Friday, July 07, 2006

South Beach Sex God: Part Two

This entry begins here; "Interlude..."

My anticipation was building from the sheer sexual tension I felt and also my affection was growing stronger with each look he gave me, each time our hands touched. Gadget seemed made for me.

A day at the beach walking around and having a long, lazy and delightful lunch at one of my favorite places gave us even more time to vibe and connect. The longer I know the right kind of people, the more I come to cherish them and revere their company, their opinions and want to watch for their comfort and happiness. You can sense a connection with others, you can feel it in your chest and your throat, your mind just idly letting your eyes wander over their face, take in their gestures and appreciate them for who they are.

Curves fit for the hands of a man...

Walking around the mall after lunch, letting the rain subside so that we could hit the beach, comfort really swept over me. We spoke of how sad it is that people always give me such horrible looks in public, jealous eyes wandering over not only me, but over us, our connection, our hands intertwined. My grandmother always warned me that the possessors of beauty will always find more heartache from all the negative energy that is sent their way for existence of jealousy.

It seems interesting to me that I can find so much comfort with Gadget, so much strength that falls around us, his energy ever-fueling it. At the beach, we walked and talked and sat at a cafe and watched the people, watched the coast and watched the patchy clouded sky. His eyes seemed to penetrate mine, to graze over my shoulders, my arms. I felt a small quiver inside and my need bubbled from its more hidden place to where it could be felt on my cheeks, the skin blushing beneath my make up.

I needed his hands on me, his hand in mine, his lips on mine. I was dazed in the car, the highway flying by the city, the lights so bright against the deep blue of the oncoming night, the sun already asleep behind our horizon. His hand lingered on my thigh and slid his hand down and gripped my inner thigh, sliding it slowly to my body, nearing the valley of my kitten.

My jeans were damp from the rain and warm from my own heat, my kitten's heat. I bit my lip and looked away as his fingers traced the stitch in the crotch of my jeans, my legs parting slightly as his hand buried itself. I could feel the pressure of his fingers against the thick material and made my kitten even more needy. My bottom lip hurt from the pressure of my teeth, the tip of my tongue sliding softly over it to quell the gentle pain.

His eyes seemed to sparkle in the near dark of the motorway, his smile electric, his look so in tune with me, so in the moment. We spoke sparsely on the way to my house, both thinking the same thing but unable to go about speaking so quickly.

In my room, I changed from my damp jeans into a cotton skirt, his eyes lingering on my thighs and my bottom, his hands sliding over its curve. His fingers trailing down the back of my thighs felt like fire, my eyes slipped shut and my lips parted slowly. After lying on the bed and half watching "Original Sin" on my tiny television, our lips met and his hands fell to my thighs, my hips and my stomach.

He savored each moment as his fingers slipped under my skirt and under the side of my panties. His fingertips grazing the outer lips of my swollen kitten, and his moan at discovering how wet I was for him. His brow pinched and his eyes needy, begging. His fingertips sliding over my clit found heat and wetness, they found response in me, my eyes closing, my soft moans coming through in a song.

My anticipation grew as he repositioned to press his lips to my clit, his tongue to slide over my heated and silky lips. Pinioning my thighs softly to the bed and using one gentle finger to spread my quite sodden kitten, he lit his tongue against my clit in response to my heated need. My hand shot up to my face and my teeth grasped at my finger, biting roughly, trying to still my whimpering. My stomach muscles tightened as my body writhed in waves, my hips wrestling gently from side to side.

As he rubbed his upper lips against my clit his tongue danced just outside my wet opening before harshly wiggling in as far as physiology could allow. My need escalated as my hands sought out his hair, intertwining there in his dark brown highlighted spikes. I called out his name and asked him to take me, to possess me. I couldn't handle it any longer and needed him deep inside of me, to feel the harshness,

"Gadget, I need you inside of me, please, now!"

