Thursday, June 18, 2009

Body of Love, Body of Flesh

I am here alone, yet the thought of your hands on my flesh burns glowing pathways like spider silk all over my body from my breasts, over my ribcage, down my stomach, over my hip bones and finally slinking its ways down my legs, all gingerly like its doing nothing wrong.

I can see your eyes like firelight when I close mine and the image is etched into my eyelids, even when the darkness doesn't pour in from all cover my vision and burn it out to the rest of the world.

Your scent is enrapturing and I tumble over and under, backwards and fore like a mermaid in the sheets, my hands stretching out as if trying to capture the rich waves of it, yet you've never been in this bed with me before...only in my dreams.

I breathe and each breath seems to conform to the features of your face and light up as if when it touches you, it reacts chemically and shows you like an X ray before me. You are seen though you have no form.

It is more than love I feel and it becomes awe. An awe I have never let myself feel over a man or even a woman for want of keeping my self respect and my ego intact. I never would have let someone so deep into my mind, but when I think of you, my Id retreats and I am beside you, enraptured.

It is pain when I feel you slip softly away, even though I know you are but a few feet from me and will soon return to the warm halo of my arms here in the dunes and valleys of the blankets. I long to keep you within my circle of sensation and hold you there with me always, your skin touching mine and letting me know a pulse beats beneath my flesh.

I feel more truly human when you are near to my body, when I can sense you needing my skin. I would wrap myself all in and around you if it were not for physics.

Damn you, science.

I feel at times that love is pathetic when I feel our skin as one for what can love do but form longing and ownership while the flesh and the feeling and the sensation and the movement and the pulse and the stretch and the beat and the wetness and the hug and the reality of physical attachment is so much more real to me.

I love with my body and then take it away...its simpler than to have to find my heart under all of it.

I give of my body for my heart feels not, entrance my body and you'll feel my version of love.



Anonymous said...

very esoteric

Anonymous said...

Ah, Petite, you've done it again. Wonderful words, indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!