Thursday, May 11, 2006

Garçon Virgin

His eyes so creamy light brown. His breath so silent, so bated. His lips so hot on mine, his mouth testing, prodding. His voice is soft, wondering, "I'm a fast learner." So new to it.

On Trigger's bed: a view to kill for.


"You were the leader, but now I am."

His smile so earnest, so joyous.

"This has to be more than luck."

His hand on my neck, drawing my passions like I drew his.

"Monkey see, monkey do.".

His soft arms wrapped around my back, touching my stomach. You can feel his need like words in your ear. His hands touching my long hair, smoothing it over my neck when I let it hang down long, romantic.

"Accidentally romantic."

My body is his to play with. All so new, he feels so lucky. He cradles me from behind, slightly scratchy face against my neck. Arms tight around my stomach, my hands over his arms. Peace.

"I feel like I'm in High School."
. His hand smooth on mine as we walk. He doesnt know how to walk with a girl, how to lead or follow. This boy, whom I've dubbed Trigger is timid sitting on the foot of my bed.

I lounge on my soft bed and make myself appealing.

"Come lay with me, come here for a little bit."

When I throw my legs over his hips, he's shocked, rocked. His hands afraid to touch me, afraid of being less than a gentleman.

He doesn't know what the body language means. I roll, he doesn't roll with me. He doesn't know to lie between my legs as he kisses me. My jeans tight against my warmest spot. I go under my top, unsnap the clip between my breasts. He looks at me in calm wonder. He understands. Touch me. He does, no words.

"Tell me if I'm doing anything wrong.".

So afraid to be less than a gentleman.

I love it.

He looks at me, testing it, as he slides my top up, revealing my milky breasts. My nipple half taut. Again, pleading look. Warm lips on my nipple, heat shocking me. My eyes see his eyes closed, his mouth savoring the feeling of my nipple in his mouth. All so new. My head slides back, my jaw tipping up. At first, he licks and suckles gently, softly.

Am I made of glass?

As he pushes me, intensifies his pursuit. My arms shaking, hips sliding back and forth. I need. His hands cup my other breast, lightly flicking the nipple, suckling the other. You do learn fast. His hands slide over my stomach, warming me.

My thumb slides under my jean waist band, pushing at the fabric. As he sucks on my nipple, maybe he sees the line of my downy hair. His hands slide over my thighs, near the join of my jeans. He feels my moist heat. He wants sensory overload. His fingers pull at the brass button. Fumble. He slides his hand over my kitten, the outside of my panties.

He tests.

Always tests.

His hand finds the top of my panties, his hand slides inside. Slides further down.

"Is this the place?".

Clit search in progress. I giggle softly -"Further down.". His fingers slide over my clit, he seems amazed. His eyes are closed, taking it all in. I raise my hips, letting his fingers slip inside of me. His eyes shoot open, He looks at me, scrunched brow, mouth open; issuing moans and coos.

"Show me how to do it." I giggle yet again, my vice soft and cloying,

"Its a big job, isnt it?"

His earnest need makes me warm. His eyes want mine, they stare, they burn. Whats up with needing to see me? My flushed cheeks? My teeth biting at my lips? He figures his finger tips aren't enough, he slides his head down my tummy, kissing the sparse line of soft down. Slick, hot lips.

I coo...I'm not a dove.

A shock as tongue touches my warm center. Positional readjust. His smooth cheeks against my smooth inner thighs. I love the warmth, the silk of it. His fingertips slide in, they softly probe. I whimper. Slither of a wet tongue over my slick clit. My back arches, my feet tense.

I love it.

His hands press at me, hold me down. His frustration. My calm demeanor.

"I don't need to come, its alright"
My smile doesn't seem to be enough ,"would it turn you on if I touched myself?"

He nods.

My clit is a science project.

He studies me as I fuck myself. Oh goodie. He kisses my fingers, licks at me a little. He looks at me as he slides his finger inside of time with my fingertip on my clit. Cant control my whimpers, my moans. When I come, his eyes enhance the rapture of it. The burning heat within me, he sees it. Right?

"Im going to state the obvious - I love when you orgasm.". His eyes shine, his lips press to mine.

"Me too."

My giggling fills our ears. It seems so juvenile - so cute and pure. I love it. Again. "I feel like I'm in High School." His air is more soft than mine, he sees me as untouched. Am I untouched? If his eyes think so - it must be.

"What a wonderful caricature of intimacy..." -Panic! At the Disco



John Psmyth said...

Thanks for the link, and I like your "Zoom Clouds."

Although, having the kind of mind that I do, I'm already thinking about how to play with those words....

Anonymous said...

I would have emailed you, but there is no email addy. Your image is complete in my mind, except for your bush. I have no sense what the lad felt or saw!