Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hot Hotel Bang: Key West

I can only think of one thing more cliche in the world of sensuality than champagne on ice next to the bed, and that is champagne on ice next to a hotel bed.

Let's just call this, "Admittance".

So, with that being said, this past weekend was our pre-summer mini break to Key West, FL.

For those who haven't been, Key West is like a super tropical version of New Orleans and is renowned for being pirate central back in it's hey day. Now its kind of turned into a mecca for vacationing college students who want to get drunk on high priced watered down cocktails.

Its kind of sad to think of it that way seeing how much I love it but thats the basic outside perception. Once you're there however, its aura just takes you in, Victorian houses for the mid 1800's surrounding you and all of the history of it just envelops you.

Gadget and I drove all day until we were cross-eyed from driving for over three hours in a two lane road stuck between various keys and the ocean. Hey but here's the bright side, as the sign at its beginning told us, theres only been 14 fatalities this year, so its looking up! ((rolls eyes))

The moisture and heat of the air there once I got out of the car just hugged me all over like an old friend. I peered out at the ocean just across the road and I felt at peace. We checked in and marveled at our suite looking out over the big blue and sat to ponder our luck.

Gadget decided to lie down and soon he was asleep so I called my friend Babs who I've met on previous pilgrimages down to the Island and she told me to get my butt down to the old part of town for a round of drinks.

Five rounds later I was stumbling up the stairs to the room, giggling secretly to myself. How much better can you get in life than having your favorite cocktail and swimming in a pool that once you look in the direction of the horizon looks like its blending into the ocean only ten feet away? Nothing pretty much, and I'm not even a huge lover of tropical vacations having lived all my life in touristy towns.

I realized Gadget wasn't in the room but shrugged my shoulders, as he knew where I had been and knew I was coming back. I pushed my way into the room and immediately hopped into the shower to save my highlights from the chlorinated pool water. The shower was like a princesses' dream, all done in dark marble and the whole front made of glass with a warm recessed light crowning it. A few moments later I heard a click and knew he was back from whatever quest he had been on. I smiled as he crossed the bathroom, mouth open looking at me,

"Hey baby. What ya doin in there?"

I smiled as I realized that ot even by his own volition, his sub conscious mind had sent him to the task of undressing. Thats the problem with men, you give them a taste and they want the whole meal.

"I'm just waiting for you." I said slowly while soaping up with a fluffy washcloth.

His kiss was hot and needy when his lips met mine, his hands soft yet barely controlled as he slid them around my soapy waist, cradling me.

He ducked himself under the shower's cascade while I soaped his chest, my mind fuzzy in my tipsy state. I grabbed my bottle of baby oil on a whim and squirted his more manly appendage before letting my hand wander there as well. This pushed him into a very, how shall I say this? Uncontrollable state.

With his body he pushed me into the corner of the shower, my back meeting the chilled marble as his mouth was a fire on mine. I moaned into our kiss as his hand went south and shocked me with its insistence. My voice was breathy as I spoke,

"Let me turn around for you babe."

And placing my hands in front of me while bending over, he got the message and filled me completely. The heat of the water pouring down his chest and over my ass combined with the heat of him moving so earnestly drove me nearly to tears, all the while his voice soft and insistent behind me,

"Oh my god baby, you're so gorgeous, oh my god."

A girl always loves platitudes when shes getting fucked in the shower.

My wet hair hung around my face as I stared at my hands with fingers splayed against the marble in front of me, seemingly holding onto dear life as with each thrust my feet slid to and fro. I smiled to myself and hoped to god I didn't fall and get my head cracked open, what an embarrassing crime-scene: ass up in a hotel shower covered in baby oil. I have to laugh at that.

I eased my way up and disengaging from Gadget, I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck, letting him kiss me movie-style. I began drying myself, much to his chagrin, but once I gave him that look, he didn't waste time in following me to the bedroom where I was already bent over and ready for him.

I let my mind slide all over as he worked against me, my moans coming ragged and heated. What would make this moment even better? I looked back over my shoulder at him and said in a small, provocative voice,

Hey babe, you want to do bum?" It's our code word for "anal" because I just can never bring myself to say that word out loud. He moaned his assent and went go burrow around for lube in his bag while I waited, ass up in the air, my chin resting on my arms.

I can't really explain the exact pleasure I receive from this sort of sex, but its just like nothing else. I know I'm probably abandoning my fellow females in saying that its the most pleasurable penetration to me and it can always drive me over the edge. Call my dirty, call me perverted but never call me unexplored nor unsatisfied.

As I came that night, while he was making love to me in that most taboo way and put stars in my eyes, I realized something; bliss is bliss no matter how its achieved.


When I woke up in the morning with the ocean to greet me from the windows and tears in my eyes from the most awful nightmare of my life thus far, I thanked god that I was in paradise at least.

If thats confusing to you, just think of what it felt like to be me in that moment.



Anonymous said...

You know, you're not the only woman who seems to prefer anal sex. I've had the pleasure of dating two women who were really into it, one of whom did prefer it over vaginal sex.

Jim and Tania. said...

Great writing. Fun Blog!!!!

Will said...




Anonymous said...

You arent alone in your love of anal sex. But I don't have a vagina and I have a prostate, so...

Very hot story.

la petite dévergondée said...

I cant say I prefer anal over just straight vag as I don't always want it but it certainly is one of my hottest penetrations.

all my love guys, thanks for the comments, I always love them.

♥la petite

Anonymous said...

You and Gadge(t) broke up, yes? So no more about him. Tell us about your current action--who gets to each the hot box underneath the blonde bush.

Sexie Sadie~ said...

If I had a dick, it would be hard as hell right now. As it were, I have a pulsating pussy, which is just as good. Beautiful story. I am bookmarking your blog.


Juan de Marco said...

You've got a lot of sensitive nerve endings in your anus. It is not at all surprising you find it pleasurable.

la petite dévergondée said...

yes anonymous, as of the middle of June, Gadget and I have been over. I had to finally break it off.


♥la petite