His smile was strong and angelic as he beamed up from me, his face at once becoming serious with need and with that certain manly spirit. His kisses trailed up my stomach to my breasts, his teeth nipping gently at my hard nipples causing my back to arch softly. After pulling me up, he slipped off my top, my skirt following and going to party with one it on the floor. His body was so warm under me as I fell over him, my legs straddling his thigh, my kitten every so often touching upon his skin as we kissed.

His hands combed over every inch of my thighs, my ass, my hips, up and over my back to my rib cage and down to my breasts. I moaned as he kissed my neck, my internal muscles contracting and forcing me down to rub gently on his thigh.

My girl worry hit an increase as I looked into his face, his hands touching every part of me, I really wanted so much more from him than sex. I didn't want him to just think of me as fun, I also wanted him to look to me for comfort and entertainment and maybe I could be his. I didn't want to ruin anything by giving over to the fuck-me-impulse so soon and my girly insecurity won out,

"Babe, this won't be it, will it? This isn't the last "first time"?"

His eyes got serious before he laughed quickly, pressing a deep kiss to my lips,

"Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?"

Another laugh allowed me to center myself and enjoy the fact that he really was a good guy, that he wanted just what I did and this definitely wouldn't be the last "first time". I gave into him so deeply as he kissed me, his hands pressing so strong against my body that I forgot the anxiety completely and wanted to just be his.

When at last I had had enough of the sublime torture of his mouth and tongue on my mine, our bodies pressed tightly together as I lay over him, he switched spots with me, pinning me to the bed. His hands were strong as they pulled my hips closer to his, his rock hard cock pulsing ever closer to my slick center. When the first approach failed, I giggled and pointed out,

"Damn geometry."

I slid down to accommodate his perfect length and moaned in ecstasy and shock as he slid tightly and deeply into me. My hands gripped at his muscular arms as he slid in and out, his hips pressing deeply with his thrusts to fill me completely. My legs curled around his back, my ankles touching as my body was jostled about underneath his as his thrusts pummeled my kitten and my full countenance.

"You are so beautiful, oh my God. Look at your body. Ahh, your legs feel so good around me."

His praise came often and sweetly, always filled with his breathy words and astute grateful sex drive. My whole body so sensitive and responsive, he dove deeply with his cock and circled his hips, feeling the tip of his deep against my inner flesh. He pulled almost all the way out and glanced down between us, his sigh coming with a moan at seeing himself going into my wet kitten. I moaned as the bed continued to crash against the wall, the bed-drapes moving systematically with his thrusting and my maniacal wiggling. Ahh, the sound of physical possession. My mind reeled as his soft moan came in my ear,

"Oh baby, I'm going to come, Oh God."

And with that, his face pressed hard into my neck and collar bone, his cock twitching and pulsing inside of me. I love to hear a man's satisfied post-sex breathing and listening to it until it calms to normal level, sometimes changing and ever deepening as he falls into sleep. I heard Gadget's breathing calming very slowly as he held me tight to him, my hip cradled near his cock, his arms around me.

"I am in utter ecstasy, look at what you do to me. That was incredible, you are insatiable."

I heard his breathing slip away to sleep a few minutes later and felt of myself, felt of my condition. I felt my own juices sliding out of my slightly swollen kitten, the lips heavy and pressing against one another, so hot and tingly. I felt his body on mine, our sweat mingling and his hand on my stomach. I sighed before closing my eyes and allowing myself a cat-nap.

My motivation is not only to fuck and be fucked, but the whole experience. The first jitters, the calming sense of self that takes over when you realize that you fell what the other does. I love the connection that sex provides, the calm that descends when another takes hold of your body and manipulates it to a crashing crescendo.  

I love sex. But I also love sex with someone who actually cares just as much if not more. Fuck me with your mind AND body.



Anonymous said...

How recently did this adventure take place?


Fat Controller said...

This is so hot and so beautifully written. You are an inspiration!