Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bight Me

Rope + Girl + Me + Friends + Fudge = Fabulous

A not-so-HD camera phone shot of us playing (I dyed my hair!)

For those of you who didn't know, I am quite the fan of rope. Having grown up on boats on the Pacific coast of our wonderful country I have felt comfortable around the heft, weight, and tension of ropes from a very young age. When I become more interested in rope in the beginning of last year I began playing with it and found myself quickly drawn into it. Now I have over 500 feet of assorted ropes like natural hemp, sisal, and nylon. 

This night was amazing, we got to learn (and teach) some new techniques in a comfortable, close group of friends but even better than that, I tied my girl up and messed with her. I used a chest harness and attached her ankles which had been tied in a two-column tie and left the free of her ankle tie free so that I could reel her in an out, adding and subtracting the pressure on her bonds and her body while the ball of my foot rubbed her clit from the outside of her pants....yes, it was fun.

Oh, and we had peanut butter fudge made by a friend of mine which may seem like a small detail but it was so delish! Candy + Rope = Love.

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