Thursday, May 25, 2006

Love Lines #2

Love Lines are so fun to write, they expand my mind and sometimes my legs....heres a purely erotic Love Lines to sink your teeth into.

I love when gentle hands become suddenly harsh and needy, making me cry out and bite my lips, writhe my hips and stretch out my neck toward the pillows. Animal need is something I hunger for, something that the center of my flesh yearns for and that is received well by my most lusting body.

I love being bitten in places that wouldnt neccessarily be bitten. My wrists are my favorite place to be nibbled at, and my ankles, the space between my breasts when I lie down. My hips long for smooth and softly biting teeth, the feel the need of someone's lust and longing. I associate biting with the dirty little lover in all of us, breaking out and needing to satiate the need to actually possess someone, body and soul.

I love when you realize that you long for a particular persons flesh against your own, rubbing you harshly, their sparse hair ticking you passively as you writhe beneath them. Your body responds to touch, to bodily proximity of another, the heated moisture on your flesh and between your legs just drawing into completion your whole heat.

I love to just fuck with abandon, your head banging against the wall or the bed, grasping at your lover's body, your lipson his shoulder as he soldiers forth, possessing you from deep inside. The weightlessness of feeling your calves dangling around a strong body, the rhythm forcing you to cry out and fear that the friction of your intensity will wash away reason as you wish for climax. I love that, without a doubt.

What do you love with abandon, what do you place your lust and your tension upon? What makes you want to scream out and thank creation for allowing you to feel a bliss and a need fullfilled?


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