Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Her

After many years of fearing the fact that I had desires toward women that were way deeper than just wanting to get them naked and have my way with them, I finally let all that go and opened up a new chapter in my life.

Our lesbian toothbrushes kissing. Sickeningly adorable, I know.

Of course I had loved sex with men; my life has been punctuated and written all of sex with men, being possessed, ravaged, fucked upside down, and even raped but any emotional connection was so forced, so tedious, and so much work. I did love Gadget, I did love Trigger, I did love Horns but something was never quite realized in that love.

I have dreamed night and day of women's bodies, their faces, their mouths, their voices in my ears and even more lusty fantasies since the age of 8 and always dismissed it as just a sexual curiosity and spark. It just wasn't so and I had lied to myself for so long.

The time is over for lying to myself, for fear and loathing, and for denial and grief.

After so many years of confusion and forcing myself to be straight, (or straight-ish at least) I met her, Kangaroo. Her green eyes, her blonde spiky hair, her weird little gorgeous lips, and the hands that are even smaller than mine (a first in my life!).

I love her.

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