any affair...sexual or just lacsivious, or both.}

Well, kit kat kit kat
Kitten you're the kicks
She said "Let me feel you lovin' me
I mean come on make it stick
Aren't I the best of your little baby chicks
Oh youre my sweet tooth sugar fix"

{All girls love a bit of flattery, even if you are already knee-deep and rockin away.}

Tick tock tick tock
Oh baby forget the clock
You dont have to do a thing
And you know I like your big talk

{Sadly, sometimes time is of the essence, but ignoring does make it much more of an adventure.}

Just make sure to close the shades and turn the lock

{...Cuz no one likes to have an audience of pokey neighbors.}

But can you keep a secret
'Cause the best little secrets are kept

{Oh yes I can keep a secret...but who really wants to remain silent?}

So, in summation; Music as food for the soul? How about food for the libido.


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Dark Pixie said...

i have never heard that song before...i really gotta listen to it....very nice. thanks for letting me know about it. now, i can dance around in my socks and panties....:)

ronjazz said...

What fun, honey! LOVE your lyrics!

la petite dévergondée said...

Haha, you can hear it by following the link to - I personally am 24/7 hooked up to the big MS. :)

-la petite

Anonymous said...

I love the new look! Very clean and striking.

Love the post about the lyrics, the milkshake part is my fav. I'd dance to this in my socks and panties too. Hack, I'm going to now!

David said... are making me cringe. Rondesvous? We both know que tu peux parler bien francais. Glad to see that you are back to normal postings. Hope uni is going well :)


Sheen V said...

That's a great album! I love it!

Facts and Friction said...

Lous XIV are filthy aren't they? I love filthy bands - the Teenagers are good for that too.

'You’re taking off your stripes
Even your knees are nice
I’ll tease you with a knife until you’re screaming for your life
I think so too
And you surrender
Can I spend you up? you’re my illegally illegal tender

It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that will love me like no other
It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that knows I love her like no other

Well it’s a minor altercation
Despite your hesitation
And apart the contrary and impending accusation
Cinematography that you’re willing but happy to see
A scene that stars you and a girl, you’re both on top of me'
- Louis XIV, Illegal Tender

la petite dévergondée said...

I LOVE that song, this band really and truly rocks.

Ive been meaning to do more of these song features, but life gets crazy and lately Ive been using the blog as a sounding board versus doing all sorts of different feature like I used to.

I think Ill do one soon though, now that youve reminded me, my dear.

♥la petite