Monday, April 16, 2007

Tagged: Five Secrets

Since my lovely friend Kyma, found it necessary to grace my name with a Tag, I've no choice but to comply with a counter reply to his mention.

So the name of the game is: "Five things not revealed yet on your blog."

And though I'm far from a blushing closed book - Here goes nothing...

The presence of this VERY overused Playboy Bunny will soon make sense.

1. Last night I was watching a French film at 2 am
or so and there's a scene where a man and a street walker have an agreement to meet up under a bridge and they're to enact a play-acting rape, right there in the tunnel beneath the bridge in the middle of the night. (The movie is not the secret - the result of it is). So the street-walker shows up and the man is leaning up against the wall and then leaps at her and wrestles her to the ground and thus begins one of THE LONGEST rape/sex scenes in a film I have ever seen - and I watch a ton of these French films. The vague picture of it is that the girl is down fully on her stomach and hes behind her, atop and raping her...bum.

And though its somehow wrong, I had that distinct itch you get when you know you want to touch yourself....and so I did, violently, right along with the film and I have to tell you - it had to have run for at least 15 joke. Brutal film bum rape with him pulling her hair and her resistance and a full 15 minutes.

After wards in the scene it turns out the girl wasn't the street walker, but a daughter of an aristocrat and the real streetwalker had been in a car accident, thus delaying her.
Now as much as that could be seen as shameful, Its only film, right?
2. I sleep with my herb filled comfort bear named "Bear" every night,
cuddled in the crook of my neck, his weighted body over my chest (Not necessarily sexy, but a secret nonetheless). This type has been used for centuries to help people with depression and seperation anxiety, but I just love him because he feels like a real baby and smells really good. :)
3. So now for some nostalgia;
When I was around 13 we had a new digital cable box put in and I guess it was a mistake but they gave us the Playboy channel in my parents room (or WAS it an accident? *shudder of disgust*). When I was alone in my house, I would lay in my mom's huge four poster bed and watch that illicit channel, mouthing the words of the slutty porn stars and watching amateur clip shows, of the likes of "America's Funniest Home Videos", not meant to be funny...but sexy.

One day I was watching an episode of the clip show and they showed a sequence of two women in Horse Play gear, trotting around a horse yard, neighing and clipping their hooves and nuzzling each other. I was just rolling in laughter on the bed, thinking it a grand comedy. After though, I couldnt help but feel a pang of longing to investigate this thing further. Maybe it was just childhood curiousity?

I mean afterall, my family (including I myself) have been very accomplished Equestrians. :)
4. Im going to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico a month from now in May on scholarship for University with my favorite Professor and some other students to the rainforest. I'm so excited! Though the downside is that it means no sex for the duration...30 days...a whole month! Plus I have a roommate the entire time!
I kill.

Though I know the web exists all over the world, posting may be scarce as I dont think they have wireless internet many places in the deep rainforest....but I'll try my best. Who knows, it may be the adventure of the century to report on.
5. I play on my pink Nintendo DS all day long....or when I have time. Oh dear lord, why was I made into a techie web-programmer gamer nympho girl trapped in the body of a 50's pin-up?

But then again, it is a pretty fun life.

So, as fun as that was, here's my 5 reciprocal tags (evil laugh inserted here):
- F.C. of "Nothern Lights and Sleepless Nights"
- Dark Pixie of "Inside Dark Pixie"
- El Cuervo of "Brain Mayhem"
- RonJazz of "Dont Let the Wind Blow You Away"
- Fucktoy of "Married Man's Fucktoy"

And now let's see the results!



Anonymous said...

Irreversible. One of, (actually scratch that) The most uncomfortable film to watch ever. It left me feeling sick to the pit of my stomach.

la petite dévergondée said...

Yeah, good job - you caught that one?

I like to give a little less information and see if people can figure it out later. :)

Its super confusing, but its raw and rough and violent and it really takes you out of your comfort zone - but I love it.

-la petite

(maybe being enormously tired didnt help with my perception of it that night though)

Anonymous said...

If you don't cum (as a woman) while riding a horse more than 20 minutes, you're simply not riding the horse either fast enough or over some interesting/challenging terrain.

Kyma said...

Oh sweet la petite, I had given you the choice. I recognise that people don't like when they don't have a choice in matters.

It was enlightening to read your five secrets, and I'm pleased that you did play along with the meme though I'm not sure if the sweet fucktoy will be allowed to participate by DarkLord.

I'm struggling to find the secret present you had for me, but look deeper I shall.

Fat Controller said...

Thanks for the tag, Ma Petite. I'll go away and have a think about that.

Congrats on the scholarship, that sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I think the pony play is silly funny too, but some people really get into it...

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks all for the comments. :)

Oh god Kyma! Im sorry! I meant to have a photo with your name scribbled on my cleavage in my sexy new bra as the photo, but my camera is on the fritz. :(

And I know about fucktoy, I have a bit of a fight going with her master it seems, he made her drop my sidebar feature and my linkage...he thinks Im anti-bdsm. I am sort of, but you would be too if you knew what Id been through at the hands of those twisted bitches.

Theyre not all bad though, and I must admit, some of it it monstrously sexy.

-la petite

Kyma said...

Ooooh La Petite, so that's what you had intended. I'm touched that you meant to do that for me, despite the fact you were unable to.


Dark Pixie said...

i answered your tag....though not nearly as detailed as your list....i am severely suffereing from writer's block.