Sunday, September 10, 2006

Complete Blog Disaster!!!

Someone please pinch me because laptop was hacked, all the passwords stolen and my ENTIRE TEMPLATE WAS DELETED!

It will take a little while to sort it all out seeing as how my entire sidebar, widgets, links, banners, graphics are all deleted. This is more than just a forced redesign, this is pure havok. Please excuse the massive amounts of dust while I sort it all out and I apologize for anyone I link to: your links will be put back up ASAP!
I dont know who did this, but I've been hacking (dont tell the government!) since I was 12 years old and....I get revenge one way or another. :)

Update: 3 hours later:

Finally Ive reprogrammed the majority of the widgets and all of the visual (plus a new corner graphic, oooo sparkly!) so just be on the look out for when I have enough time to re-link to all my favorite blogs, post my feed buttons, intimategifts banner, site link banners, geo map and my stat counter!

Update: 5 hours later:

So basically everything is righted and I've officially given my self carpal tunnel. :) Most of my links are recovered and graphics and links are replaced and on and on. IF I HAVE LINKED TO YOU IN THE PAST BUT YOU DONT SEE YOURSELF IN THE BLOG LINK LISTS, leave your Url in the comments and Ill slap it back up. The problem is that I use the blog as my bookmark page for all the blogs I read...yeah, real genius, I know.



Kyma said...

My goodness sweetie... So sorry to hear of your mishap. *big hugs*

Hopefully you'll get it sorted and find this deviant and give him a taste of his or her's own medicine.

single gal said...

i was wondering what was going on over there!
i thought you might have had a rough night of fun on the keyboard or something.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shit!

Well I Like It Better Now. So Maybe It Was A Positive Disaster?


la petite dévergondée said...

awe thanks guys, I know!

someone is going to get hell from me.

Kyma - Im so sorry that I missed your meebo chat up, I was really consumed with fixing this little incident up, hope Ill catch you next time. :)

big kisses -la petite

PenetratingYou said...

G'day, I was wondering what happened. I came to visit you and was greeted with a heap of mumbo jumbo. Thanks for visiting me, and thankyou for the link. I like your place here, i'll put you on my links list so I can make regular visits.

Kyma said...

No worries hun, stuff happens. Maybe next time you're around we could chat.

andreas said...

La petite,

sorry to hear this, really a bummer. I hope you could gather some forensics on your machine, in order to track down the culprit. Also, I hope you're taking precautions so this won't happen again.

Fat Controller said...

Hi La Petite!

Sorry to hear about your problems. I was away from my desk all of yesterday so I missed all the drama. I have to say it's looking better than ever...snd the writing is just as seductive!!!



Tess said...

My god you must be a genius to be back up after only 5 hours.

Use bloglines to track what you read, makes it easier and you know when someone updates.

I loved No Rumors.


Anonymous said...

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