Monday, June 01, 2009

The Monday Buzz: Kama Sutra Loving Oil

Everyone likes to have choices. I myself can't make up my mind half of the time so I find I like to get my little paws on things that give me a plethora of options. Here's where Kama Sutra's Loving Oil Set comes in, brought to you by
I love when products have so much in store for you and give you options and ideas. The Kama Sutra Loving Oil Set hits the spot if you're also the kind of lover who wants choices. The set itself comes in a gorgeous box and includes five different flavored, beautifully colored, tingly oils consisting of "The Original", "Chocolate Mint", "Cherry Almond" (My Favorite!), "Raspbery Kiss" and "Vanilla Creme".

All oils are naturally colored and flavored and use natural oils and spices to create the tingly sensation as well. The flavors are delightful and make the perfect compliment when enjoyed right off of your lovers skin. All oils can be used as a sexual lubricant, massage oil and even as perfume.

Each oil comes in a seperate cork topped, glass bottle and fits into the base of the box for a display that's nothing short of exquisite. Give it as the perfect gift or keep it by your bedside to be prepared to be inspired.

Turn up your love life with this sensuous, delicious, and invigorating set of all natural love oils from Kama Sutra and

I give this gorgeous set of oils five out of five prixe ribbons for its tasty, lusty and lovely qualities.

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